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Fishing Guide | The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

100% Completion Fishing Guide. A guide on the most important part of the game. Fishing.

Fishing Guide | The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

Fishing is the best part of any game hands down. I rest my case.

But anyways here is a basic 100% fishing guide for Trails of Reverie, including upgrades, fish, locations, and drops. The fishing in the game isn’t too tricky if you keep an eye out but the split chapters might make it hard to catch all the fish in your run. Important things to keep in mind is that any of the fish in the Crossbell area can be caught right before the final dungeon while in the prep phase, notes are shared amongst teams once they join they crew, and that any of the fish caught from the Reverie Garden can be caught at any time regardless of progress.

That’s all the info I can think of but if there is anything to be added let me know!

Happy Fishing!


  • Delicious Bait -Act 1, Lloyd Route, Received from event at Crosbell Fishing Association-
  • Custom Handle -Act 1, Lloyd Route, Purchase from Fishing Association-
  • Titanium Hook -Act 1, Lloyd Route, Received from event at Plover Goods in Ymir-
  • Agilatarin Leader -Act 1, Rean Route, Purchased from Plover Goods in Ymir-
  • Crown String -Act 2, Lloyd Route, Purchase from Jake’s General Goods in Amorica Village-
  • Lakelord ATD -Act 2, Rean Route, Purchase from Lakelord Company in Leica District, Heimdallr-
  • Custom Spool -Act 3, C’s Route, Received from event-
  • RF Bearing Zero -Act 3, C’s Route, Purchase from Fishing Association in Crossbell-
  • Goldia Rod -Act 3, C’s Route, treasure chest in Rosenberg Doll Workshop-
  • Zemuria Hook -Complete Master mission: catch 12 different species of fish-
  • Bombing Dash V -Complete Master mission: catch 18 different species of fish-
  • High End Spool -Complete Master mission: catch 24 different species of fish-
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Kasagin1Mirage Sepith x8
Mirage Sepith x16
Mirage Sepith x24
Crossbell Harbor District, North
Snow Crab1U-Material x1
U-Material x2
U-Material x3
Ymir Valley
Cangiru2Time Sepith x8
Time Sepith x16
Time Sepith x24
Crossbell Harbor District, South
Skygill2Water Sepith x8
Water Sepith x16
Water Sepith x24
East Crossbell Highway 3
Carp3Tear Balm x1
Teara Balm x1
Tearal Balm x1
Heimdallr – Dreichels Square
Azelfish3S-Tablet x1
S-Tablet x2
Spirit Droplet x1
East Crossbell Highway 2
Red Perch4Fire Sepith x10
Fire Sepith x20
Fire Sepith x30
Heimdallr – Mater Park
Tiger Arowana4Earth Sepith x10
Time Sepith x20
Space Sepith x30
Old Armorica Road 1
Rockeater5Earth Sepith x10
Earth Sepith x20
Earth Sepith x30
Armorica Village
Puffer5Curia Balm x1
Curia Balm x2
Recuria Balm x1
Nord Highlands. North
Rainbow Trout6All Sepith x4
All Sepith x8
All Sepith x12
Mainz Mountian Road 2
Cobrahead6Space Sepith x12
Space Sepith x24
Space Sepith x36
Reverie Garden
Cobalt Crab7Water Sepith x15
Water Sepith x30
Water Sepith x45
Ancient Battlefield, Underground Waterway
Spiky Puffer7Fire Sepith x15
Fire Sepith x30
Power Droplet x1
Reverie Garden (after 2nd Stratum is unlocked)
Noble Carp8Revival Balm x1
Celestial Balm x1
Life Droplet x1
St Ursula Medical College
Quicksilver Carp8U-Material x3
U-Material x6
U-Material x9
Knox Forest Road 1
Forest Gill9Wind Sepith x20
Wind Sepith x40
Wind Sepith x60
Lake Elm Wetlands 1
Pink Azelfish9Sepith mass x15
Sepith mass x30
Sepith mass x45
Mishelam, Lake Beach
Elecanthus10Shield Potion x1
Shield Potion II x1
Shield Droplet x1
Mishelam, Wharf
Gold Salmon10Space Sepith x20
Space Sepith x40
Space Sepith x60
West Crossbell Road
Northen Arowana10Mind Potion x1
Mind Potion II x1
Mind Droplet x1
Ursula Road 1
Marble Sankehead10Proxy Puppet x1
Emergency Puppet x1
Brave Seed x1
Ursula Road 1
Blue Marlin11Action 1 x1
Action 2 x1
Action 3 x1
Reverie Garden (after 3rd Stratum is unlocked)
Glutton Shark11Tear Balm x1
Teara Balm x1
Tearal Balm x1
Reverie Garden (after 4th Stratum is unlocked)
Pearlglass11Tear Balm x2
Teara Balm x2
Tearal Balm x2
Lake Elm Wetlands 1
Jewel Crab12All Sepith x999Ursula Road 2, after catching all 25 other species



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