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Gas Station Simulator How to get the Very Fast Achievement

This guide explains some useful tips and tricks to achieve one of the most difficult achievements in the game. If you’re having trouble getting it, don’t hesitate to check it out!

How to get the Very Fast! Achievement

For all achievement hunters who want to get one of the most difficult achievements in the game: completing the Desert RC Course under 1:02:00.

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement

I decided to make this guide because I could hardly find any documentation of tips or tricks on how to complete this achievement in a simple way.
By the way, this is my first guide so I hope you like it and leave your feedback if you found it useful!


Some of the recommendations may seem obvious, but they are important to facilitate the job.

  • Save approximately $1,000-2,000 before you set out on the achievement, to be on the safe side and not worry about running out of money.
  • Avoid distractions: close the gas station, turn off all events and disable blur and other annoying elements. Check the settings in the references section.
  • Reduce graphics quality for more FPS (always better). Check the settings in the references section.
  • Start in the daytime: (if it is your first attempt) start practising the circuit at dawn to familiarise yourself with the terrain and the location of the obstacles.
  • Play with keyboard. I haven’t played the game with a controller so I can’t make a detailed comparison, but you probably have better control of inputs with the keyboard.
  • Play with the in-game audio: it is important to listen to the car’s engine to make sure you are accelerating or braking at the right time. I do recommend muting the background arcade music.
  • You are going to fail, a lot actually: be mentally prepared and don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t manage to beat the course or reach the target time in the first 30-50 attempts. Accept that this will take time. If you get frustrated take all the breaks you need, be patient.
  • Try to do the attempts in a row: muscle memory is key in this achievement, try not to pause too many times.



I have included a video in which I perform all the actions I discuss here, so I recommend you to watch it at the same time you read the guide.


In the guide I will refer to the keyboard controls, these are:

  • W: accelerate
  • S: brake
  • A and D: turn left, turn right.


To follow the recommendations above, press escape and under “Options” I have configured the following:


How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-1


How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-2

The Car Frenzy circuit

Below is a diagram of the circuit, divided into 8 different sections, which I will analyse below.

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-3

It is important to note that in order to optimise these sections you will have to make many attempts as most of them require you to go at full speed and know how to turn at the right moment while maintaining your speed.

Section 1

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-4

This first section is quite straightforward. You should not brake at any point and make the turns in such a way that you always stay on the dirt road.

There is a shortcut past the third checkpoint to go more directly to checkpoint 4, avoiding the sharp turn under the structure. However, I do not recommend it because it is somewhat difficult to control.

Section 2

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-5

This short section is critical because it is one of the tightest corners and on top of that it is on a slope, making it difficult to turn with the car’s inertia and acceleration.

You should brake as close as possible to the bend to make the most of the car’s speed, and then resume driving once you are in line with the dirt road.

Section 3

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-6

As with section 1, it is fairly straight and there is no braking at any point. There is a small hill before you pass under the red container, but the vehicle does not spin out of control or come off the ground at top speed, so you don’t have to worry.

Section 4

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-7

This section is the most complicated to master because it requires 3 actions:

  1. Centre the car on the road after the turn at checkpoint 9, just before the jump.
  2. Keep the car stable during the jump.
  3. Land as smoothly as possible so that it doesn’t run off the dirt road.

IMPORTANT: do NOT use the jump key, only hold down W.

Instructions to jump properlyBefore the jump you only have to hold down W (acceleration button). If you hold down other keys the car will flip in the air.

During the jump you must hold down W and, intermittently, S (brake button) to keep the car as horizontal as possible in the air.

On landing, control the car again with W and the A and D keys. Don’t force the car if you find it stalls, just hold down W until it starts moving again.

Section 5

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-8

Do not brake during this section. After passing checkpoint 10, take a sharp bend and drive through checkpoint 11 as straight as possible, leaving the dirt road afterwards.

Continue straight ahead and swerve the car a little more to the right to avoid making a sharp left turn as you approach checkpoint 12.

Before you merge onto the road, slow down by releasing the W key and use the brakes to stabilise the car until you feel you can start off again.

Section 6

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-9

As you pass checkpoint 12 take a sharp left turn, going off the road again (the road remains on your right).

Hold W and keep the car pointed towards the middle of checkpoint 14.

You will bounce off a sand mountain before the checkpoint. Right on the bounce, stop accelerating and regulate with the brake in case the car gets too out of control.

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-10

Re-centre the car on the dirt road.

Section 7

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-11

Avoid the ramp by going slightly off the road to the left and rejoin as you go through checkpoint 14.

From here don’t brake and keep the car on the road as much as possible.

Section 8

How to get the "Very Fast!" achievement-12

The section where your heart will be pounding. The trick on this section is to stay calm (wow) and make the last turn as wide as possible to centre the car with the entrance to the venue.

If you try to close the corner earlier, there is a greater risk of the car hitting the fence or an obstacle on the inside if you try to regulate it too much.

You should not brake during this section.

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is try again and again until you finish it in less than the target time!
Good luck and I look forward to your feedback!

PS: In my process of getting the achievement, this thread has also helped me with some useful tips: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1149620/discussions/0/3195866557246529370/

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