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Garfield Kart – Achievements Guide

If Garfield Kart had achievements.

Achievements Guide

Basic Achievements

Fast Learner
Complete Driving School

Maybe Next Time
Get in last place for the first time

0% Caffiene
Complete all cups in 50cc

50% Caffiene
Complete all cups in 100cc

100% Caffiene
Complete all cups in 150cc

Time Master
Beat all Platinum Records

Collect all Puzzle Pieces

Discover all shortcuts

Earn your first star

Earn your second star

Earn your third star

Earn your fourth star

Earn your fifth star

Accessory Achievements

Hat Collector
Unlock all hats

Grease Cat
Equip all spoilers

Monday Hater
Unlock Garfield’s accessories

Artist Soul
Unlock Jon’s accessories

Girl Power
Unlock Arlene’s accessories

The Doctor’s In
Unlock Liz’s accessories

Brainless Driver
Unlock Odie’s accessories

The Stray
Unlock Harry’s accessories

Cutest Racer
Unlock Nermal’s accessories

Cheese Lover
Unlock Squeak’s accessories

Shopping Spree
Buy everything in the store

Item Achievements

Easy as Pie
Use throw any pie at 50 racers

Use the Magic Wand on 50 racers

Lasagna Lover
Use the Lasagna 25 times

Scented Breeze
Use the Vroom Perfume 25 times

Hop to it
Use the B.O.I.N.G. Spring 25 times

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Send in the U.F.O.’s 15 times

Use the Cuzzzhion 15 times

Stick it to em’
Stick the Klupman Diamond to 15 racers

Competitive Achievements

All Year Around
Complete 365 Daily Challenges

Complete all cups from 50cc to 150cc in one play session

No Candy for You
Complete all cups in any class without using any bonuses

Anti-Rubber Burner
Complete all cups in any class without using the Skid Function

Multi-player Achievements

Win a Multi-player match

Win 100 Multi-player matches

Using the B.O.I.N.G. Spring, redirect an Antenna Pie to hit the player in front of you

Use the Magic Wand on a player right before you fall off the track

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