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Forager: All Skills Guide

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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Forager Skills

Skills can be learned by spending a level point on it. At the beginning of the game, only the skills Industry, Economy, Foraging and Magic are available. Learning a skill will also reveal its four adjacent skills, which become available to be learned at any point.

Magic Skills

The Magic skill table.

Skill Description
Magic Allows you to find Faeries.
Inscription Unlocks Inscription Table.
Novice Scrolls Unlocks basic level scrolls.
Expert Scrolls Unlocks expert level scrolls.
Brilliance Gain 20% more XP.
Alchemy Unlocks Cauldron.
Novice Potions Unlocks basic level potions.
Expert Potions Unlocks expert level potions.
Combat Unlocks Basic Sword. Increases dodge chance by 15%
Faith Unlocks Shrine.
Spellbind Buffs last 50% longer. Gain XP when drinking potions and using scrolls.
Reagency Cauldrons and Inscription Tables.
Froststrike Attacks have 50% chance to freeze enemies.
Renewal Recover energy when killing enemies.
Summoning Shrines recharge twice as fast. Buffs last 50% longer.
Transmutation Can use Cauldrons to transmute Steel into Gems.
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Foraging Skills

The Foraging skill table.

Skill Description
Foraging Cotton spawns more often. Allows Beet and Wheat to spawn.
Gathering Gain 4 inventory slots. Gain 25% more XP from plants and crops.
Farming Unlocks Windmill. Unlocks Shovel. Unlocks Bread.
Agriculture Unlocks Sprinklers. Farms and Animals yield 25% more resources.
Woodcutting Trees drop 50% more wood.
Fishing Fish Traps catch things 50% faster. Unlocks Cooked Fish.
Cooking Unlocks Cookpots, Sugar, Mayo and Cheese.
Voracity Gain 20% more energy when eating.
Mining Rocks drop 40% more minerals.
Hunting Unlocks bows, arrows and Cooked Meat.
Looting Slain enemies drop coins.
Gluttony Gain XP when eating things.
Prospecting Rocks have 10% more chances of dropping gems. Increases the chance of finding rare items when digging by 30%.
Geology All rocks drop coal.
Deposit Unlocks Quarry.
Calciverous Allows you to eat minerals and gems.

Economy Skills

The Economy skill table focuses on acquiring more coins through buying and selling items, increased production of coins and various discounts. Arguably, the most important skills in this table are Trade, Storage and Colonization.

Skill Description
Economy Gain 40 Coins.
Coinage Forges produce 4 extra coins every time.
Trade Unlocks Market.
Commerce Items discarded from your inventory are instantly sold instead.
Storage Unlocks Vaults.
Banking Unlocks Banks.
Artistry Crafted items are worth 25% more Coins.
Supply Market sells more items.
Optics Unlocks Lighthouse. Doubles light radius.
Treasury Banks generate coins 50% faster when adjacent to other banks.
Bargain Reduces all Coin costs by 15%.
Gambling Unlocks Slot Machines.
Architecture Structures have double health. Structures cost 15% fewer materials. Vaults have more inventory slots.
Logistics Lighthouses Mining Rods, Power Plants and Ballistas have double area of effect.
Colonization Purchasing Lands is 30% cheaper.
Capitalism Gain XP when selling things.
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Industry Skills

The Industry skill table is arguably the most important one. It unlocks items such as Glass, Royal Steel and Oil, which are vital in progressing through the game.

Skill Description
Industry Unlocks Steel. Unlocks Glass. Gain XP when building Structures.
Sewing Unlocks Leather. Sewing Station works 25% faster.
Textiles Unlocks Basic Boots. Unlocks Basic Gloves.
Jewelry Unlocks Basic Amulet. Gems sell for 20% more coins.
Carpentry Unlocks Torches. Structures cost 25% less wood.
Smelting Furnaces and Forges operate 25% faster.
Craftmanship Unlocks Royal Steel. Unlocks Royal Clothing.
Physics Unlocks Power Plants.
Masonry Unlocks Braziers. Structures cost 25% less stone and brick.
Machinery Unlocks Flower Press
Automation Unlocks Mining Rods. Crafted items collect themselves.
Engineering Unlocks EMP Grenade. Unlocks Droids. Structures work 25% faster.
Ballistics Unlocks Ballistas. Bows shoot triple arrows.
Drilling Unlocks Offshore Drills. 25% to find coal when digging.
Manufacturing Unlocks Factory. Structures have a 20% chance to craft double items.
Lasers Mining Rods and Droids deal double damage.
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