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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: Lionheart on Disc 1

This guide was made to show people the different ways to get Squall’s ultimate weapon, the Lionheart, on disc 1. Because how awesome is that? It’s very awesome. Enjoy.

Lionheart on Disc 1

Here is a list of the items you will need:

  • Adamantine x1
  • Dragon Fang x4
  • Pulse Ammo x12

Some people have said that you need the magazine titled “Weapons Mon 1st” in order to obtain the Lionheart. This is untrue, and those people should play the game before spreading misinformation.

Obtaining Dragon Fangs

There are multiple ways to obtain Dragon Fangs on the first disc of Final Fantasy VIII:

1- A T-Rexaur (level 20-29) has roughly a 20% chance of dropping Dragon Fangs. You can fight these in the Balamb Garden Training Center or in the forests outside of Balamb.

2- A Grendel that is level 1-9 has about a 70% chance of dropping Dragon Fangs. A Grendel (level 20-29) will drop Dragon Fangs roughly 20% of the time. After you leave the second Dream World scene you can run around that same forest to encounter a Grendel.

Obtaining Pulse Ammo

There are multiple ways to obtain adamantine in Final Fantasy VIII:

1- Card Mod 20 Elnoyle cards to get 2 Energy Crystals. Ammo Refine the 2 Energy Crystals into the 20 Pulse Ammo. I would recommend getting all of the Elnoyle cards before you do the first Dollet mission. I found that after the Dollet mission they were played a lot less frequently, making them more difficult to acquire. Maybe that was just me, but I wanted to share it just in case it could be of value to someone else.

2- An Elastoid (level 30-100) will drop Laser Cannons. You will need three Laser Cannons as each Laser Cannon will be able to be Ammo Refined into 5 Pulse Ammo. This is not a common drop. There is roughly a 6% chance that an Elastoid will drop a Laser Cannon.

  • If you use the Mug ability (most people probably won’t have this yet) there is a 100% chance of obtaining a Laser Cannon (assuming you don’t miss). Without the Mug ability this is going to be very time-consuming.
  • It is also possible for an Elastoid to drop a Laser Cannon if it is level 20-29, but there is only about a 5% chance. Also, at level 20-29 the Mug ability would only get you a Dynamo Stone.

Elastoids can be found in the second Dream World when you travel through the forest to go to Galbadia Garden. Once you have three Laser Cannons you can Ammo Refine them into 15 Pulse Ammo.

For both of the above options you will need to have the Ammo Refine ability. Ammo Refine is an ability you learn from Ifrit. Ifrit must be level 10 for this ability to show up. If you’re doing a low level run you can junction Ifrit to Seifer in the Dollet mission to level him up without leveling your other characters.

Obtaining Adamantine

There are multiple ways to obtain Adamantine on the first disc of Final Fantasy VIII:

1- Head towards the beach that is across from Dollet. An Adamantoise that is level 30-100 will have a good chance of dropping Adamantine.

  • It is possible for an Adamantoise to drop Adamantine at level 20-29, but it’s such a ridiculously low drop rate at those levels (roughly a 5% chance of getting Adamantine) that I can only recommend doing this if you have an average party level of 30 or higher.

2- Card Mod the Minotaur card that you receive during your quest to get the GF Brothers.

Obtaining the Lionheart before the second Dream World will require you to use option 1.

Obtaining the Lionheart

After getting all of your items go to Dollet’s weapon shop and get the Lionheart. You earned it. Unless you cheated.

Cheat Engine/Save Editor

The final way to get the Lionheart on Disc 1 is to use a memory/save editor for Final Fantasy VIII. I’m not going to teach you how to use any of those programs, you cheater, you.


There you have it. That is the extent of my knowledge regarding the different ways to obtain the Lionheart on disc 1. This game is amazing. Let me know if there is anything I left out. I hope people will find this guide to be very beneficial. Enjoy your game!

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