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Fishing Paradiso Guide: Walkthrough for All Achievements

Welcome to this short but sweet achievement guide for Fishing Paradiso! If you’re trying to figure out whether to buy this game or not, hopefully this guide will help influence your purchase. It’s a casual fishing game with wholesome elements that also happens to be a relaxing way to pass the time. The estimated time for 100% completion is roughly 13 hours.

All listed achievements below are in chronological order of when you are likely to unlock them. Additionally, each achievement or category of achievements will have tags (storyline, grind, etc) for informational purposes.


Achievement ParadisoFirst Step
You cleared your first main quest.
tag(s): storyline, unmissable

Achievement Paradiso-1Home Sweet Home
Your house is now built.
tag(s): storyline, unmissable

Achievement Paradiso-2Fishing Lover
You caught a total of 300 fish.
tag(s): cumulative

Achievement Paradiso-3Big Hunter
You caught a fish that is at least 100 cm big.
tag(s): progression

Achievement Paradiso-4Wooo!!!
Hiroki enjoyed the beach chair.
tags: island event

After progressing the story, you will start to see Hiroki chilling on your island by the beach chair. Talk to him and allow him to use it to unlock the achievement. You will have multiple opportunities to get this achievement since you can allow him to use it over and over. At some point, Hiroki will stop hanging out by the beach chair (and is replaced by Charon) so it’s better to get this over with at your earliest opportunity.

Achievement Paradiso-5

Achievement Paradiso-6Sea Monster Hunter
You caught a fish that is at least 1000 cm big.
tag(s): progression

You will first obtain this upon catching a Megalo Shark in the Blue Lagoon.

Achievement Paradiso-7BFF
You maxed out a friend’s Friend Level for the first time.
tag(s): progression

Check your Sky Phone after every newly discovered fish to see if your friends have a fish catching quest available for said fish. Your friends will also have Friend Events (so you can learn more about their backgrounds/personalities) rotating in between fishing quests. Completing each quest and event grants 1 Friend Level each. Upon reaching level 10, you MAX out their friendship and gain a ‘Sign of Friendship’ contributing towards You’re Not Alone.

Achievement Paradiso-8

Achievement Paradiso-9Fishing Addict
You caught a total of 1000 fish.
tag(s): cumulative

You will get this achievement long before completing the story and maxing out your fishing abilities.

Achievement Paradiso-10True Heaven
You met again with God Fish Martel.
tag(s): storyline, unmissable

Achievement Paradiso-11Heaven’s Top Fisher
You won the fishing competition.
tag(s): storyline, unmissable

Post-game story: I don’t think there’s a way to “lose” this competition. Feel free to complete friend quests/events in between competitors since there is no prompt to get on with the competition.

Achievement Paradiso-12
Achievement Paradiso-13

Achievement Paradiso-14Fish Collection Complete
You caught all the species of fish.
tag(s): collection

Scroll all the way down to the Fish Book section to see all the fish you can acquire with a detailed list of their names, zones, and images. Enjoy!

Achievement Paradiso-15Friends Galore
You became friends with everyone.
tag(s): progression

You will be able to meet your last friend sometime after maxing out everyone else. Just keep progressing both your friendship levels and the story.

Achievement Paradiso-16Food Tasting King (never ate)
Your friends tasted all of the restaurant’s dishes.
tag(s): collection, progression

Around 1/3 of story completion, you will unlock a new feature (Foodie Friends) on your Sky Phone after striking a partnership with Bear. From that point onward, all the fish you catch gets contributed to a recipe feature that lets you order food (and trigger interesting events) for the characters you have met. You need certain combinations of characters to unlock recipes so progress the story further as necessary. The tally for the ingredients is counted even before you unlock a recipe so feel free to ‘overfish’ an area as you will need all the gold you can get for Invincible. This achievement doesn’t unlock right away after ordering the last dish. I got mine after revisiting my island.

Achievement Paradiso-17

Achievement Paradiso-18You’re Not Alone
You collected all the “Signs of Friendship.”
tag(s): collection, progression

You will be able to meet and subsequently max out your last friend shortly after maxing out everyone else. After collecting all the “Signs of Friendship”, just follow the story prompt that appears on your island in front of your house. The achievement is unlocked shortly after watching some cutscenes.

Achievement Paradiso-19

Achievement Paradiso-20Invincible
You maxed out all of the fishing abilities.
tag(s): grind, progression

This will be the most time consuming achievement out of everything else in the game. It will take somewhere north of 3000+ fish captured (can vary greatly depending on coin boost utilization). Some tips that will definitely help you reach the coin needed to max everything:

  • Maximize coin boosts as soon as they pop by going to your most efficient fishing spot depending on where you are in the story (Hell A is good when you are progressing through Hell B + Blue Lagoon C is good in the end game after max Tension stat)
  • Use Cat Ninjutsu to re-roll fish (accessed through the bird) if all the fish clump up in deep waters.
  • Once throw distance is MAX and things start to slow down around reaching Hell, prioritize these stats for farming efficiency: Tension > Charm > Big Hunter > Stamina. Everything should be around lvl 10 or 11 before you prioritize stats.

