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Garry’s Mod: List of Emotes (Act Commands)

Have you ever seen a group of people dancing on a server and ended up feeling left out due to you not knowing how to join in? Has somebody ever waved to you in-game but you didn’t wave back as you were unable to? Well this guide is for you! This guide should teach you on how to use emotes in game; though I can’t quite promise anything.

In order to emote, you must open up the console and then type in, “act (name of emote here)”. Here is a list of all the emotes and their descriptions:

List of Emotes

act agree – Your character does a simple thumbs up.
act becon – Your character does a beckoning hand gesture.
act bow – Your character does a simple 45° bow.
act cheer – Your character waves their hands around in the air.
act dance – Your character does a slow, circular dance.
act disagree – Your character does a hand gesture meaning, “no”.
act forward – Your character points forward.
act group – Your character does a gesture telling everyone to get together.
act halt – Your character slightly raises their hand.
act laugh – Your character laughs. Quite self-explanatory by the title.
act muscle – Your character flexes their muscles.
act pers – Your character makes a pose which expresses shock.
act robot – Your character makes robotic, slow movement.
act salute – Your character, well, salutes.
act wave – Your character waves.
act zombie – Your characters arms swing up into the air and flop straight down.

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How to open the console

Firstly you need to activate console commands before you can use them. In order to activate console commands, you must open the library, right click Garry’s Mod, click properties, set launch options and then type in -console and then click OK.

Once you’ve done that, when you open Garry’s mod press the ` key. If you’ve done all the steps properly before, the console menu should open.

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