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Frostpunk How to Get the Ultra Marathon Extreme Achievement

How to get the Ultra Marathon – Extreme Achievement in Frostpunk.

Game Settings

In order to get the Achievement you have to select:

  • Endlessmode
  • Endurance
  • People’s Needs, Economy and Society’s Attitude: Extreme

Make sure you disable random Hazards! It is not necessary for the achievement! You also have to pick a map: The easyest one in my opinion is the Crater.

Because I’m a pleb I forgot to change the games language to english (from german). Hopefully this doesn’t distract you to much from what I want to show you with the screenshots.

Ok lets start!

The first Days

After selecting a Name do the following things:

  • Pause the game .
  • Do not turn on the Generator!
  • Sign Child Labour.
  • Build a Workshop close to a double Coal Mine spot. (In case only single Coal Mine spots are present, chose one with trees and coalpiles nearby)

  • Assign everyone to geathering wood, exept for 15 on steal (choose the most difficult to reach one) and 5 engineers who will start working in the workshop once build.
    General rule: The most difficult to gatter Coal Piles, Steel Wreckages, Wood Crates should be gatherd first. (Cause in the first days it’s warm, you don’ tneed Gathering Posts.) If a recource is far from others it also shoud be gathered earlier. (Later on you have to build Gathering Posts, which are more effective when multiple recources can be reached.)
  • Resume the game until the workshop is finished
  • assign the 5 engineers and start researching Hunters Gear
  • Resume the game until 18:00 and build 8 Tents and then 2 Medical Posts in the inner ring of the Generator of cause. (tents should finish first)
  • Promis that you will get housing for eveyone. (this request should pop up very soon)
  • Resume the game
  • when the medical posts are ready, then assign 10 engineers (from gathering) to the medical posts.
  • Ignore the generator off warning(s)
  • Sign the Soup law next

Day #2

  • Build a cookhouse next to the workshop (shoud be build in the morning)
  • For the second day have 5 engineers in the workshop, 10 in the medical posts, 1 worker in the cookhouse (cooking soup of cause!), 10 people assigned to gathering steal and the rest is gathering wood.
  • When a child gets injured give him/her a day off.
  • Start researching Heaters next
  • Sign the Emergancy Shift law next
  • At 18:00 build 2 Hunters Huts (Not to close to the other buildings but don’t use to much wood for streets either.) Assign ~25 workers (from wood)
  • Assign the 10 steal gatheing workers to coal for day 3

Day #3

  • Let the child of the worried Mother have a free day
  • Sign the Extended Shift
  • Put everything but the Cookhouse on Extended Shift.
  • Research Sawmills (maybe the Heaters are finishing only the next day)
  • At 20:00 build 3 Gathering Posts, they should cover 3 to 5 Coal Piles and as many Wood Crates and Steel Wreckages with high amount of left recources as possible.
    Put all 3 on Extended Shift.
    unassign all people gathering and assign them to the 3 Gathering Posts and 5 to Hunting Huts (should now be both full). the remaining 4 can work in the Cookhouse.

Day #4

  • At 6:45 (Day 4) turn on the Generator and the Heaters in the Medical Posts and the Cookhouse.
  • Sign the Radical Treatment law
  • When dealing with to much ill people you may turn on heaters in the Gatheringposts. it may cost coal but ill and not working people can’t gather coal either.
  • Don’t give kids extra rations
  • From now on the most important thing will be to manage your coal income! In the first storms your coal consumption will probably be higher than your income, so make sure to stockpile a couple hundred coal over the next days. Therefor watch your Coal in the economy menue (the button on the right side of the laws) Same thing with food, only it is the second most important thing, cause a cold generator is a bit worth then hungry people. Beware during the storms you can not produce food.

  • The next research is the Drawing Board (the next tier)
  • Build a single Sawmill next to the Workshop and Cookhouse, of cause make sure to have many Trees nearby, but more important is the close proximity to the other buildings, in order to cover them all with a Steam Hub later on. Assign 10 Workers (from cookhouse and gatheringpost) Extended Shift and maybe Heaters.

Day #5

  • Build a second Workshop. Think where you can put a steam center that covers Cookhouse a (one) Coalmine and the sawmill. Then place the Workshop acordingly.

  • Sign Overcrowding now your people might get pi$$ed and want a new captain. in order to prevent that reduce extended shifts (in coal industry last). If they want to kick you use overdrive in a good moment to push discontent below the threshold.
  • When you you have 10 or less ill assign 5 engineers from one Medical Posts to the second Workshop. When the amount of ill rises over 10 put all 5 back.
  • Research Coal Mining
  • In the following night you might need to put some engineers back to the Medical Post

Day #6

  • After the temperature rises up in the morning you can assign some workers/childs to gathering recources from sources out of the gahering post range, in orde to free the space and securing recources wich will be much more difficult to get in a few days.
  • turn off all heaters and the generator
  • “long houers of work” (popup) If you can afford the additional discontend let them work extenden shifts.
  • Sign the Fighting Arena law and build the arenas after 20:00
  • Next Research is Steal Works
  • Build a Coal Mine
  • Put 10 workers from a primarily coal gathering Gathering Post into the Coal Mine

Day #7

  • Research Steam Hubs
  • Build a Stealworks after 20:00
  • Sign the House Of Prayer law
  • When a Gathering post has no more recources dismantle it and move your workers over. you might want to build one or two more to reach all recources.

Day #8

  • Build a Recource Depo for coal if your coal stockpile is almoast full
  • Build the 2 House of Prayer after 20:00 and always activate Seremon when off cooldown
  • Research Sawmill Upgrade
  • When people asking for proper meals accept and just swich to regular meals untill the promise is fullfilled. (back to soup then)
  • Always decline when your people ask for warming up their homes. Always!

