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Frostpunk A New Home Scout Locations

Frostpunk A New Home Scout Locations

The table below shows the rewards and areas unlocked by visiting every location.


Utilizing the following strategies can increase the effectiveness of your scouts:

  • Scouts travel faster to known locations. If a scout is being sent after returning to your city, it’s often faster to send them to the nearest known location first.
  • Outpost Teams travel faster than scouts. If you have an outpost team available, you can send them along with your scouts to make locations known, even if the Outpost Team itself cannot search the location. Once the Outpost Team finds the location, resend the scout to the location to cut down the amount of time it takes for your scouts to travel.
  • Some locations trigger dilemmas that can cause you to lose a scouting party, such as Tesla City. The loss of your party is random, so you can save your game before searching the location and reload your game if your party ends up dying on the first attempt. This is known as “save scumming” and is sometimes considered cheating.

Scout Locations – A New Home

Location Rewards Discovers
Lost Expedition Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (9), Workers (22)) / 2 Workers will die if leave them to go city Gloomy Cave, Sturdy Shelter / Crash Site, Sturdy Shelter
Gloomy Cave Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (18), Workers (11), Risk (Scouts, RNG not seeded))
Sturdy Shelter Food (102), Wood (216), Steam Cores(1) Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Survivors(Automaton or Steel(85)/Steam Cores(2)) Weather Station, Large Convoy
Weather Station Coal(85), Steam Cores(1) Winterhome, Coal Mine
Winterhome Quest objective / “We’re On Our Own” Unlock Book of Laws/Order/Faith and (Hope/Discontent), Outpost (Wood) Snow Cliff, American Camp / Freshwater Springs
Snow Cliff Food Rations (100), Wood (55), Steam Core (1) Shrouded Cave
Freshwater Springs Survivors (Children (7), Workers (22)) Frozen Grove, Snow Cliff
Shrouded Cave Survivors (Children (34))
Frozen Grove Wood (249)
Large Convoy Survivors (Engineers(18), Workers(26)
Coal Mine Leave intact (Coal (269), Outpost (Coal)) or dismantle (Wood (208), Steam Core (2), Coal (269))
Crash Site Wood (149), Raw-Food (45) Observatory
American Camp Steel (65), Steam Core(1) Temporary Settlement
Observatory Survivors (Children (4), Engineers (19), Workers (12) Gloomy Cave
Temporary Settlement Wood (210), Steam Core (1) Walled Colony, Fishing Village / Walled Colony, Dreadnought Landing
Walled Colony Survivors (Children (7), Engineers (18), Workers (35))
Fishing Village Leave intact (Steam Core (2), Outpost (Food)) or dismantle(Wood (274), Steam Cores(2), loss of Outpost) Tesla City / Research Station, Ice Corridor
Tesla City Risk Enter (Outpost – 1 Steam Core daily, Scouts might die) OR Search Outside (Survivors escape) Dreadnought Landing / Fishing Village
Dreadnought Landing Steel (123), Wood (108) Steam Core (1) Research Station, Ice Corridor / Tesla City
Ice Corridor Nothing Icebound Dreadnought
Research Station Steel (60), Wood (130), Steam Cores (2) Cave Hideout
Cave Hideout Talk (Workers (35)) or Attack (Kills (35)) Frozen Pond, Wrecked Vehicle
Frozen Pond Nothing Supply Depot
Supply Depot Wood (192), Raw Food (47)
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (135), Steel (87) Abandoned Sawmill, Stone Ship
Icebound Dreadnought Steel (124), Wood (190), Steam Core (2), Outpost (Steel) Abandoned Sawmill / Damaged Snowcat
Damaged Snowcat Steel (125) Abandoned Sawmill
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (229) Ruined Warehouse, Stone Ship
Snow-Covered Supplies Raw-Food (56) Ruined Warehouse
Stone Ship Nothing
Ruined Warehouse Wood (156), Food (56)
Ice Crevasse Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7)) Camp Vulcan
Deep Hollow Survivors (Workers (11), Children (7)) Camp Compass
Snow Burrows Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7) Camp Meteor
Camp Vulcan Survivors (Engineers (19), Risk (Survivors?)) Jagged Rocks
Camp Meteor Nothing Large Crater, Scattered Convoy
Large Crater Free Technology
Scattered Convoy Nothing
Jagged Rocks Free Technology Nansen’s Storm Watch
Nansen’s Stormwatch Free Technology
Camp Compass Survivors (Engineers (18)) Fortified Hut, Ice Caves
Ice Caves Nothing
Fortified Hut Free Technology

Free Technology

  • Boosted Scouts – Large Crater
  • Generator Safety Bypass – Jagged Rocks
  • Advanced Coal Mine – Nansen’s Storm Watch
  • House Insulation – Fortified Hut

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