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FIGHTING EX LAYER – Combo Achievements

A small guide for the combo achievements including the damage achievements, Super Juggler (10s juggle) and Break The Limit. (4 supers in a single combo)

Damage based achievements

The achievements based on damage are all achievable with the same methodology. Given that some of the character specific achievements require 100 damage, the generic achievements will be obtained on the way.

The characters covered by these achievements are:

  • Kairi
  • Skullomania
  • Allen
  • Doctrine
  • Garuda
  • Hayate
  • Shadowgeist
  • Jack
  • Sanane
  • Blair
  • Shirase
  • Darun


The generic solution to all these achievements lies in exploiting the gougi system. More specifically, the Babel gougi deck. One of the cards in Babel gives you extra damage on supers and specials each time you perform special moves. For these achievements, we want to have the Babel deck with the cards activated. Then, it’s just a matter of throwing out specials until the damage is high enough.

The combo must be at least 2 moves long, or otherwise it won’t be counted as a combo. If you spend enough time throwing specials, a simple heavy into super will do. If you prefer doing less specials and do a longer combo, a standard approach is to do a jumping heavy > ground heavy > super > super.

Break the Limit

For this achievement there may be multiple viable characters. In this example, Jack will be used.

The idea behind this achievement is to be able to gain enough meter after a super for an additional super. In order to achieve this, the Infinity deck can be used.

With the Infinity deck and cards activated, meter gain will be significantly higher. The combo will start with a super and gain meter back for other 3 supers. A key factor for this one is to have the super be the first hit. That means that if you drop the combo you must reset position. This way, the first super will already fill about half a segment.

In this example, the combo ends up like this:


Super Juggler

For this achievement, Darun is the obvious (and maybe only) choice. His launching super (214214K) grants a lot of air time. However, it is necessary to stretch things up a little.

In order to reach 10s, the combo should be padded with a small amount of normals. The chain I used is the following:


Starting with a jumping dummy in the corner, you can obtain 10s by comboing LK>MK>214214K 3 times and finishing off with LK>MK.

Written by Herzenswärme

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