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Forager: Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks for Beginners)

Forager Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks for Beginners)

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Forager Skills

Skills can be learned by spending a level point on it. At the beginning of the game, only the skills Industry, Economy, Foraging and Magic are available. Learning a skill will also reveal its four adjacent skills, which become available to be learned at any point.

Magic Skills

The Magic skill table.

MagicAllows you to find Faeries.
InscriptionUnlocks Inscription Table.
Novice ScrollsUnlocks basic level scrolls.
Expert ScrollsUnlocks expert level scrolls.
BrillianceGain 20% more XP.
AlchemyUnlocks Cauldron.
Novice PotionsUnlocks basic level potions.
Expert PotionsUnlocks expert level potions.
CombatUnlocks Basic Sword. Increases dodge chance by 15%
FaithUnlocks Shrine.
SpellbindBuffs last 50% longer. Gain XP when drinking potions and using scrolls.
ReagencyCauldrons and Inscription Tables.
FroststrikeAttacks have 50% chance to freeze enemies.
RenewalRecover energy when killing enemies.
SummoningShrines recharge twice as fast. Buffs last 50% longer.
TransmutationCan use Cauldrons to transmute Steel into Gems.

Foraging Skills

The Foraging skill table.

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ForagingCotton spawns more often. Allows Beet and Wheat to spawn.
GatheringGain 4 inventory slots. Gain 25% more XP from plants and crops.
FarmingUnlocks Windmill. Unlocks Shovel. Unlocks Bread.
AgricultureUnlocks Sprinklers. Farms and Animals yield 25% more resources.
WoodcuttingTrees drop 50% more wood.
FishingFish Traps catch things 50% faster. Unlocks Cooked Fish.
CookingUnlocks Cookpots, Sugar, Mayo and Cheese.
VoracityGain 20% more energy when eating.
MiningRocks drop 40% more minerals.
HuntingUnlocks bows, arrows and Cooked Meat.
LootingSlain enemies drop coins.
GluttonyGain XP when eating things.
ProspectingRocks have 10% more chances of dropping gems. Increases the chance of finding rare items when digging by 30%.
GeologyAll rocks drop coal.
DepositUnlocks Quarry.
CalciverousAllows you to eat minerals and gems.

Economy Skills

The Economy skill table focuses on acquiring more coins through buying and selling items, increased production of coins and various discounts. Arguably, the most important skills in this table are Trade, Storage and Colonization.

EconomyGain 40 Coins.
CoinageForges produce 4 extra coins every time.
TradeUnlocks Market.
CommerceItems discarded from your inventory are instantly sold instead.
StorageUnlocks Vaults.
BankingUnlocks Banks.
ArtistryCrafted items are worth 25% more Coins.
SupplyMarket sells more items.
OpticsUnlocks Lighthouse. Doubles light radius.
TreasuryBanks generate coins 50% faster when adjacent to other banks.
BargainReduces all Coin costs by 15%.
GamblingUnlocks Slot Machines.
ArchitectureStructures have double health. Structures cost 15% fewer materials. Vaults have more inventory slots.
LogisticsLighthouses Mining Rods, Power Plants and Ballistas have double area of effect.
ColonizationPurchasing Lands is 30% cheaper.
CapitalismGain XP when selling things.

Industry Skills

The Industry skill table is arguably the most important one. It unlocks items such as Glass, Royal Steel and Oil, which are vital in progressing through the game.

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IndustryUnlocks Steel. Unlocks Glass. Gain XP when building Structures.
SewingUnlocks Leather. Sewing Station works 25% faster.
TextilesUnlocks Basic Boots. Unlocks Basic Gloves.
JewelryUnlocks Basic Amulet. Gems sell for 20% more coins.
CarpentryUnlocks Torches. Structures cost 25% less wood.
SmeltingFurnaces and Forges operate 25% faster.
CraftmanshipUnlocks Royal Steel. Unlocks Royal Clothing.
PhysicsUnlocks Power Plants.
MasonryUnlocks Braziers. Structures cost 25% less stone and brick.
MachineryUnlocks Flower Press
AutomationUnlocks Mining Rods. Crafted items collect themselves.
EngineeringUnlocks EMP Grenade. Unlocks Droids. Structures work 25% faster.
BallisticsUnlocks Ballistas. Bows shoot triple arrows.
DrillingUnlocks Offshore Drills. 25% to find coal when digging.
ManufacturingUnlocks Factory. Structures have a 20% chance to craft double items.
LasersMining Rods and Droids deal double damage.

Forager Structures

Structures can be built by accessing the buildings menu and can be placed on solid ground or bridges over water. The material cost is increased for each structure after the first. These are denoted in the parenthesis below, where (5+2) means the first one costs 5, the second costs 7, then 9 and so on.

