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Forager: How to Make Gold

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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How to Make Gold

Eventually, you’re gonna need to get Gold to expand your base and buy items from the Market. In this page, we’ll cover what are the best ways to make money on Forager depending on what stage of the game you are.

Early Game Methods

At first, the only way to make money will be to gather Gold Ores from the wild and turn them into Gold Ingot at the Furnace. One Gold Ingot will turn into 8 Coins when using the Forge. You only need 30 Coins to buy the first plot of Land. It doesn’t take long and it will improve your productivity greatly.

Any gems, e.g Topaz, Ruby, etc. You will need these to build a ‘Quarry’, which can be learned with the Deposit Skill, unlocked by the Geology Skill on the left side of the skills. You will need 5 of each gem to build one. When you build a Quarry, it will spawn a ton of different nodes for you to mine. These can also spawn gems and other valuable minerals. Gems are also great to sell once you get a Market with the ‘Trade’ skill.

Chests. You want to expand as much as you can, sometimes the new plot of land will hold a chest or puzzle that eventually leads to a chest. By opening them, you’ll get rewards, which are usually boons like the Quiver item that removes the need of arrows to shoot bows. This greatly increases your productivity. Use the bow to destroy trees and any mineral nodes out there, saving yourself energy and also mining faster.

The Coinage Skill: By learning this Skill, the Forge will create 4 more coins each time, giving you 12 Coins, instead of 8.

The Banking Skill: Banks generate Coins passively over time, and with the Treasury Skill, you can speed up the process by 50% when their adjacent to each other.

The Jewelry Skill: This unlocks Amulets; these handy little things increase the number of resources you get from everything.

Mid-Game Methods

Whenever you’re low on cash, craft items and sell them on profitable rates. For example, Royal Clothing sells for 330 while Steel can go for 60 coins. If you’ve got the Artistry skill, you’ll earn upto 25% more out of these sales.

You can use the sewing machine to craft wallets which help improve your overall income and you’ll generate more coins as you sell your items.

Another great method of generating easy money is learning the Automation skill along with building a Quarry and Mining Rod together.

The Quarry will spawn rocks while the Mining Rod will start mining them. In order to collect the resources, you’ve to visit this place.

There’re 5 types of Tomes that help *increase your XP by 75%*. In order to craft Tomes, you’ll need the Inscription skill along with the Inscription Table after which you can start generating extra XP.

End-Game Methods

During the late game, you will employ all of the methods you’ve learned so far and you’ll add some more stuff to the mix. Such as Building Scrolls, which can be crafted at the Inscription Table. You can add Power Plants to increase the production speed of all your structures. The late game is all about passive income.

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