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Final Profit: A Shop RPG – All Apple & Apple Chest Locations

Exploring the wonderful world of apples!

Safe Zone: Spoiler-free Tips

For those wanting a little bit of a nudge but not quite wanting the exact locales pointed out, here’s a few tips about apples before we move on.

  • ABC – Always Be (opening) Chests!
  • Horses don’t care for them.
  • Look for a house with an apple sign in Enterpriston.
  • Backtracking is gonna happen.
  • The rewards aren’t just at the end of the journey.

Preface: Spoilers Ahead!

This guide is still quite dusty! The full list of all Apples is now available for your perusal, and I’ll be adding the Chests sequentially through my second playthrough, along with more details on the Labyrinth.

I highly encourage you to play through to the end and try finding everything yourself before reading this guide; that’s part of the fun, after all!

This is a completionist’s guide with the assumption that you’re late into the game. I’ll censor what I can (to preserve secrets), so just be mindful. Avoid the heavily-tagged LABYRINTH section in particular if you want to figure things out for yourself!

  • If you’re looking for a specific Chest, use CTRL+F and “CX”, example C4 for Chest 4.

Tutetown Apples

4 Total

1. Past the fence near King Bean, walk around the back of the Tavern

2. Enter the Cellar (unspoil if you’re stuck!)
All Apple & Apple Chest Locations

Yak Fields
3. South along the road (east of the smoldering campfire)

Famine Memorial
4. South of the Memorial 🙁

Enterpriston Apples

22 Total

Lake Liability
1. Northeast lilypad island

Lake Liability North (The Long Way Around)
2. Lilypad island just west of Chest 8

Lake Liability West
3. Visit the Lakehouse, then go to the Tavern and speak with the Bartender, then come back. Have fun!

Lake Liability Southwest
4. Step on the Dragonfly at the water’s edge! (unspoil for solution)
All Apple & Apple Chest Locations

Lake Liability South
5. Tucked into the southeast corner behind a line of trees

Entry to Enterpriston
6. Wild Growth just east of the Entryway

Info Center and Entry
7. East, right next to a bench by the Apple Sign House

Enterpriston Markets
8. Talk to the Mother at the Markets

Back Lane
9. Just as you walk in

10. West end of the map, next to the Horse

Enterpriston Industrial
11. East side, just behind some shipping containers

Enterpriston Residential
12. Wild Growth (sewer shortcut and garden)

Castle Marx
13. Climb the west outer wall and follow it north

Lover’s Tunnel
14. Follow the path back to Enterpriston, just over the water

The Underside
15. BIRD UP (somewhere in Ghost Bird’s Fire Expedition)

16. Just south of the Junk Rat

The Underside – West
17. Top left corner mini-maze

18. Far top right of the foggy maze

Enterpriston Train Stop
19. North of the road, just in the construction area

20. Won at the Auction Plaza

21. Get something from the Labyrinth and come back to Enterpriston

22. Rooftop Secret (Hint: talk to the Sheep)

Faeona Apples

13 Total

Faeona Outskirts
1. South near the pond, hug the cluster of trees just left of the Mine Entrance

Deep Woodway
2. Just north of the pond, the same place you take the Artist

Fae Creek
3. Wild Growth just before the bridge to Faeona Entrance

Faeona Outskirts
4. Entryway from the Royal District (Hint: close to the Queen’s Graveyard

Lake Schedule
5. South of the lake, follow around west

Faeona Entrance
6. Just south of the Crystal, between the trees on the east side

Commerce District
7. Treehouse going towards the Slums

8. North-west corner, behind the dwellings

Military District
9. Talk to the guard just to the north-west of the messy Training Area

Mabotanic Gardens
10. North-east corner, through the Mana Ferns and trees

Mushroom District
11. To your immediate right, pesky UI!

12 & 13. Go to the Mushroom District! Hint: the tree knows

Capital City Apples

11 Total

Residential Sector
1. Just to your left as you hop off the platform

Retail Sector
2. Under the definitely-not-evil arch of Haytch Hotel

Business Sector
3. End of the top street, in the carpark

Important Residential Sector
4. Top-left carpark, wrap around the complex

Bureau HQ
5. North of the Lord Statues

Exhibition Centre
6. Did you guess “more carparks”?

7. A short walk on a long pier

Industry Sector
8. In the VenDRANK Factory carpark, big surprise, I know

The Tech Lab
9. Walk straight east

Back Alley
10. Found in the Residential Sector (Hint: east map edge alleyway)

The Most Secret Apple
Hint: you need moolah.
11. You need the Boots of F****** HASTE!, purchased in the Capital City after buying the Boots of Haste! – then you go back to the Train Station and start sprinting left. Keep your eyes peeled!


Haha redacted go brrr

You’ll need to come here to progress the story to talk to the G-Knight in Enterpriston Residential anyway when you have 8 Apples.

However, there are other rewards awaiting you through the hedges!

Tutetown Apple Chests

Golden Fields
C1. Just outside town, just below the crossroad sign
Reward: 30 Coin

C3. East in town, south near the horse
Reward: Merchant’s Abacus (Trade Tool, +2 to Critical Chance for 2x sale price)

C4. East in town, north from the horse
Reward: Max MP increased by 1!

Famine Memorial
C7. North-west, as you enter from the Fields
Reward: 210 Coin

C14. Right next to your first shop

Famine Memorial
C17. Just to the east of the memorial 🙁

Enterpriston Apple Chests

Liability Lake
C6. North-east lilypad island
Reward: Max HP increased by 1!

Lake Liability North
C8. North-west road, just at the edge of the map
Reward: 240 Coin

Castle Marx
C9. Climb the west wall around to the north side
Reward: 34 VenDRANK, 27 Fermented Tea, 18 Craft Bags

Enterpriston Auction
C10. West seating area
Reward: Store Marketing Beat x3 (consumable, increases store popularity for a time)


Lake Liability
C12. Lilypad path to the west, just before the road to Castle Marx
Reward: Max MP increased by 1!


Enterpriston Industrial
C15. Climb up the north wall, need 25 HP but can use Salt


Enterpriston Residential
C18. South-east, near the Apartment Complex and just by the G-Knight
Reward: Comfy Chair (shop cosmetic)

Faeona Apple Chests

Capital City Apple Chests

Written by Shazzamon

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