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Garfield Kart – Multiplayer Guide


Online Play

Ever since July 2018, Garfield Kart received a multiplayer beta mode. This beta mode can be activated through;

Steam > Library > RMB on Garfield Kart > Properties > Betas > Select the multiplayer beta

Once activated, Steam will reinstall the game, this time with the multiplayer mode enabled. This mode adds the ability to compete against online players, which makes a great addition to the challenging and competitive style of gameplay Garfield Kart has.


When you’re in the game, just press the play button like you normally would. This time, you will have the option to play by yourself against computer-controlled opponents, or to play against other players. Making a lobby is easy, as this game has an easy and accessible interface. For creating a lobby, you’ll just have to enter a name and press the ‘create lobby’ button. This will create a lobby, which other players will then be able to join. If your lobby is not full when starting the game, computer-controlled opponents will enter the race instead. For joining a lobby, you just go to the lobby browsing section and click the one you want to join.


Competing against players will of course be different every single race, so a certain strategy cannot be applied. You’ll have to see what works best for you depending on your opponents. Most tactics used for beating the computer-controlled 150CC opponents will be useful in multiplayer, though. Depending on the type of players you’re against, the challenges you face will differ. It is always helpful to assume your opponents will be very good, though. Never underestimate people’s abilities.

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