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Garden Paws Shop Guide

This guide will help introduce you to the basics of selling items in Garden Paws, as well as provide a quick reference guide to selling prices.


Like Garden Paws itself, this guide is a work in progress that will be updated as I progress through the game and find more things to sell, and as the devs release updates. This is my first time making a guide, so be sure to let me know if there’s anything I can improve on or anything you would like to see. I love seeing comments from other people who enjoy this game as much as I do! I hope this is useful to everyone and thank you for reading.

I also would like to give a shoutout to the devs at Bitten Toast Games for creating such an adorable, fun world to play in. I wouldn’t be making this guide if it wasn’t for you! You can tell that a lot of hard work and love went into Garden Paws, and I’m so impressed that such a small team made such an immense game. Keep up the good work!

Selling Things in Your Shop

There are two ways to make coins in Garden Paws: completing quests and selling items in your shop. Selling items is as simple as picking something up off the ground, going to one of the tables in your shop, and pressing the action key (the default for those playing on a keyboard is E). This will bring up your inventory as well as what’s currently on the table you interacted with. From there, you can drag and drop anything you want to sell. Be careful not to place something you don’t want to sell on the table, as I’ve found that so far, anything can be sold. Thankfully, I’ve found that so far, there are no items that cannot be replaced.

Once you’ve filled up your tables, the next step is opening the shop. To do this, you must walk over to the sign next to your shop and interact with it. The shop can only be opened between 12:00 and 18:00 every day. The game gives you notifications as it gets closer to opening time, as well as closing time if you have the shop open. You can, however, close the shop at any point during those hours if, for example, you run out of items to sell. Simply go back to the sign and interact with it to close up shop. The game will even let you know how much you’ve earned that session.

Actually selling items in the game is also very easy. Just sit at your main counter and wait for customers to arrive. They’ll browse your tables and pick out what they like before coming up to your counter. Once there, all you need to do is press the action key, and you’ll immediately get the coins and the customer will walk away happily with their new purchase.

Upgrading Your Shop

Starting day one, your shop has one table where you can place three stacks of items. At first, this is plenty of space, but as you progress through the quests and seasons you will find that you have more varieties of items and not enough shop space to display them all. Thankfully, Frank offers multiple shop upgrades that not only increase the number of stacks of items you can sell, but also increase the number of customers you have and the energy you have for foraging. Below, I have listed the shop upgrades, their cost, and what they unlock.

First Shop Upgrade – Costs: 500 Coins.
Benefits: +5 Inventory Space, +5 Energy, +3 Item Spots, +Customers

Second Shop Upgrade – ((Will update once I get there in my second file))

Third Shop Upgrade – Costs: 20,000 Coins
Benefits : +5 Energy, +3 Item Spots, +Customers

Fourth Shop Upgrade – Costs: 50,000 Coins
Benefits: +3 Item Spots, +Customers

Pricing Sheet – Plants

Note, each of the pricing sheet sections have been organized from lowest selling price to highest selling price. To find a specific item, use ctrl+F and search the item you’re looking for.

Seaweed – 5 Coins

Daisy – 10 Coins

Red Daisy – 20 Coins

Dandelion – 25 Coins

Purple Daisy – 30 Coins

Pink Leaf – 35 Coins

Carrot – 40 Coins

Cabbage – 40 Coins

Purple Cosmos – 50 Coins

Tall White Flower – 50 Coins

Blue Star – 60 Coins

Hydrangea – 70 Coins

Purple Bell – 75 Coins

Strawberry – 90 Coins

Yellow Flower Bush – 95 Coins

White Flower Bush – 120 Coins

Pricing Sheet – Animals and Animal Products

Delicate Fur –

Poop – 2 Coins

Feather – 20 Coins

Egg – 40 Coins

Chick – 50 Coins

Gold Chicken Egg – 120 Coins

Pricing Sheet – Crafting Materials and Workshop Items

Note, these prices are from the actual crafting menu and have not been tested by myself in the shop as of yet.

Fish Bait – 5 Coins

Bird Feed – 10 Coins

Wooden Pole – 10 Coins

Basic Fertilizer – 15 Coins

Light Wood Small Stool – 20 Coins

Wooden Block – 20 Coins

Stone Block – 20 Coins

Rope – 25 Coins

Wooden Board – 25 Coins

Large Wooden Board – 25 Coins

Wooden Pillar – 26 Coins

Stone Pickaxe – 30 Coins

Axe – 30 Coins

Hammer – 30 Coins

Sickle – 30 Coins

Stone Hoe – 30 Coins

Fishing Pole – 35 Coins

Watering Can – 40 Coins

Light Wood Short Table – 41 Coins

Paper – 51 Coins

Plaster Wall – 52 Coins

Plaster Wall Window – 52 Coins

Plaster Wall Door – 52 Coins

Torch – 66 Coins

Light Wood End Table – 74 Coins

Light Wood Large Table – 74 Coins

Light Wood Coffee Table – 74 Coins

Light Wood Long Table – 74 Coins

Fire Pit – 80 Coins

Wooden Foundation – 95 Coins

Wooden Ramp – 95 Coins

Wooden Bench – 96 Coins

Light Wood Bookcase – 96 Coins

Light Wood Desk – 97 Coins

Fallen Star – 100 Coins

Display Crate – 105 Coins

Wooden Planter – 108 Coins

Wooden Platform – 140 Coins

Wooden Fence – 140 Coins

Wooden Chair – 150 Coins

Small Chest – 165 Coins

Fallen Star Light – 175 Coins

Cat Habitat – 180 Coins

Light Wood Dresser – 180 Coins

Trampoline – 185 Coins

Light Wood Couch – 185 Coins

Light Wood Single Bed – 185 Coins

Well – 210 Coins

Wooden Table – 220 Coins

Medium Chest – 225 Coins

Workbench – 240 Coins

Wood Furniture Bench – 240 Coins

Light Wood Double Bed – 245 Coins

Grill – 250 Coins

Starduster – 325 Coins

Campfire Gril – 350 Coins

Bunny Habitat – 365 Coins

Flower Storage Crate – 400 Coins

Flower Workbench – 580 Coins

Pricing Sheet – Clothing

Life Vest – 100 Coins

Pink Overalls – 150 Coins

Yellow Skirt – 150 Coins

Pink Skirt – 170 Coins

Purple Skirt – 170 Coins

Dark Blue Skirt – 200 Coins

Black Jeans – 250 Coins

Straw Hat – 250 Coins

Monocle – 500 Coins

Pricing Sheet – Seeds

Purple Daisy Seed – 5 Coins

Pink Leaf Seed – 10 Coins

Pricing Sheet – Miscellaneous Items

Soggy Paper – 4 Coins


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