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Gang Beasts Tips & Tricks (Special Movements & Tactics)

Tips and tricks to keep up with other players!

Tips & Tricks (Special Movements & Tactics)

There are so many fighting styles to Gang Beasts I figured it’d be nice to list off some of the tactics and extra mobilities you may not know about.

While I normally play Keyboard, for the ease of writing this guide we’ll link the controls to buttons you would use on an Xbox Controller.

  • Jump – (A)
  • Duck – (B)
  • Kick – (X)
  • Lift – (Y)
  • Left arm – (LT)
  • Right arm – (RT)
  • Anolog Stick – Movement

Refer to all tutorials below to these controls.


Let’s begin with movement, as the first step to beginning a game is taking the first step forward. Here are some basics to list off:

  • Sprinting – Hold (A) while moving any direction.
  • Sitting – Hold (A).
  • Lay Forward – Hold (B).
  • Lay Backward – Hold (X).
  • Crawl – Hold (B) while moving any direction.
  • Grab – Hold (RT) or (LT).

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, lets get a little more advanced.

  • Powerslide – When holding (A) to sprint hold (X) to lay backwards and slide.
  • Penguin Slide – Same as above but holding (B) to slide on your stomach. Can knock yourself out if you hit a wall hard enough.
  • Climbing – When against a wall jump onto it and hold either (LT) or (RT) and then double tap (A) to jump higher while alternating hands to hold onto the wall with. Using both hands works but drains grip strength.
  • Backflip – Hold (A) and (X) at the same time. This can knock others out as well as yourself.
  • Body Slam – Hold (A) and (B) at the same time. If given height this can force objects like the Crates or Gondolas to snap. Can also knock yourself or whoever you land on out.
  • The Flopper – While holding (X) to lay backwards you can repeatedly press (A) to flop on the ground, if done while laying sideways you can actually make yourself spin. Not useful for much but funny to watch. Works best on ice.
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Now here’s where we get to the fun stuff. The main part of this game, floppily kicking everyone elses ♥♥♥. Here’s some basics:

  • Headbut – Quickly tap (B), has a chance to knock yourself out as well. NOTE: This tends to do more damage when done backwards.
  • Kick – Quickly tap (X).
  • Jump Kick – Jump (or fall) and when near the level of an enemy head press (X). Instant knockout if hit well enough.
  • Holding Punch – While holding (RT or (LT) on another player, preferably making sure you’re holding their shoulder, you can block hits from them while guarentee hits on their face. A good countering for this is headbuts.
  • Head Slam – Grab your opponents shoulders you can land some really good headbuts.
  • Throwing – If you’re able to grab an opponents legs or head with both hands you can pick them up by holding (Y) and swing them around my spinning the analog stick, after gaining a bit of speed you can let go of the triggers to let them fly.
  • Dirt Feeder – Another fun lifting technique is grabbing them by the legs and holding (Y) to get them above you, then while still holding onto them let go of (Y) and it will slam them onto the ground.
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Beyond the easy stuff there are some more complicated things that tend to be more situational:

  • Resting Knockout – While holding (A), (B), and (X) you will lay there, seemingly resting but a bit twitchy, this tends to make you coil like a spring, if someone walks by you can punch them for a LOT more force while still holding those three buttons. This can end with you flying out of bounds sometimes.
  • Knockout Slam – If you get the chance to jump down on an enemy try to grab their head and move it beneath you as you fall, this will knock them out if done properly.
  • Hyper Headbutter – If you get the chance to down an enemy you can lay over them on you back with (X) and slam your head down with (B). Try not to knock yourself out. Works well on enemies who fake being downed and while jumping on someone.
  • Do You Even Lift? – While holding an enemy constantly lift them with (Y) and drop them with one arm while punching with another. Can be useful for keeping their arms from hitting you but watch out for their kicks.
  • Sliding Headbut – While performing a powerslide if someone is in your sliding range try to headbut them, the bonus to speed and distance will give quite the knockback, but it’s not easy to land.
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