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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade All Music Disc Locations

Final Fantasy VII Remake has 31 Music Disc Locations. Finding all Music Discs unlocks the Disc Jockey trophy. They are songs you get from Jukeboxes, Vending Machines, Merchants, other Characters and from a Dancing Minigame.

None of the Music Discs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are missable. You can still get all of them after the story in Chapter Select. In Chapter Select it even shows you how many you have left in each Chapter. In the Inventory you can also click on Music Collection to see all the songs you’ve collected. Each one has a unique number and name which are written out in the guide below. You run into most of these songs automatically on the main story path. Anything you’re missing you can quickly find from the list below and get it via Chapter Select.

When a song is nearby you will hear it and there will be a music disc icon in the top left corner. This makes them quite easy to find. You can listen to the songs at any Jukebox you come across.

The guide below shows everything in chronological order.

Music Disc Locations 1-15

All Music Disc Locations

#1 – Music Disc 03: Tifa’s Theme
Chapter 3 – Objective: Return to Base – Area: Residential Area – In Seventh Heaven Bar, after talking to Marlene (little girl cutscene). There will be a jukebox in the corner of the bar, interact with it for the first music disc.

#2 – Music Disc 27: Hip Hop de Chocobo
Chapter 3 / Objective: Life in the Slums / Area: Residential Area – After you have slept in your room, before entering the Seventh Heaven bar, take the path to the right of the bar and you’ll reach a club with a radio playing music. Talk to the man by the radio and he gives you this song!

#3 – Music Disc 01: The Prelude
Chapter 3 / Objective: Life in the Slums / Area: Residential Area – Bought from the item shop that you visit with Tifa.

#4 – Music Disc 04: Barret’s Theme
Chapter 3 / Objective: A Job Well Done / Area: Sector 7 Undercity Station – After unlocking Side Quests, backtrack towards the train station where you arrived in Midgar City. Buy it from the Item Shop Owner there for 50 Gil.

#5 – Music Disc 28: Stamp
Chapter 5 / Objective: Secret Passageway / Area: Former Rail Yard – After you fight two flamethrower turrets you enter a corridor where you can open a door to a Vending Machine. It seels this Music CD.

#6 – Music Disc 18: Electric de Chocobo
Chapter 6 / Objective: Power for the Platform / Area: Plate Upper Level (Plate Ventilation Facilities – Control Room) – After you return from turning off all 3 Sun Lamps you are supposed to use the big cargo elevator. But instead of doing so, head west from the cargo elevator to find a smaller elevator (direction where you had to climb past some fans that blow out air). See Screenshots 1-2 for starting location. Use the small elevator and it will take you to the side where the fans are. In the first room you find a vending machine that sells Music Disc #18 (Screenshot 3-4 show item location).

#7 – Music Disc 02: Bombing Mission
Chapter 7 / Objective: Storm the Gates / Area: Front Gate (Gate Office) – After the story forces Cloud, Tifa, Barret to push 3 switches simultaneously in sync to open a door, it’s behind that door from a vending machine.

#8 – Music Disc 21: Cait Sith’s Theme
Chapter 8 / Objective: The Station / Area: Sector 5 Slums Area (Sector 5 Undercity Station) – When you reach the Train Station, it the Music Disc can be bought from the ‘Potions & Music’ vending machine.

#9 – Music Disc 25: Tango of Tears
Chapter 8 / Objective: Leaf House Delivery / Area: Sector 5 Slums Area (Center District) – After Aerith drops off the flowers at the Leaf House, check the building left of the Leaf House where the old people are. There’s a Jukebox in there with the Music Disc.

#10 – Music Disc 19: Costa del Sol
Chapter 8 / Objective: Leaf House Delivery / Area: Sector 5 Slums Area (Center District) – Bought from the Materia Store in the Slums.

#11 – Music Disc 20: Gold Saucer
Chapter 8 / Objective: Requests for the Mercenary / Area: Sector 5 Slums Area (Children’s Secret Hideout) – Bought from Moogle Shop.

#12 – Music Disc 22: Cosmo Canyon
Chapter 9 / Objective: Take the Shortcut / Area: Collapsed Expressway – Large Cave-In – After the 2nd minigame where you lifted Aerith with a mechanical arm, walk to the end of the path to find a vending machine. You can buy the music from there (before balancing over the green water).
#13 – Music Disc 10: Honeybee Inn
Chapter 9 / Objective: To Corneo’s Mansion / Area: Wall Market – Bought from the Item Shop.

