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Frostpunk The Last Autumn Scout Locations

Frostpunk The Last Autumn Scout Locations

The table below shows the rewards and areas unlocked by visiting every location.


Utilizing the following strategies can increase the effectiveness of your scouts:

  • Scouts travel faster to known locations. If a scout is being sent after returning to your city, it’s often faster to send them to the nearest known location first.
  • Outpost Teams travel faster than scouts. If you have an outpost team available, you can send them along with your scouts to make locations known, even if the Outpost Team itself cannot search the location. Once the Outpost Team finds the location, resend the scout to the location to cut down the amount of time it takes for your scouts to travel.
  • Some locations trigger dilemmas that can cause you to lose a scouting party, such as Tesla City. The loss of your party is random, so you can save your game before searching the location and reload your game if your party ends up dying on the first attempt. This is known as “save scumming” and is sometimes considered cheating.

Scout Locations – The Last Autumn

Location Rewards Discovers
Reindeer Tracks Nothing Hunting Grounds, Nesting Place
Hunting Grounds 80 Raw Food / 5 Days Small Waterfall
Small Waterfall Nothing The Rapids, Rock Arch
Rock Arch Nothing Closed Tavern
Closed Tavern 74 Food Rations Railroad Track
Railroad Track Nothing Storehouse, Three Graves
Storehouse Nod (2 Steam Cores – Chance to die/RNG), Explain (Nothing) Nothing
Three Graves Nothing Trapper’s Cabin, Crève-neige
Trapper’s Cabin 38 Food Rations Nothing
Crève-neige 5 Steel Composites, 2 Steam Cores Freight Terminal, Icy Plateau
Freight Terminal Deceive (138 – Chance to die/RNG) Tell the truth (Nothing) Nothing
Icy Plateau Nothing Nothing
The Rapids Nothing Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake 80 Raw Food / 9 Days Mountain Pass
Mountain Pass Nothing Avalanche Field
Avalanche Field Nothing Herd of Reindeer, Rusting Rails
Herd of Reindeer 80 Raw Food / 9 Days Nothing
Rusting Rails Nothing Closed Tavern
Nesting Place Nothing Lake Full of Fish, Collapsed Mine
Lake Full of Fish 80 Raw Food / 9 Days Nothing
Collapsed Mine Nothing Lost Crates
Lost Crates 10 Steel Composites, 20 Steam Exchangers Cargo Convoy
Cargo Convoy Return Crates from Lost Crates or Keep Resources Nothing
Nature Sculpture Nothing Field Kitchen
Field Kitchen Nothing Site 107
Site 107 10 Structural Profiles, 1 Steam Core, 5 Steam Exchangers, 12 Engineers Nothing
Worker’s Camp 50 Workers Bald Hill
Bald Hill Nothing Site 120
Site 120 10 Structural Profiles Snowy Hills
Snowy Hills 150 Steel, 230 Wood Nothing

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