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Forager: All Achievements Guide

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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Forager: Achievements

A broad overview of the achievements and a more detailed look at how to unlock some of the more challenging ones.

Left Achievement

Own 10 lands and 5,000 coins

Done while playing.

Mine the giant crystal

Can be find in Winter Biome. Use Pickaxe.

Gather royal steel or royal clothing

Done while playing. Crafting in Furnace or Sweing Station.

Have one of each gem in your inventory

Gems can be drop by destroying Stones/Ores.

Have 10 max health

Use a Spirit Orb to Increase your health. Can be found in Chests or craft at spirit crystal.

Tomb Raider
Complete the Ancient Tomb

Desert Dungeon.

Complete the Skull Maze

Graveyard Dungeon.

Ice Breaker
Complete the Crystal Cave

Winter Dungeon.

Demon Hunter
Complete the Fire Temple

Fire Dungeon.

Ancient Astronomer
Solve the Ancient Galaxy puzzle

Desert Biome. Use Pickaxe to move battery. Outside the tower you can find the pattern carved at the top of the windows. Empty spaces indicate which batteries to turn on.

Skull Astronomer
Solve the Skull Galaxy puzzle

Graveyard Biome. Left > Water, Up > Key, Right > Paper, Down > Fish

Frozen Astronomer
Solve the Frozen Galaxy puzzle

Winter Biome. You have to translate binary code to text. Set computers with the following number of rectangles 5-3-4-2-4.

Fire Astronomer
Solve the Fire Galaxy puzzle

Fire Biome. Turn off all Lanterns. Use http://perfectweb.org/ddo/solver/vale_puzzle.html for Help. Set Lantern which off to on and then press “Solve”. Activate every lantern with a number.

Complete a dungeon without taking damage

Complete a dungeon without taking damage.

Perform a challenging blood ritual

Use the Dark Shrine in Fire Biome an activate the “Challenge” Buff. Kill all Monsterns who spawn.

Fail miserably at a trivia minigame

Talk with Mr. Hopfrog. Can be find in Graveyard Biome.

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Kill an enemy with a single arrow shot

Use a bow.

Kill 3 enemies or more with a single sword slash

Use a sword. Maybe upgraded sword.

Win the jackpot at a slot machine

Skill Gambling. Build a slot machine. Click at 3x Coins.

Kill a magic deer

Can be find in the Winter Biome.

Kill all giant beets

Can be find in the Grass Biome.

Win the ice wizard challenge

Can be find in the Winter Biome. Talk with the monster and then kill all monster who spawn.

Use a bottled rainbow

Use a empty bottle on the rainbow in the Grass Biome. Then Use the bottle rainbow on Resources.

Activate a droid

Skill Engineering. Build Factory. Craft a droid.

Have 3 bombs active at once

Can be crafted with the Cauldron.

Dig up an archaeology item

Build Shrines. Activate the “Excavator” Buff.Use your shovel at digging spots. Archaeology Items are rare. Use Liquid Luck to increase rare item drop chance

Eat a gem

Skill Calciverous and eat a gem.

Die 10 times

Simple. Die 10 times.

Middle Achievement

Play the game for 3 hours

Done while playing.

Build 20 structures

Done while playing.

Own 5 lands

Done while playing.

Kill 100 enemies

Done while playing.

Have 100 jelly in your inventory

Done while playing.

Have 100 poop in your inventory

Poop are rare drops from animals, but only when the animals are at life. Collect 500 for a quest.

Catch 50 fish

Build fish traps and collect the items.

Have 1,000 items in your inventory

Done while playing.

Big Hoarder
Have 5,000 items in your inventory

Done while playing.

Water 100 seeds

Use Water shovel or higher for digging. Then plant seeds. Or use a sprinkler.

Plant 100 seeds

Use shovel and then plant seeds. Combine it with Irrigator.

Have 100,000 coins

Sell ​​items at the market. But note what you need for quests, don’t sell this items..

Have 1,000,000 coins

Sell ​​items at the market. But note what you need for quests, don’t sell this items.

Craft 500 furnace items

Done while playing.

Craft 2,000 coins

Craft coins with the forge.

Treasure Hunter
Open 20 big treasure chests

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Open 20 big treasure chests.

Dig up 50 items

Dig up 50 items.

Craft 10,000 items

Done while playing.

Build 200 structures

Done while playing.

Open a skull chest

Can be find in the Graveyard Biome.

Build on top of every water tile

Build bridge on top of every water tile. Currently it seems to be a bit bugged. It can help use the Obliterator an refill the empty space with landfill. On the left edge you can’t build bridges, but landfills.

Secret Finder
Find 3 secret rooms

Can be find in the Dungeons. Need Bombe or higher Pickaxe or Fire Rod. Pay attention to the edge, isolated this is cracked. Behind it lies the secret room.