#14 – Music Disc 17: Farm Boy
Chapter 9 / Objective: To Corneo’s Mansion / Area: Wall Market – Head up the road north of Chadley and go up the first set of stairs you see (should be able to hear the music from afar). On top of the stairs you find a cowgirl, talk to her to get the music.

#15 – Music Disc 08: Under the Rotting Pizza
Chapter 9 / Objective: To Corneo’s Mansion / Area: Wall Market – Interact with the Jukebox on the street south of the hotel.

Music Disc Locations 16-31

#16 – Music Disc 29: The Midgar Blues
Chapter 9 / Objective: To Corneo’s Mansion / Area: Wall Market – Talk to the karaoke singer in the bar across from the gym (street south of where Chadley stands). The singer hands you his music.

#17 – Music Disc 26: Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-
Chapter 9 / Objective: Aerith’s Plan / Area: Honeybee Inn – When the story takes you to Honeybee Inn, you will be offered by 3 Bee Ladies to play a dance tutorial. You must accept this and get a “Great” rating on all 10 button presses. This is the easiest to miss Music Disc! If you don’t get 10 Great button timings you can repeat the dance tutorial as many times as you want. When you got all 10 Great ratings, watch the right side of the screen during the next cutscene and you should see the item popup. Make a manual save game before entering Honeybee Inn, just in case you miss it you can go back.

#18 – Music Disc 11: Don of the Slums
Chapter 9 / Objective: The Audition / Area: The Forbidden Room – After Cloud, Aerith and Tifa reunite, you can buy this music from the vending machine in the room they wake up in.

#19 – Music Disc 09: The Oppressed
Chapter 10 / Objective: Follow the Waterway / Area: Aqueduct 1 – Just after draining the water in the first aqueduct, it’s in the next room you go through, bought from the vending machine.

#20 – Music Disc 06: Let the Battles Begin!
Chapter 11 / Objective: Shadow in the Control Room / Area: Maintenance Hall – Bought from the vending machine outside of the control room (east entrance of control room). As usual you’ll hear the music loudly and it’s in plain sight on the main story path.

#21 – Music Disc 15: On Our Way
Chapter 13 / Objective: Checking on Friends / Area: Evergreen Park – After going through the tunnel section you come to a new encampment with people in it (can’t miss it). Buy this from the Item Shop for 50 Gil.

#22 – Music Disc 14: Main Theme of FFVII
Chapter 13 / Objective: Finding Wedge / Area: Underground Test Site B1 (Break Room) – Bought from vending machine on story path, in plain sight and impossible not to see (after fighting large swarm of bugs).

#23 – Music Disc 23: Descendant of Shinobi
Chapter 14 / Area: Sector 5 Undercity Station – Next to where Johnny is standing.

#24 – Music Disc 7: Turk’s Theme
Chapter 14 / Area: Sector 6 (S6-5 Road) – On the road leading from Sector 5 to Sector 6 there’s a woman looking at water by some ruins. She gives you this music title.

#25 – Music Disc 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow
Chapter 14 / Area: Wall Market – Inside the Wall Market hotel talk to the old man next to the receptionist.

#26 – Music Disc 12: Fight On!
Chapter 14 / Area: Wall Market – Bought from Souvenir Shop in the Colosseum entrance hall.

#27 – Music Disc 30: Stand Up
Chapter 14 / Area: Wall Market – Talk to the girl in the alley left of the Honey Bee Inn Entrance.

#28 – Music Disc 24: Wutai
Chapter 14 / Area: Sector 6 (Urban Advancement District) – South of the Wall Market Colosseum take the side path heading west. On that path you find a guy with this music.

#29 – Music Disc 13: The Case
Chapter 14 / Objective: The Hideout / Area: Aqueduct 4 – Continue with the main objective path into the sewers. On your way through the sewers you come through a tiny room with a vending machine that has the music. It’s impossible to not see, the story path forces you to walk into it.

#30 – Music Disc 05: Lurking in the Darkness
Chapter 15 / Objective: The Path to the Greater Heights / Area: Central Tower 1F – On the main path in plain sight is a vending machine that sells this music. Impossible to not see.

#31 – Music Disc 31: Scarlet’s Theme
Chapter 16 / Objective: A Helping Hand / Area: Combat Simulator Lounge – To the right side of the combat simulator (story objective), there’s a jukebox you can interact with for this song.

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