Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Likes and Dislikes

FE Three Houses Golden Deer Likes and Dislikes

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what different students belonging to different houses like and dislike. Knowing this information will help you out when it comes to recruiting and even romancing different characters in the game.

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Knowing all these idiosyncrasies about the characters will help you respond properly to the classroom personal problems and advice box personal notes.

Golden Deer Likes and Dislikes

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
ClaudeTactical Scheming, Organizing FeastsArchery, Long Rides, Subjects of curiosity, PoetryBlind faith in Gods, Reliance on chance, Being Bound by Common Sense
LorenzWriting poems, Looking after ClaudeRed Roses, Tea, Art, Worthy ladies, Things that befits the NobilityInequity, Dirtiness, Coffee, Foul Odors, Vulgarity
HildaCreating accessories, CommunicationCoercion, Fashion, Singing and Dancing, Vibrant FlowersBeing tired, Putting in effort, Responsibility, Extreme Heat or Cold
RaphaelEating, Working outPure Protein, Muscles, Training, his young sisterUnfinished Meals, Book Learning
LysitheaTactics and magic researchConsuming sweets, Lilies, Adorable thingsBeing seen as a child, Things which require physical effort, Sour foods, Ghosts
IgnaceGathering art supplies, Painting The Goddess, The Four Saints, Arts, Beautiful Landscapes, Pretty Flowers, Distant Lands, SerenityPeople who disregard Art, Lightning, Stressful situations
MarianneCommunicating with animals, PrayingThe Goddess, Reading, Soft flowers, BirdsCrests, Cleaning, Herself
LeonieSaving up money, Bow repairingCompetition, Captain Jeralt, Military Arts, Fishing, Gardening, Hunting Gathering and recycling used objectsLoss, Debt, Dissipation Poisonous creatures

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