Find every secret room

Can be find in the Dungeons. Desert > 3, Fire > 4, Graveyard > 3, Winter > 3, Fire Biome Wizard Tower > 1

Shoot 100 arrows

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot.

Dodge 10 attacks

Build Boots to increase dodge chance.

Dodge a lethal attack

Build Boots to increase dodge chance.

Destroy 100 gravestones

Can be found in the graveyard Biome.

Bug Catcher
Bottle 100 critters

Craft bottles with the forge, then click with the bottle on critters.

Right Achievement

Talk to every NPC

Done while playing.

Complete every NPC quest

Done while playing.

Druid Helper
Help the Druid

Grass Biome, Spend items: 2x Bottled Torchbug, 30x Tree Sapling, 1 Dino Egg (Fire Biome digging artifact)

Princess Helper
Help the Princess

Desert Biome, Spend items: 40x Flower, 2x Royal Clothing.

Wizard Helper
Help the Wizard

Fire Biome, Spend items: 20x Cinderbloom, 20x Green Pigment, 200x Crystal.

Goblin Helper
Help the Goblin

Graveyard Biome, Spend items: 100x Bone.

Fairy Helper
Help the Fairy Queen

Grass Biome, Only Night, Spend items: 1000 Coins.

Engineer Helper
Help the Engineer

Fire Biome.

Ghost Helper
Help the Ghost

Winter Biome, Spend items: 2x Demon Horn, 1x Kapala (Graveyard Biome digging artifact)

Old People Helper
Help the Old Man

Desert Biome, Spend items: 1x Golden Egg (little chance to drop at interact with chicken)

Fox Helper
Help the Fox

Winter Biome, Spend items: 500x Poop.

Master Forager
Complete the museum Foraging Bundle

Spend some Items: 50x Berry / Flower / Cotton / Citrus / Cactus Fruit / Nightshade / Lavender / Cinderbloom, 1x Druid Scroll

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Master Miner
Complete the museum Mining Bundle

Spend some Items: 50x Stone / Coal / Iron Ore / Gold Ore / Crystal, 5x Emerald / Topaz / Ruby / Amethyst, 1x Miner Scroll

Master Builder
Complete the museum Building Bundle

Spend some Items: 50x Brick / Steel / Leather / Glass, 5x Plastic / Electronics / Fiberglass, 1x Builder Scroll

Master Farmer
Complete the museum Farming Bundle

Spend some Items: 50x Beet / Wheat / Cotton / Egg / Bottled Milk / Hot Pepper / Pumpkin, 1x Golden Egg(little chance to drop at interact with chicken)

Master Chef
Complete the museum Cooking Bundle

Spend some Items: 5x Bread / Sushi / Fruit Salad / Soup / Meat Skewer / Ice Cream / Cookie / Pizza / Sandwich

Master Alchemist
Complete the museum Alchemy Bundle

Spend some Items: 5x Healing Potion, 1x Thunderstrike / Liquid Luck / Wisdom Draught / Mandragora / Ana’s Delight / Bloodfury Cocktail / Dragon Philtre / Greedy Mixture / Wizard Scroll

Master Trapper
Complete the museum Trapping Bundle

Spend some Items: 5x Bottled Torchbug (All Biomes at night) / Bottled Beetle (Desert Biome) / Bottled Butterfly (Winter Biome) / Bottled Deathmoth (Fire Biome) / Bottled Fairy (Grass Biome)

Master Archaeologist
Complete the museum Archaeology Bundle

Spend some Items: 1x Fossil (Digging Grass Biome) / Sphynx (Digging Desert Biome) / Kapala (Digging Graveyard Biome) / Frozen Relic (Digging Winter Biome) / Dino Egg (Digging Fire Biome) / Anchor (Fish Trap Grass Biome) / Sunken Ankh (Fish Trap Desert Biome) / Skelton Fish (Fish Trap Graveyard Biome) / Frozen Squid (Fish Trap Winter Biome) / (Fish Trap Fire Biome)

Complete every museum bundle

Complete every museum bundle.

Learn every skill

Reach Level 65.

Buy every land

Done while playing.

Treasure Master
Open all big treasure chests

Collect 49 big treasure Chests. Obtain from Quests, Dungeons, Biome Puzzle, Galaxy Puzzle.

Tool Collector
Collect every tool and weapon

Craft every tool and weapon with all upgrades.

Accessory Collector
Collect every accessory

Craft every accessory with all upgrades (Backpack, Wallet, Gloves, Boots, Book, Amulet)

Seal Collector
Collect every seal

Obtain from Graveyard / Winter / Fire / Desert Dungeon and Galaxy Tower, Complete all museum Bundles

Artifact Collector
Collect every artifact

8x obtain from Big Chest, Fairy Mother Quest, Druide’s Tree House Quest, Desert Princess Quest, Goblin’s Quest

Achieve every other feat

Achieve every other feat.

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