Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items Guide (Locations and Owners)

Over the course of Part One of the story, you may encounter several Lost Items over the course of the months you are at the Monastery. These items give you a small clue as to who has lost the item, and when speaking to Characters, you can try to give them back a lost item. If you give them the right item, they will increase their bond with you significantly, and any units in your team will also fully raise their motivation.

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Lost Items can appear all over the Monastery when exploring, and usually appear in specific areas each month for specific people. However, Lost Items for characters you cannot recruit, like the leaders of other houses or their bodyguards, shouldn’t show up if you are in the wrong house.

Lost Items Guide

For a list of each item that shows up on a month-to-month basis, and who the item can be given to – consult the list below. Note that lost items will stop appearing in Part Two, meaning its your only chance to give them out in Part One.

Lost ItemLocationOwner
Silver BroochOfficer’s Academy CourtyardDorothea
Hammer and ChiselFound at Second FloorHanneman
Antique ClaspFound in Fishing pondFlayn
Gardening ShearsTo be AddedDedue
Bundle of HerbsFound in CathedralAshe
How to bake SweetsFound in CathedralMercedes
Agriculture SurveyFound in StablesownerFerdinand
Silver NecklaceFound in Entrance HallGilbert
Black Leather GlovesFound in Training GroundsDimitri
Spotless BandageFound in Golden Dear ClassroomHilda
Letter to RheaTraining GroundsCatherine
Black Iron SpurDining HallFelix
Small Tanned HideReception HallPetra
How to be TidyStablesMarianne
Jousting AlmanacEntrance HallIngrid
Burlap Sack of RocksDining HallRaphael
Bundle of dry HampMarketplaceShamir
Needle and Thread1st Floor Dormitories Outside Bernadette’s RoomBernadetta
Art BookCathedralIgnaz
Encyclopedia of SweetsGolden Dear ClassroomLysithea
Sword Belt FragmentTraining HallFelix
Portrait of Rhea2nd Floor Dormitories HallwayCyril
Curry CombEntrance HallIngrid
Feather PillowDining HallLinhardt
Unused LipstickReception HallSylvain
Exotic FlowerReception HallPetra
Wooden ButtonTraining GroundsRaphael
Wooden FlaskSecond Floor LobbyJeralt
School of Sorcery BookDining HallAnnette
White GloveBlack Eagle ClassroomEdelgard
Sketch of a SigilSecond Floor HallwayHanneman
Hand Drawn MapDining Hall GardensLeonie
Tattered OvercoatTraining GroundsCasper
Thunderbrand ReplicaTraining GroundsCasper
Used Bottle of PerfumeMarketplaceHilda
Badge of GraduationTraining GroundsCatherine
Mysterious NotebookCathedralAlois
Wellness HerbsSecond Floor InfirmaryManuela
Noxious HandkerchiefTraining GroundsHubert
Confessional LetterStablesMarianne
Bag of Tea LeavesBlack Eagles ClassroomFerdinand
Artificial FlowerPathway north of Knight’s HallLorenz
Unfinished FableSecond Floor Advisory RoomSeteth
Foreign Gold CoinFishing PondAlois
Crude ArrowheadsDining Hall BalconyLeonie
Still Life Picture1st Floor DormitoryBernadetta
Fruit PreservesCathedralMercedes
Crumpled Love LetterKnight’s HallSylvain
Clean Dusting Clothes2nd floor InfirmaryManuela
Well used HatchetDining Hall GardensCyril
Old map on EnbarrFishing PondFlayn
Songstress PosterOfficer’s AcademyDorothea
The Saints RevealedReception HallLinhardt
A treatise on EtiquetteEntrance HallLorenz
Toothed DaggerTraining GroundsFelix
Introduction to MagicFishing PondAlois
Dusty Book of fablesCathedralFlayn
Animated Bait2nd Floor LibraryLinhardt
Handmade Hair clipGolden Deer ClassroomHilda
Letter to the GoddessGolden dear ClassroomIgnaz
Snapped Writing QuillAdvisory RoomSeteth
Bag of SeedsCathedralMarianne
Animal Bone DiceTraining GroundsShamir
Light Purple VeilGreenhouseManuela
Training LogbookKnight’s HallDimitri
Unfinished ScoreBlue Lines ClassroomAnnette
Iron Cooking PotKnight’s HallDedue
Weathered CloakEntrance HallCatherine
Lovely CombGreenhouseDorothea
Noseless PuppetKnight’s Hall entranceGilbert
Pegasus HorseshoesStablesIngrid
Wax DiptychDining HallAnnette
Grounding CharmDining HallCasper
Annotated DictionaryDining HallPetra
New Bottle of PerfumeReception HallLysithea
Hedgehog CaseGraveyardBernadetta
Moon Knight’s TaleCathedralAshe
The history of SrengBlue Lines ClassroomSylvain
Maintenance OilDining HallFerdinand
Silk HandkerchiefGolden Deer ClassroomLorenz
Evil-Eye Repelling AmuletFishing pondAshe
Old Cleaning ClothSecond Floor LobbyCyril
Princess DollReception HallLysithea
Old Fishing rodCathedralSeteth
Lens ClothKnight’s HallHanneman
Blue StoneGolden Deer ClassroomIgnaz
Centipede PictureStablesShamir
Book of Ghost StoriesCathedralMercedes
Carving HammerKnight’s HallGilbert
Big SpoonDining HallRaphael

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