Fire Emblem Three Houses Garreg Mach Monastery Likes and Dislikes

FE Three Houses Garreg Mach Monastery Likes and Dislikes

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what different students belonging to different houses like and dislike. Knowing this information will help you out when it comes to recruiting and even romancing different characters in the game.

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Knowing all these idiosyncrasies about the characters will help you respond properly to the classroom personal problems and advice box personal notes.

Garreg Mach Monastery Likes and Dislikes

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
ManuelaSearching for love, FashionDancing, Cooking, Needlework, Singing, Revitalizing beveragesBullies, Cleaning, Tidying, Bullies, Feeling ill after drinking too many beverages
HannemanComing SoonCrest Study, Clean workspaces, Handkerchiefs, Food cooked by other peoplePolitics, Untidy rooms, Unkempt clothing, Cooking, Corrupt Nobles
CatherineComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
SetethWriting Fables, Defending FlaynFishing, Flayn, the Church of Seiros, DiligencePeople hostile towards Flayn or people who are a threat to the Church of Seiros
FlaynWalking around, Making FriendsMaking friends, Vibrant Places, Acquiring new knowledge, Taking about Love, Forget-me-notsLies, Overprotection from Seth, Seteth’s excessive interference, Sleeping too much
AloisFishing, Gather old coinsFamily, Sweets, Telling jokes, the Knights, Huge flowersTraveling by sea, Spicy Foods, Ghosts
ShamirHiding her presences, TranquilityThrowing weapons, Gambling, Archery, PaychecksCentipedes, Sweet Talkers, Spiders
GilbertComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
TomasComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
CyrilComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon

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