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Friday the 13th: The Game: Counselor Tier List

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  5. D Tier
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My counselor tier list for Friday the 13th the game based on different play styles, data, and usefulness. Keep in mind this my own input and opinion. I’ve played every counselor and this is my list.

S Tier

Vanessa Jones

Vanessa has the best speed and stamina out of any counselor which comes in handy for a bunch of objectives; Shift dodge, Objective carrier, and clearing through houses. When played correctly, she’s a great distraction for Jason while someone with higher repair does objectives. Her above average luck allows her to juke Jason through broken windows and get an extra hit out of weapons.

Vanessa is probably the best sweater girl if you’re trying to kill Jason since she can run in and run right out quickly even if Jason spots you. Her amazing speed/stamina also leads her to be the best for carrying items and dropping them off at objectives. Her main downfall is her low repair, stealth, and composure which is not really much of one since is maximizes Vanessas distraction role. If you’re good at the repair skill checks having a 2 in repair isn’t awful and is a big difference from having a 1.

A Tier

Chad Kensington

Having 10/10 Luck and and 9/10 Speed makes him great for juking Jason. His baseball bats last forever, he can tank traps and go through broken windows receiving the least amount of damage. He can start the car incredibly fast which can be outshined with perks. Like Vanessa, having a 2 in repair doesn’t make him completely useless when it comes to repairing.

His major downfall is his awful composure making his stamina regen rate trash and isn’t even worth trying to break free from if he’s grabbed by Jason. If you’re good at maintaining your stamina, remembering your items, and having a decent map sense that shouldn’t be much of an issue though. Playing as both Jason and Counselors I hate playing with Chads but he can go through so many broken windows without having to use spray and his weapons last after so many hits.

Victoria Sterling

Victoria is basically a mix of Chad and Vanessa. 7 in Stamina/Stealth and 8 in Luck allows her to be quick, quiet, and take minimal damage when it comes to juking jason with broken windows and tanking traps. Her weapons last a fair amount of time and can waste Jasons time with good stamina maintaining. Her repair is 3 which grants her a repair with 5 (if you’re lucky) skill checks. The biggest difference between a 2 and 3 in repair is that the skill checks are slightly bigger and you’re more likely to get the repair game with 5 skill checks.


Fox is the one of the best repair counselors. She has average Stamina which allows her to run from Jason faster in the case of calling the cops. Her repair is high enough to get decent skill checks and she can knock off Jasons mask with her high strength. She and Adam have almost identical stats but I prefer Fox over Adam due to having +1 more point in Luck and Stamina which are the highest priority in terms on stats and she can wear the sweater. Fox can multitask by being able to knock off Jasons mask quicker and being able to use the sweater.

Adam Palomino

Everything for Adam is pretty much covered in Fox since they’re stats are similar. Even though Fox can pretty much do anything Adam can but has and more, I put them on the same tier because of Adams ability to break free super fast. Unless Jason has the choke kill equipped Adam has enough time to break free before Jason has the time to find a kill majority of the time. Although this is a diminishing quality mid-late game it’s great early game allowing him to stay alive longer and serving as a distraction.

Deborah Kim

When it comes to Speed and Stamina Deborah is one of the slowest counselors. I originally had Deb as a B because aside from her repair and stealth Adam and Fox have higher stats in every other category. I put Deb as an A because her of her 10/10 Repair, 9/10 Stealth, and not having a terrible stat spread.

Having 10/10 Repair is extremely useful late game if you’re one if the only counselors left. If Jason is stunned you can put in a battery and still have the chance to run away before Jason gets up. Having a 9 in stealth allows her to jog without giving pings to Jason allowing her to be a sneaky repair counselor unlike Adam and Fox. Deb having not trash composure also helps with her being a quiet repair girl.

B Tier

Brandon “Buggzy” Wilson

Buggzy is the best when it comes to trying to kill Jason in a group since he can demask Jason with a few hits. All of Buggzys stat points are stacked on demasking Jason but that isn’t really important since even if you have a 1 in strength, his mask will eventually come off. Other than his maxed out strength he has great speed/stamina which is lower than Vanessas still making him kind of inferior to her.

Although strength isn’t really a valuable stat Buggzy is this high because of him being able to do major damage to Jasons mask before dying and having maxed out strength allows him to break free easy, although it can be countered by his low composure.

