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Frostpunk Secret Achievements Guide

Frostpunk is the first society survival game. As the ruler of the last city on Earth, it is your duty to manage both its citizens and its infrastructure. What decisions will you make to ensure your society’s survival? What will you do when pushed to breaking point? Who will you become in the process?

Frostpunk Secret Achievements Guide

List of Secret Achievements and how to get them.


Deal with the Londoners’ graffiti peacefully

New Home scenario (difficulty doesn’t matter)

  • Reach Winterhome.
  • Low discontent.
  • Low hope (I had mine around 25-30%).
  • Choose Purpose

Get Guard Towers. Keep your hope low and your discontent lower to trigger graffiti events. Ask Guards to clean it up. Repeat. Keep repeating until your cleaners get attacked right after they go to clean the graffiti and THEN choose the top option to send guards to keep watch over the streets.

After a little while you’ll get another event where villagers voice their agreement with your decision and that’s when the achievement will pop.

Go ahead and react to every grafitti by letting a priest calm the people. When he is assaulted, always choose to pray for him. When there are no Londerns left, you’ll get the achievement. (Faith Keepers not necessary)

The Union

Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict

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Unknown Ship

Find the unknown ship in Frostland (Refugee scenario)


Deal with the Londoners’ thievery peacefully > (Order) First time when the stealing starts, send some guards to catch them. Once apprehended lock em up in prison. Second time send some guards to catch them > Guard will die > You will have to set the Londoner who is not the murderer (explicitly stated in the text) free > Later an event triggers where this guy returns with some friends and stolen supplies apologising for their doing > Achievement done.


Find New Manchester before Day 15

The Arks
New Manchester is to the east in The Arks. You need to complete the “Autonomous city” quest before day 12. One day after completion of the quest, an event occurs where a man is running towards your city. Have a scout (or an Automaton scout) with fully upgraded speed ready at your city and send them to intercept the man, and New Manchester will be revealed once he arrives.

Rush the Beacon from the start.
Then rush the quest Autonomous city.
Try to increase your Scouts Speed. (50% at least)

Golden Path

Finish the New Home scenario without crossing the line.
It is possible to get “we didn’t cross the line” in the end scene and not get this achievement.

This achievement require a several restriction in your actions. Which the most part affects: Laws, Reaction to Events and Promises.

Laws Prohibited
Adaptation: Child Labour, Corpse Disposal, Emergency Shift, Fighting Arena, Soup or Food Additives, Triage and *Overcrowning.
Order: Propaganda Center or Prison
Faith: Faith Keepers or Righteous Denunciation. (Temple and Shrines are allowed)

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When the storm hits let your Coal Mines Freeze, don’t sacrifice children.
You don’t need to save all the Londoners.
Your Scouts deaths doesn’t count. (Tesla City, Bears, Storm Hit)
Don’t broke promises.
*You can have natural deaths. (lack of medical treatment, food)
*Don’t ignore your people needs. Like shelter, cold, food, and medical treatments.
*Don’t make actions that hurts people. Like banish, beat someone, ect.

In the end, Golden Path has many variables through it. And it needs more testing. For now every rules marked by this * means that it is possibly wrong. Any tested experience is welcome.

My Turn to Speak

Let the Londoners speak and have the last word

New Home

  • You need to keep the discontent over 25% (keep it around 50% to be sure) during the Londoner storyline.
  • Let the protesters always speak. (Choose Let Him Speak)
  • After a couple of times you can choose the option to speak back which triggers the achievement.

Everybody Lived for Once

Finish The Arks scenario, saving both cities > Self-explanatory although kinda buggy for me. Did it twice but achievement didn’t proc (I even waited for the last automaton to arrive at Manchester before I finished my supllies at the end)

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

Give child workers extra rations

Accept double food for working children.
Easy Trigger, in the Refugees Scenario. Child Labour first law.

The Scientific Method, vol. 1

Finish the Automaton Project

New Home and The Arks
Once you have an automaton, you will eventually be approached by an engineer who wants to study them. Accept his request and all subsequent requests. Keep a Steam Core to complete it.

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The Scientific Method, vol. 2

Improve Radical Treatment

If you enacted Radical treatment, you will eventually be approached by an engineer who wants to try something. Accept their request and all subsequent requests.

A fast way to trigger this event, is to start a new playthrough in The Fall of Winterhome .

  • First law Radical Treatment.
  • Build some Medical Posts.
  • Wait for the event to trigger.

The Union

Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict.


  • Increase your medical facilities Efficiency (Organ Transplant, Overcrowning, Reseaches)
  • Build as more Infirmaries as you can.
  • Good food income. The lords comes with starving peoples.
  • Control your Hope/Discontent bar with abilities like: Patrol, Propaganda, Priests etc.

Unknown Ship

Find the unknown ship in Frostland

The Refugees
You will find it exploring the east side of the map.
Increase your Scouts Reseaches. (Speed, Cap)

All children on board

Finish the Fall of Winterhome Scenario, sending all children to Dreadnought.

At the start of the Exodus mission, send 50 childrens 2 times.

Full Dreadnought

Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario, fully upgrading the Dreadnought and filling it with people.

  • Start the game on Easy, and remember to gather as much Steel as you can.
  • Don’t send the Automaton guarding the bridge, so you can use the Iron Mine as next landmark.
  • Outpost Speed is a must.
  • You will find Stem Cores in the Frostland, remember to save first.

Hi Marek!

Lose in Serenity mode

  • Start a game in Serenity mode.
  • x3 Speed
  • Go to make some coffee, or watch something on youtube.

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