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GRIS - Secrets

GRIS – Secrets

Secrets You will need to find secret rooms or do specific actions to get those.  Denial / At…
GRIS Guide

GRIS – Magic Fowls

Magic Fowls After you have learned how to sing in chapter 5, you need to sing to 7…
GRIS Guide

GRIS – Inuksuit

Inuksuit During chapter 2, destroy every little stone statue with your block ability. (you can do this by…
GRIS - 100% Achievement Guide

Gris 100% Achievement Guide

Guide on how to obtain every achievements in the game. Introduction Hello! Welcome to this 100% Guide I…
GRIS Guide

GRIS – Apples

Apples During chapter 3, let your new friend eat every apple you can find. There are 4 you…