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FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS Materia Synthesis Guide & Rarity Chance Sheet

Materia Synthesis Guide & Rarity Chance Sheet

A basic guide for materia synthesis and what rarity or chance of rarity you will receive based on how long the synthesis takes.

Materia Synthesis

While playing Ever Crisis, you will be faced with having to synthesize all kinds of materia to equip on your characters. All materia has a range of wait times that will determine what rarity you will receive or in many cases, have a chance at two different rarities. The aim is to get as many 5-Star materia as possible as these will do the most damage or healing and have the highest sub-stats.

My recommendation for ALL materia synthesis once you get the materials to guarantee certain rarities is to use as few materials as possible to obtain a rarity. This means if you have what is needed to guarantee a 3-Star, use as few rarer synth materials and as many commons as possible, this way you maximize the more valuable synth materials since they are not easily obtained.

Outside of the lowest level 1-Star materia, you can only guarantee a 2-Star and 3-Star Materia. If you do not have the materials needed to guarantee a 3-Star Materia, it is highly recommended to only use materials to guarantee a 2-Star Materia at it’s minimum level, which is level 2. Making level 2/2-Star materia will account for 99% of your materia synthesis attempts. Levels 3 and 4 from adding synth materials does not increase the chance of a higher rarity and mostly serves to waste precious synth materials as it will still only guarantee a 2-Star materia. Most materia will only need two or three 3-star synth materials to hit level two, whereas the guaranteed 3-Star at level 5 will require upwards of 10+ total depending on the materia, with most of them requiring at least one 5-Star synth material.

Use the image below to determine the outcome of a materia you are making based on the starting synthesis wait time. The longer the time, the greater the chance of getting a more rare materia. If the synthesis time is in between two different rarities, this mean the outcome could be either, however it is more likely to be the lower rarity than the higher one.

Materia Synthesis Guide & Rarity Chance Sheet

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