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Frostpunk The Arks Scout Locations

Frostpunk The Arks Scout Locations

The table below shows the rewards and areas unlocked by visiting every location.


Utilizing the following strategies can increase the effectiveness of your scouts:

  • Scouts travel faster to known locations. If a scout is being sent after returning to your city, it’s often faster to send them to the nearest known location first.
  • Outpost Teams travel faster than scouts. If you have an outpost team available, you can send them along with your scouts to make locations known, even if the Outpost Team itself cannot search the location. Once the Outpost Team finds the location, resend the scout to the location to cut down the amount of time it takes for your scouts to travel.
  • Some locations trigger dilemmas that can cause you to lose a scouting party, such as Tesla City. The loss of your party is random, so you can save your game before searching the location and reload your game if your party ends up dying on the first attempt. This is known as “save scumming” and is sometimes considered cheating.

Scout Locations – The Arks

Location Rewards Discovers
Abandoned Supplies steel (28), Steam Cores (1) Broken Automaton, Icefall Mine/Mountainside Cave
Broken Automaton Automaton (1) Lost Dreadnought, Icefall Mine/Industrial Ruins
Icefall Mine Coal (201), Steel (88)
Industrial Ruins Coal (208), Steel (126)
Lost Dreadnought Coal (50), Steel (100), Wood (100), Steam Cores (3), Factory technology Snow Dune, Snowy Hill
Barren Hollow Stepping stone (nothing) Mountainside Cave
Cracked Ice Nothing Steam Lorry, Wrecked Vehicle
Mountainside Cave Wood (164), Raw Food (45)
Empty Shelter Nothing Abandoned Sawmill, Manchester Dreadnought
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (193)
Snow Crawler Steam Cores (3)
Misty Valley Steel (71), Coal (112) Windswept Snowfield
Windswept Snowfield Nothing Frozen Pond, Snowbound Dreadnought
South Pass Wood (112) Cracked Ice, Lone Boulder
Lone Boulder Nothing Research Outpost, Ruined Warehouse
Frozen Pond Nothing Supply Trailer, Isolated Shelter
Supply Trailer Steel (127), Steam Core (3)
Broken Tree Stepping stone (nothing) Snowy Hill, Steam Lorry
Damaged Snowcat Steel (125)
Snowbound Dreadnought Coal (169), Steel (129), Steam Cores (3)
Ruined Warehouse Raw Food (54), Wood (133)
Discarded Equipment Steel (129), Steam Cores (3)
Snowy Hill Stepping stone (nothing) Isolated Shelter, Research Outpost
Steam Lorry Steel (130), Steam Cores (3)
Isolated Shelter Raw-food (55), Steam Cores (3)
Research Outpost Coal (172), Steam Cores (3)
Expedition Camp Wood (108) Broken Vehicle
Broken Vehicle Steam Cores (1) Observation Tower, Supply Depot
Observation Tower Wood (134) New Manchester, Snow Dune
New Manchester Quest objective
Snow Dune Nothing Mountainside Cave
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (138), Steel (78)
Manchester Dreadnought Steel (108), Steam Cores (3)

Information gathered from personal playthrough. Values may vary very slightly for each player.

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