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Gacha Got Ya Achievement Guide in AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative

The intent of this guide is to help anyone quickly obtain the Gacha Got Ya achievement on AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative. Also you can check: AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative Achievement Guide.


This is a guide for the tamagotchi (eyeballie) minigame. Listed below are the stats you need to choose to get each child and adult-type eyeballie. In the section under it, all of the questions and answers that can be asked are listed with their appropriate stat allocations.

I suggest you go after the “Gacha Got Ya” achievement after you have fully completed the game and have loaded the auto save after the final cutscene. You will get access to 0 time questions so that you don’t have to wait the 20 minutes normally required between questions.

Let me know if I have missed any questions or if any of the information is incorrect.

Child-type eyeballies & required evolution stat

Mizuki-ie: Brave
Iris-ie: Loving
Amame-ie: Crazy
Ota-ie: Impish

Adult-type eyeballies & required evolution stats

Evolved from Mizuki-ie
-Date-ie: Brave & Loving
-Moma-ie: Impish & Crazy

Evolved from Iris-ie
-Hitomi-ie: Loving & Crazy
-Boss-ie: Brave & Impish

Evolved from Amame-ie
-So-ie: Loving & Crazy
-Ritsuko-ie: Brave & Impish

Evolved from Ota-ie
-Mama-ie: Brave & Crazy**
-Pewter-ie: Loving & Impish**

**Some people in the comments have reported that they have gotten Pewter-ie with Brave & Crazy stats and Mama-ie with Loving & Impish. So if the initial combinations don’t work for you, try the opposite instead.

Infant: Aiba-ie Questions & Answers

Q: What weather do you like?
Sunny day: +3 Loving
Snowy day: +3 Impish
Windy day: +3 Crazy
Rainy day: +3 Brave

Q: What did you think deep learning was?
Name of horse +3 Impish
Name of special skill: +3 Brave
Movie title: +3 Crazy
Hostess club name: +3 Loving

Q: How are you feeling right now?
Happy: +3 Loving
Popping: +3 Impish
Don’t feel anything: +3 Crazy
Sad: +3 Brave

Q: What kind of tsukkomi do you like?
Metaphorical Tsukkomi +3 Impish
Playing along Tsukkomi: +3 Loving
Simple Tsukkomi: +3 Brave
That doesn’t exist: +3 Crazy

Q: What food do you like?
Salty: +3 Brave
Spicy: +3 Crazy
Sweet: +3 Loving
Bitter: +3 Impish

Q: What is your preferred cacao ratio in chocolate?
60%: +3 Brave
100%: +3 Crazy
30%: +3 Loving
0%: +3 Impish

Q: Do you like insects?
Like: +3 Loving
Tasty: +3 Crazy
Neither: +3 Brave
Dislike: +3 Impish

Q: Which one do you want?
Friends: +3 Loving
Super power: +3 Brave
Nothing needs to be done: +3 Crazy
5 quadrillion yen: +3 Impish

Q: Why was I born into this world?
Something needs to be done: +3 Brave
Thinking about that is life: +3 Loving
Shut up: +3 Impish
It’s pointless: +3 Crazy

Q: What do you think of AI?
Amazing: +3 Brave
Useful: +3 Loving
Difficult: +3 Impish
Scary: +3 Crazy

Q: Which direction do you like?
Up: +3 Brave
Right: +3 Loving
Down: +3 Impish
Left: +3 Crazy

Q: How many legs do you like?
6: +3 Loving
0: +3 Crazy
2: +3 Brave
3: +3 Impish

Q: What do you think of shrimp?
Tasty: +3 Loving
Hard: +3 Brave
Red: +3 Crazy
Hard to eat: +3 Impish

Q: How do you like your engine to be supplied air?
Supercharger: +3 Crazy
Turbocharger: +3 Impish
What are you talking about?: +3 Loving
NA: +3 Brave

Q: What would you do if you got questioned by the police?
Accept: +3 Loving
Run: +3 Impish
Play off: +3 Crazy
Complain: +3 Brave

Q: What do you think of eyeballs?
Pretty: +3 Loving
Tasty: +3 Crazy
Round: +3 Brave
Scary: +3 Impish

Child: Mizuki-ie Questions & Answers

Q: What should I do to relax?
Aerial Yoga: +3 Crazy
Field Yoga: +3 Impish
Hot Yoga: +3 Brave
Iyengar Yoga: +3 Loving

Q: What’s an effective way of training?
Bench-press: +3 Loving
Back-press: +3 Brave
Deadlift: +3 Crazy
Upright Row: +3 Impish

Q: What monja topping do you like?
Mochi: +3 Loving
Pepperoncino: +3 Crazy
Cheese: +3 Impish
Ebi: +3 Brave

Q: What should I do if an old guy attacks me?
Hit epigastrium: +3 Loving
Crush throat: +3 Crazy
Kick chin: +3 Impish
Hit temple: +3 Brave

Q: What skill can defeat an old man?
Seoi nage: +3 Brave
Tomoe nage: +3 Impish
Osotogari: +3 Loving
Yoko shiho gatame: +3 Crazy

Q: How hard do you like your ramen?
Extra hard: +3 Impish
Steamed: +3 Crazy
Normal: +3 Brave
Soft-ish: + 3 Loving

Q: What ability might be useful against old men?
Straight Lead: +3 Loving
Summersault Kick: +3 Brave
Schmidt-style Back Breaker: +3 Impish
Finger Jab: +3 Crazy

Q: What food do you make your visiting friends?
Grilled eel: +3 Loving
Eel hitsumabushi: +3 Impish
Eel sushi: +3 Brave
Eel liver soup: +3 Crazy

