FINAL FANTASY III – Automatic Running

A simple guide to turning on automatic running in FINAL FANTASY III.

Automatic Running

I’ve had myself a trip around the internet looking for odds and ends for video game settings, and my latest adventure was looking for a solution to running in Final Fantasy 3. You can hold a button to run, but holding that button down becomes uncomfortable and annoying, even though you can re-bind the key in the launcher. But I happened to stumble on the settings to enable auto-running, within the game itself.

  • Extremely basic instructions.
  • Push TAB, or whatever button normally brings up your party menu.
  • Navigate to the button labelled “Config”
  • Under this button is a menu for configuring some game settings, such as text speed, and at the bottom is a setting for default movement. Change it from “WALK” to “RUN”.
  • Exit menu, enjoy your permanent auto-running when in towns and dungeons.

I was prompted to make this guide by googling how to run, and never finding out about the config menu. Went through Steam guides, top google results, and found nothing useful. So once I discovered this, I figured I’d let the community know. I would think something like this would be common knowledge. Cheers!

Written by Aviator Mage

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