Fire Emblem Three Houses Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Three Houses White Clouds Chapter 1 Walkthrough

White Clouds Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The chapter begins as you enter the Garreg Mach Monastery. You’ll soon meet the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, known as Lady Rhea. Be sure to respond “My name…” to give her your name to get a support bonus.

Choosing Your House Walkthrough

1When the cutscene ends, you’ll be at the Garreg Mach Monastery with Jeralt
2[Jeralt: Conversation Options]

→ Neutral reply
・You’ve been here before?
→ To be confirmed

3[Jeralt: Conversation Options]

・The archbishop?
→ To be confirmed
・Lady Rhea?
→ Neutral reply

4[Rhea: Conversation Options]

・My name is…
→ Rhea relationship goes up
→ To be confirmed

5[Jeralt: Conversation Options]

・As a mercenary?
→ Neutral reply
・As a servant?
→ To be confirmed

6[Manuela: Conversation Options]

・You’re a physician?
→ Neutral reply
・You’re a songstress?
→ To be confirmed

7After the cutscenes, talk to Rhea to get your first quest
8Talk to all the House leaders & students to complete the quest
9When you’ve talk to all students, head back to the audience chamber to speak to Rhea
10During the cutscene, choose which of the Three Houses you will lead
11You’ll regain control in the company of Hanneman talking about your Crest
12[Hanneman: Conversation Options]

・Do what you can to find out.
→ Hanneman relationship goes up
・There’s no need to look into it.
→ To be confirmed

8. Check Mini Map To See Students You Haven’t Talked To

You can check the upper-right corner of your screen to spot your mini-map and know which students or characters you haven’t spoken to. These will have though bubbles next to their dots.

10. Choose The House You Want To Lead

At this point of the game, you’ll have to choose the House that you’ll lead. Take note that doing so is permanent and cannot be changed unless you start a new game.

Life At The Academy Walkthrough

1After talking to Hanneman, you’ll be free to explore the Officers Academy
2Check the following quests from the Bulletin Board:
– Fresh Catch
– Green Thumb Beginnings
– Share a Bite
3Talk to your House Leader to learn more about being a professor
4Complete the 3 quests mentioned above
5End your free time to move time forward
6Great Tree Moon 4/30 – Ferdinand’s Birthday
7Mission “Rivalry of the Houses” will automatically begin
8After winning, you’ll get a cutscene with your House leader & students
9[House Leader: Conversation Options]

A victory celebration? (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
I’m invited? (Dimitri)
→ To be confirmed

10[House Leader: Conversation Options]

You’re mistaken. (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
Is that so… (Dimitri)
→ To be confirmed

11[Rhea: Conversation Options]

・I did.
→ Neutral reply
・Not really.
→ To be confirmed

12[Rhea: Conversation Options]

・My mission?
→ Neutral reply
→ To be confirmed

13[Sothis: Conversation Options]

→ Neutral reply
・I don’t understand…
→ To be confirmed

14After the cutscenes, the next chapter “Familiar Scenery” will begin

4. Complete Quests During Free Time

Fresh Catch Unlocks Fishing

Talk to Flayn to accept the quest and she’ll give you bait to start fishing. Head towards the pond near the Greenhouse and talk to the Fishkeeper to start fishing. You only need to catch one fish to complete the objective then head back to Flayn to complete the quest.

Green Thumb Beginnings Unlocks Gardening

Speak with Dedue to unlock this quest and you’ll get some seeds to plant in the Greenhouse. Head towards the Greenhouse and talk to the Greenhouse Keeper to plant seeds, fertilize, and harvest them.

Share a Bite Unlocks Dining With Friends

When you speak with Sylvain, he’ll unlock this quest and you’ll learn how to “Share a Meal” with colleagues and students. Doing so will raise your relationship levels and their motivation.

Rivalry of the Houses Battle Tips

Pitted Against 2 Other Houses & Their Professors

In this fight, you’ll be pitted against both of your rival Houses in one battlefield. You have to defeat all the students in each House plus their professors, making this a challenging fight to emerge victorious in.

Focus Fire On One Character To Down Them Fast

The best trick here is to focus fire on one character and take their HP down fast. This removes one rival in the battlefield and you can focus your efforts on another singular character you can take down.

Don’t Forget To Use Combat Arts

The use of Combat Arts will be essential in this fight. These are very powerful attacks that can bring down an enemy’s HP really fast, making it easy to finish them off as soon as possible.

Use Ranged On Melee & Melee On Ranged

Some characters have ranged weapons or magic that can hit from afar. Be sure to draw near them and hit them with melee weapons. Vice-versa, melee attackers can be hit with ranged weapons from a distance.

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