Hell A is good because charm works very well there and you can reel fish very close to the dock for quick catches during boost mode. Blue Lagoon C is great because S-class Stealth Fish gives 720g (during boost) and are more common than rare (yellow fish).

Achievement Paradiso-21

Stat Explanation:

  • Tension – how much tension your fishing line can withstand until you lose control
  • Stamina – how long (measured in time) you can hold a fish hooked until you can no longer reel in
  • Throw – how far you can reach
  • Charm – too low = fish won’t bite, when high = you can pull fish far from their initial position (great for coin farming)
  • Big Hunter – higher stat = more likely to catch S-class fish (great for coin farming)

Tension and Stamina both help you catch fish. However, Stamina will drop off once you max Tension since you no longer need to wait out a strong fish to reel it in. You can just brute force it with max tension until it gets reeled in. Keep Stamina around level 11 at least.

Charm in action:
Achievement Paradiso-22

The achievement will unlock after completing You’re Not Alone and returning to your island. At that point, the cat will talk to you and become impressed that you maxed out all of your fishing stats/abilities. You will have an opportunity to keep grinding and catching fish after You’re Not Alone so it doesn’t matter if you max out before or starting that final sequence of events.

Fish Book

The A/B/C before each fish # indicates each of their respective area zones.

Achievement Paradiso-23

  • A1 – Clownfish
  • A2 – Pot Sea Urchin
  • A3 – Fish Cake Fish
  • A4 – Sweet Anchovy
  • B1 – Sky Filefish
  • B2 – Sea Shenron
  • B3 – Big Eye
  • B4 – Pinky Salmon
  • B5 – King Sea Angel
  • B6 – Azure Ray
  • C1 – Angel Fly Fish
  • C2 – Skipjack Broth Tuna
  • C3 – Firefly Gigasquid
  • C4 – Cloudy Whale

Achievement Paradiso-24

  • A1 – Sapphire Tetra
  • A2 – Great Doctor
  • A3 – Seraphim Fish
  • A4 – Knight Piranha
  • B1 – Sparkle Goldfish
  • B2 – Bluekill
  • B3 – Super Salamander
  • B4 – Milky Icefish
  • B5 – Vivid Rainbow
  • B6 – Sho-gun Pirarucu
  • C1 – Naga Head
  • C2 – Caviar Maker
  • C3 – Floaty Koi Fish
  • C4 – Dragon Fish

Mountain Lake
Achievement Paradiso-25

  • A1 – Ruby Sword Tail
  • A2 – Jello Fish
  • A3 – Innocent Ayu
  • A4 – Bazooka Fish
  • A5 – Balloon Blowfish
  • B1 – Orange Fish
  • B2 – Heavenly Pike
  • B3 – Quake Catfish
  • B4 – Pitch Black Bass
  • B5 – Heavenly Pearl
  • B6 – Goodbye Lobster
  • C1 – Aura Eel
  • C2 – Drill Narwhal
  • C3 – Nessie

Outer Sea
Achievement Paradiso-26

  • A1 – Stonefish
  • A2 – Goby
  • A3 – Filefish
  • A4 – Horse Mackerel
  • A5 – Tuna
  • B1 – Oriental Tiger Prawn
  • B2 – Saury
  • B3 – Fat Greenling
  • B4 – Merluza
  • C1 – Flounder
  • C2 – Sea Bass
  • C3 – Red Snapper
  • C4 – Sole
  • C5 – Kraken

Blue Lagoon
Achievement Paradiso-27

  • A1 – Neon Jellyfish
  • A2 – Enchodus
  • A3 – Fluffy Sea Slug
  • A4 – Parade Rockfish
  • A5 – Ammonite
  • B1 – Torch Angler
  • B2 – Rapier Needlefish
  • B3 – Coelacanth
  • B4 – Wasabi Octopus
  • B5 – Megalo Shark
  • C1 – Stealth Fish
  • C2 – Ichthyo Saurus
  • C3 – Smiley Moray
  • C4 – King Swordfish

Milky Way
Achievement Paradiso-28

  • A1 – Super Starfish
  • A2 – Aquarius
  • A3 – Remora
  • A4 – Piscis Austrinus
  • A5 – Delphinus
  • A6 – Genbu
  • A7 – Star Hydra
  • B1 – Cancer
  • B2 – Cosmo Mola Mola
  • B3 – Pisces
  • B4 – Capricorn
  • B5 – Makara
  • B6 – Meteor Fish
  • B7 – Charybdis

Achievement Paradiso-29

  • A1 – Mini Fire Dragon
  • A2 – Lava Fish
  • A3 – Bloody Salmon
  • A4 – Venomous Jellyfish
  • A5 – Devil Octopus
  • A6 – Blue Overkill
  • A7 – Vermilion Fish
  • B1 – Fish Bone
  • B2 – Spirit Tadpole
  • B3 – Despair Jellyfish
  • B4 – Dark Moray
  • B5 – Hydra Fish
  • B6 – Malice Coral
  • B7 – River Pluto

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