Day #9

  • Sign the Shrines law
  • Research the Drafting Maschiens
  • (after 20:00) Build 1 Steam Hub. It should heat : Coal Mine, Cookhouse, 2 Workshops, Sawmill. Put it on 6h-20h cycle.

  • Build 1 shrine (for now, the other 2 as soon as you has the recources). In case of steel shortage assign some sawmill workers to the steelworks.

Day #10

  • Sign the House Of Healing law
  • Research Hunting Tactics

Day #11

  • Activate Seremon in case you missed it
  • Research Generator Power 1
  • assign the 10 “new” workers wherever needed
  • Sign the Cemetary law (Corps Dispose also Possible beware the discontent)
  • Build the House of Healing close to the second Coal Mine spot when affordable. new Steam Hub schoud cover both buildings and will power 24h
    when the ouse of Healing is built everyone preferes to be treated there! so your med post will be empty, so reassign your engeneers somwhere else. Assign 10 Childs in the house of healing.

Day #12

  • Sign the Evaning Prayers law
  • Build a second Coal Mine and assign 10 workers

Day #13

  • Assign 10 workers to the steelworks this day cause during the storm it will be to cold there
  • Turn the Generator down to lv 1 once the powerupgrade finishes
  • Research Advanced Heaters
  • Get ready for the first Storm

Day #14

  • Put the Generator on Heat Lv. 2 and Overdrive
    7:00 the first Storm hits.
  • Unassign all workers from very cold/freezing cold workplaces outside of Steam Hub Range; put Heaterts on in very cold workplaces inside.
  • Unassign all Hunters after tey returned their food
  • Research Beacon

Through Storms and Ice

From now on I can’t give you a clear recipe anymore. So I’ll give more general advice:

  • Check your Coal income/Consumption
  • Check your Food income/Consumption (when no one is working in the Cookhouse look at the raw food income and multiply by 2.5)
  • Calculate how much heat and isolation you need in order to keep your house of healing warm enough during the next storm. (mouse over the temperature drop icon to see by how many levels the temperature will decrease.)
  • To keep your Coal Mines running on high eficency (during a storm):
    you neeed to have healty people without work (unassign from other facilities), click a Coal Mine, remove all ill workers (worker Tab) and then assign new workers. The ill will be replaced with healty ones.
  • Send out scouts to search the frostland for survivors and Steam Cores, make sure they don’t die! Witout upgrades they are slower then the Storm.
  • Don’t try to get any relict out of the Dreadnoughts.
  • Salvage the scouts when they are back during the storm and let them help elsewhere.
  • There is a Bug, which makes (escorted) survivorgroups disappear when reaching your town. It doesn’t occure in all runs, but when, it seams to be permanent. Restarting the run should hopefully make the bug disappear. Luckily it is possible to get the achievement without any additional people. With is of cause easier.
  • Escort the first one or two survivor groups you find (you can send Them to your city and later catch up to them. If you smell nearby Steam Cores this might be a good choice)
  • You only need to find 2 Steam Cores to sustain your city with coal for ever. Additional cores are helpfull of cause.
  • Use all Steam Cores for coal production untill you have atleast 4 cores used for coal mining.
  • When the engineers in the Workshop has nothing to do, put them out getting recources for their next research.
  • Dont sign laws just because you can. Look whether you can afford and need it (Temple/ Faith Keepers are 40Wood 40Steel expensive buildings.
  • Don’t sign the New Faith law until you have found at least one survivor group. (It isn’t neccessary at all, you can play without it, makes life just a bit easier)
  • Don’t destroy the Medical Posts until you realy need the space for additional housing, It is great to have engineers in there during a storm, when the House of Healing is full.

The most important Researches are:

  • Steam Coal Mine
  • Flying Hunters
  • Healthcare Insulation I (& II) (need Medical Post Upgrade, which is almoast useless)
  • Bunkhouse
  • Cookhouse Insulation
  • Steam Steelworks
  • More Scouts (if you haven’t find Steam Cores jet)
  • Generator Power Upgrade II
  • Heater Efficiency Upgrade
  • Overdrive Couplings
  • Advanced Heaters
  • Advanced Coal Mine
  • Generator Power Upgrade III
  • Lighter Scout Sleds (if you haven’t find Steam Cores jet)
  • House
  • Flying Hunters Gear
  • Generator Safety Bypass
  • Generator Efficiency Upgrade I & II
  • Coal Mining Optimisation I & II

I tried to list the more important ones first, but this is not a set in stone order in which you have to get the upgrades, use ure brain and it’s experience to adapt to a situation.

  • Upgrade buildings not during Worktime, if not necessary!
  • Don’t build to many Steam Hubs
  • Heal ill people quickly -> have medical facilities full of workers when many are ill. better one full house then two half.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the Bad Guy, overdrive often saves you when the people want to kick you
  • Don’t let people work when the workplace is very or freezing cold, when it is not absoulutely nessescary. You don’t want amputies or dead people. Better to give them no job.
  • Think about what you can get during the normal days but not during the storm. It is maybe beneficial to put workers out of a coalmine, which is also warm during the storm, into a sawmill that isn’t.
  • When you have ill, especially gravely ill people and free beds, they are still building a houde or going to work,… select them, click the their “workplace” and kick them or pause the building for 1 minute and they should be on their way to treatment.
  • When you managed to survive the first 50 days you’ll probably can make 1000 days, because the storms are not getting colder then – 10 levels for one day. Which is a bit sad in my opinion, but good for your achievement hunt.
  • I didn’t managed to get it on my first try, start a new game when you feel the game is practicly over. Think about what went wrong and how to improove.
  • Good luck and have fun Captain!
Written by Skypirinha

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