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Flashing Lights – All Available Commands

This short guide has a list off all available commands. Some commands may cause bugs to appear!

Commands list

These commands only can be used in the chat box. To open the chat box you may press ”T”.

This force cancels the current mission/call out. After a few seconds you should receive a new callout.

This resets the vehicle in front of you.

This teleports the character(you) to be teleported to the departments station.
Police units will be spawned in front of the Police Station.
EMS Units will be spawned near the Hospital.
Fire Units will be spawned in front of the Fire station.

This command changes the max spawned cars at the same time. you can replace the number 5 with anything between 0 and 100. obviously 0 means that no traffic will spawn/barely and 100 means that there will be a ton of traffic. However this feature is not available in MP at this time.

Example command:

Pretty much the same thing then the command above but this works for the amount of peds. However this feature is very buggy in MP and is recommended to not be used in MP.

Example command:

This commands allows you to fly around the map and hide the character. This is a command for making pictures etc. This command orginaly was used by the publisher to make cool shots of the game.

Caution: Might be a bit buggy on MP

This command returns you back to normal mode. Only works if you did /cam1 and want to return to normal.

This can be buggy sometimes and is not recommended to use in MP.

Commands list MP only!

Commands only working for multiplayer!


The multiplayer host can kick the selected ID that can be found in the list pressing ”tab”.
This will remove the player from the game but the player is allowed to join back.

Example command:


The multiplayer host can ban the selecte ID.
This will permanently remove the target player and the player is not allowed to join back.
To unban you will have to rehost.

Example command:

Written by Herogus3xD

4 thoughts on “Flashing Lights – All Available Commands”

  1. best makers of flashing lights your game is beautiful! I see a mega game here!
    I have a few things here (tips) to really finish the game!

    1. make more sound effects qa sirens! such as: horn, yelp, and more!

    2. get more weapons as agent * (sniper) (machine gun)

    3. make the road and the city more realistic (for example when away) guardrails!
    and more realistic city!

    4. please make better sound efects (drifts) (driving)
    (car ride sound!)

    5. If you come as an emergency service behind a passenger car, the car will go to the side only this goes wrong! the go very fast, left right left right left right left right! please do an auto side!

    thank you for reading and they are ideas that could be better according to ME

    best regards the flashing light FAN!


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