Mitch Floyd

Having an 8 in repair is almost like having a 10 except the skill checks are a bit slower and a bit smaller making him one of the fastest repair counselors. Mitchs biggest downfall is his low luck, speed, and stamina although a bit difficult it isn’t impossible to escape.

I know me personally I prioritize Luck, Speed, and Stamina and all of which Mitch lacks as opposed to Jenny but Mitch breaks free really fast throughout the game like Adam, not just early game. Breaking free isn’t something you should rely on but its a nice backup for a quick repair person like Mitch. Having 9/10 composure and above average stealth also helps with hiding with comes in handy with a repair counselor.

C Tier

Kenny Riedell

There’s not really much to say about Kenny that isn’t really self explanatory. He has average difficulty with repairing, average weapon durability, average time breaking free, and so on. He’s not bad at anything but not good at anything either so don’t expect any miracles. Most categorys require at least a 6 to be useful but Kenny comes in handy when there isn’t any other repair counselors.

AJ Mason

Originally I had AJ higher because having high composure and maxed out stealth makes her the sneakiest counselor which is great for hiding but Deb is pretty much better in every other way. Debs stealth is high enough to jog silently and has an quicker at repairing. I’m not saying AJ is useless because she has great repair and is quiet while doing so but Deb is pretty much the same thing but better. Her 1/10 luck though makes it so her weapons break after a hit or two while Deb can get an extra hit and go through more broken windows.

D Tier

Tiffany Cox

Tiffany isn’t a bad counselor, she has maxed out stealth and high stamina gives her high survivability. Having 10/10 stealth allows her to jog silently and sneak away. The main problem though is that Vanessa outclasses her in every stat except stealth which is a low priority stat due to Jasons sense ability and it’s countered by her low composure too.

Vanessa can repair faster, break free faster, run faster, and get an extra hit out of weapons. Vanessa completely outshines Tiffany is every aspect except stealth which is useless and not having as big as a booty. If you aren’t comfortable with distracting then I guess Tiffany would be a better play style but she’s still a low tier counselor because she’s not that useful. This is coming from someone who has a lot of games playing as her.

Jenny Myers

I know I’m going to get yelled at by Jenny mains for putting her this low but she’s just not that great. She’s not totally useless, she has great luck which is one of the best stats as i mentioned above. Her 10/10 Composure is a luxury and is great early game if you’re grabbed by Jason, but thats a diminishing stat especially with her 1/10 Strength. Not being scared allows her to maintain her stamina better but it isn’t great late game.

Jenny can hide for a long time but thats also a diminishing quality because Jason will eventually find you even if you’re the last one left. I know I put every other person who can break free on a high tier but they have other value than just breaking free. Also Jennys 1 in strength makes it less useful throughout the game.

She’s not really a great distraction since Jason can shift grab her easier as opposed to Vanessa or Chad so if that’s the game you want to play you’re better off playing one of them or Victoria. If you rely heavily on composure (and not so much on luck) than Mitch is a better option because there isn’t much of a difference in a 9 and 10 in composure and Mitch can actually repair.

Eric LaChappa

Similarly with Vanessa and Tiffany, LaChappa is outclassed in almost every way by Deborah. His strength is better and has +2 more points in luck but other than that Deb is a way better pick. Having 2 more points in luck isn’t that detrimental but having a 2 in Stamina and a 3 in Speed is. I know she only has a one point difference in Speed and Stamina but trust me, it’s a big difference.

With Deborah you at least have the chance to run away and maintain stamina, with LaChappa you’re basically screwed unless you have a group to protect you. The only thing saving LaChappa from being an F Tier counselor is that he has 10/10 repair making him not completely useless and I already brought up the luxuries of having maxed out repair with Deborah.

F Tier

Shelly Finkelstein

Overall Shelly just has awful stats. His two best stats are strength and stealth, which in my opinion are the least two valuable stats. Aside from that though, his high strength is countered by his 1/10 luck making his weapons break quicker and harder to juke. Shellys below average speed/stamina also doesn’t help if you’re trying to juke Jason. His stealth isn’t high enough to jog without making noise anyway making it useless. I know everyone has a different play style, which is why Shelly is the worst counselor; he’s outclassed by someone else in every aspect.

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