Magical Structures

Inscription TableCrafting: Paper, Green Pigment, Purple Pigment, Sage Scroll, Builder Scroll, Druid Scroll, Wizard, Scroll, Miner Scroll, Demon ScrollWood, BrickInscription
CauldronCrafting: Bomb, Healing Potion, Wisdom Draught, Liquid Luck, Mandragora, Thunderstrike, Greedy Mixture, Ana’s Delight, Dragon Philtre, Bloodfury Cocktail, TransmutationFlower, Iron Ingot, BrickAlchemy
ShrineGives you two options out of a variety of temporary buffs every few minutesCrystal, Royal Steel, BrickFaith
Spirit CrystalCrafting: Great Skull, Spirit Orb, Death Rod, Storm Rod, Meteor RodCrystal SteelFroststrike

Economy Structures

BankPassively generates coins over time. Can be improved with the Treasury skillSteel, BrickBanking
MarketAllows you to buy and sell itemsWood, Brick, LeatherTrade
VaultAllows you to store 6 items. Collected items will be sent to the VaultSteel, BrickStorage
LighthouseResources gathered within the radius is increased by 50%. The effect can be stackedGlass, Steel, BrickOptics
Slot MachineAllows you to gamble on the slots machineElectronics, BrickGambling

Farming Structures

BridgeCan be placed on water and structures can be placed on itWood
Fish TrapCan be placed on water. Collects resourcesWood, Berry
TorchProvides lightWood, CoalCarpentry
BrazierProvides lightBrick, CoalMasonry
WindmillCrafting: Tree Sapling, Cotton Seeds, Beet Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Pepper Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Animal Feed, Flour, Sugar, Mayo, CheeseWood, Brick, ThreadFarming
SprinklerSpeeds up the growth of surrounding cropsIron IngotAgriculture
CookpotCrafting: Sushi, Fruit Salad, Soup, Meat Skewer, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pizza, SandwichCoal, BrickCooking
QuarrySpawns minerals and crystalsRuby, Topaz, Amethyst, EmeraldDeposit

Industry Structures

FurnaceCrafting: Coal, Brick, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Steel, Royal Steel, Bread, Cooked Fish, Cooked MeatStone
ForgeCrafting: Coin, Key, Arrow, Bottle, Pickaxes, Bows, AmuletsIron Ingot, Brick
Sewing StationCrafting: Thread, Leather, Royal Clothing, Gloves, Boots, WalletsFiber, Wood, BrickSewing
Mining RodMines resources within its radiusSteel, BrickAutomation
Offshore DrillCrafting: Bottled OilSteel, BrickDrilling
Flower PressCrafting: Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Coal, Sand, Crystal, Steel, LandfillFlower, Steel, BrickMachinery
FactoryCrafting: Plastic, Fiberglass, Electronics, Droid, EMP Grenade, ObliteratorGlass, Royal Steel, BrickManufacturing
Power PlantBoosts production speed of nearby structuresGlass, Electronics, BrickPhysics
BallistaShoots nearby enemiesArrow, Wood, BrickBallistics

Puzzle Solutions

As you purchase new lands, you will discover puzzles that reward you with a chest containing important items.

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Grass Biome

Rainbow Pond

  • Solution – To solve this puzzle you will need to click the mushroom in order of the colors of the rainbow which is a follow. Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple
  • Reward – Big Chest

Four Pillars

  • Solution – first observe all the four pillar and you will find numbers on them. so just click on them in number order and you solve the puzzle.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Desert Biome

Ancient Galaxy

  • Solution – to solve it you will need to move the electrified blocks to turn the batteries on with a certain pattern. the pattern can be found at the top of the windows the empty spaces represent the batteries you need to turn on.
  • Reward – Ancient Galaxy Seal

Battery Island

  • Solution – to solve this puzzle you will need to fire the thunder rod at the battery.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Eye Statue island

  • Solution – to solve this puzzle you will need to need a fire arrow at the Sphinx’s eye.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Flower Island

  • Solution – to solve this puzzle you will need to dig the part of the island which does not have any flower.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Sword Cresent Moon Structure

  • Solution – to solve it you will need to use the sword and hit it at night time.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Graveyard Biome

Skull Braziers

  • Solution – to solve it you to hit all the skull brazier with a pickaxe, bow, or any flaming weapon.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Three Dark Bells

  • Solution – to solve it you need to hit the bells from right to left
  • Reward – Big Chest

Colored Pedestals

  • Solution – to solve it you need to place all the related gem on their respective pedestals.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Spike Traps island

  • Solution – to solve it you need to walk over with fairy in a jar or roll over with food. the spikes can be destroyed with bomb and thunder rod.
  • Reward – 4 Skull chests

Winter Biome

Frozen Tower Galaxy

  • Solution – to solve it you need to set the computers at 5 3 4 2 4
  • Reward – Frozen galaxy seals, Frozen Astronomer

Stone Princess Statue

  • Solution – to solve it you will need to place a cinderbloom on the statue which is a flower which glows in dark.
  • Reward – Big Chest

Frozen Chest

  • Solution – to solve it you will need to use a fire sword, bow or a pickaxe.
  • Reward – Big Chest

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