Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions Likes and Dislikes

FE Three Houses Blue Lions Likes and Dislikes

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what different students belonging to different houses like and dislike. Knowing this information will help you out when it comes to recruiting and even romancing different characters in the game.

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Knowing all these idiosyncrasies about the characters will help you respond properly to the classroom personal problems and advice box personal notes.

Blue Lions Likes and Dislikes

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
DimitriTraining for battle, Weapon repairingFighting, High-Quality weapons, Strength and power training, Going on long rides, Physically-Tiresome workEasy work, Soft objects, Pretentious people, Blazing heat
DedueCooking, HousekeepingFlowers and gardening, Arts and crafts, Needlework,People trying to attack Dimitri
FelixPracticing with swords, Weapon repairingCombat, High-Quality weapons, Meat and Spicy Foods, Hunting,Light-Heartedness, Chivalry, Sweets, His dad
MercedesBaking, PrayingNeedlework, Stories about Ghosts, Sweets, Cute things, Painting, Reading, Sweet-Scented flowersSpicy Foods, Working Out
AsheCooking, Sweets, ReadingStories about chivalry, Travel Journals, Caring for children, VioletsConfined Areas, Ghosts, Violence, Deceit
AnnetteSinging, Dancing, Studying, CleaningWashing the clothes, Early morning walks, Dressing UpLow-lit places, Laziness, Dirty and places which are hard to clean, Coffee
SylvainTheater, Creative ArtistryVibrant places, Ladies, Board GamesEnvy, Dirty Spaces, Hot Days
IngridEating, ReadingCaring for horses, Meat, Samples of food, Stories about Chivalry, Virtuous KnightsLuxury, Hunger, Duscur’s folks

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