Q: What rank do you like?
Lightweight: +3 Impish
Heavyweight: +3 Crazy
Bantamweight: +3 Brave
Strawweight: +3 Loving

Q: What martial art are you good at?
Muay Thai: +3 Impish
Capoeira: +3 Loving
Brazilian Jiujitsu: +3 Brave
Systema: +3 Crazy

Child: Iris-ie Questions & Answers

Q: What phenomenon do you like?
Poltergeist: +3 Loving
Ectoplasm: +3 Crazy
Near-death experience: +3 Brave
Rapping sound: +3 Impish

Q: What UMA do you like?
Bigfoot: +3 Brave
Mothman: +3 Crazy
Loch Ness Monster: +3 Loving
Chupacabra: +3 Impish

Q: What track and field event do you like?
200m dash: +3 Crazy
800m dash: +3 Brave
400m dash: +3 Loving
100m dash: +3 Impish

Q: What ability do you want?
Telepathy: +3 Loving
Time control: +3 Crazy
X-ray vision: +3 Impish
Future-sight: +3 Brave

Q: What OOPARTS do you like?
Crystal skull: +3 Impish
Pyramid Eye Tablet: +3 Crazy
Mechanismós ton Antikythíron: +3 Brave
Costa Rica Sone Ball: +3 Loving

Q: What kind of dance do you like?
Bharatanatyam: +3 Loving
Kathak: +3 Brave
Manipuri: +3 Crazy
Kathakali: +3 Impish

Q: Does Santa really exist?
It exists: +3 Loving
I’m Santa: +3 Brave
You become Santa: +3 Crazy
It doesn’t exist: +3 Impish

Q: What should I do if I saw a UFO?
Wave: +3 Crazy
Get on: +3 Brave
Hide Thumb: +3 Loving
Hide: +3 Impish

Q: Do you believe in fortune telling?
Believe: +3 Crazy
You’re going to hell: +3 Impish
It can be right of wrong: +3 Loving
Not really: +3 Brave

Q: What kind of music do you like?
Industrial: +3 Crazy
Symphonic: +3 Loving
Grindcore: +3 Brave
Death Metal: +3 Impish

Child: Amame-ie Questions & Answers

Q: Where should I fish?
River: +3 Brave
Somalian waters: +3 Impish
Fishing pond: +3 Loving
Aquarium: +3 Crazy

Q: Which do you want to befriend?
Dolphin: +3 Loving
Whale: +3 Impish
Jellyfish: +3 Crazy
Turtle: +3 Brave

Q: How do you like eating your jellyfish?
Pickled: +3 Loving
Miso soup: +3 Crazy
Chinese salad: +3 Brave
With peanuts: +3 Impish

Q: What haunted spot would you like to go to?
Graveyard: +3 Loving
Old battlefield: +3 Brave
Mountains: +3 Crazy
Ruins: +3 Impish

Q: What fish do you like?
Tuna: +3 Loving
Fugu: +3 Brave
Salmon: +3 Impish
Hairtail: +3 Crazy

Q: All water in the pond…
Pull out: +3 Brave
Drink: +3 Crazy
Water: +3 Loving
Poison: +3 Impish

Q: What do you think of mermaids?
Cute: +3 Crazy
Get excited: +3 Impish
Pretty: +3 Brave
Slimy: +3 Loving

Q: What ocean current do you like?
Kuroshio Current: +3 Brave
Gulf stream Current: +3 Crazy
Equatorial Current: +3 Loving
South Indian Current: +3 Impish

Q: How should I call on a UFO?
Dance: +3 Loving
Nile: +3 Impish
Meditate: +3 Crazy
Look at sky: +3 Brave

Q: How deep do you like your ocean?
1000m: +3 Brave
6000m: +3 Impish
400,000,000m: +3 Crazy
5m: +3 Loving

Child: Ota-ie Questions & Answers

Q: What is the mecca of otakus?
Ikebukuro: +3 Loving
Ariake: +3 Brave
Akihabara: +3 Impish
Nakano: +3 Crazy

Q: What cliche line do you want to say?
I’ve got good and bad news: +3 Loving
Only a shadow of myself… +3 Brave
See you in hell: +3 Impish
I’m getting married after the war: +3 Crazy

Q: What kind of experience do you need to write a light novel?
Write tons of lines: +3 Brave
Disarming a military base alone: +3 Crazy
Read tons of books: +3 Loving
Talent is everything: +3 Impish

Q: What is common about internet idols?
I want to say it: +3 Loving
I really want to say it: +3 Brave
Not really: +3 Crazy
I don’t want to say it: +3 Impish

Q: What’s your type?
An energetic person: +3 Brave
No need to be human: +3 Crazy
Caring person: +3 Impish
A quiet person: +3 Loving

Q: What genre of light novel might be popular?
Isekai: +3 Brave
Retirement Home Harem Love Comedy: +3 Loving
Stewed: +3 Crazy
Sci-Fi: +3 Impish

Q: What chocolate do you like?
Bonbon de chocolat: +3 Loving
Gianduja: +3 Impish
Chocolate bar: +3 Crazy
Ganache: +3 Brave

Q: When you think of Akiba, what do you think of?
Maid cafe: +3 Loving
Biradori: +3 Crazy
Electronics store: +3 Brave
Oden can: +3 Impish

Q: What do you want from an anime?
Story: +3 Loving
Visual: +3 Brave
Hype: +3 Crazy
Voice actor: +3 Impish

Q: How do you want to meet someone?
Run into on the corner: +3 Brave
Transfer student sitting next to you: +3 Crazy
Teachers calls for a battle royale: +3 Loving
A mean transfer student: +3 Impish

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