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Gas Station Simulator: How to lessen the chance of crashes with car wash

With my personal experience, I still have crashes with the car wash however I found a possible solution to lessen crashes that you experience if you still want that extra +$150 or so that you get before the car wash becomes automated.

How to lessen the chance of crashes with car wash

So, you’re running this gas station and you’re (possibly) having fun. Refueling cars, fixing them, cleaning the floors, stopping Dennis The Nemesis from ruining your beautiful workplace, and even hiring workers to do your job for you. You could finally put your feet up, that’s when the first sandstorm hits you…

After cleaning the sand off your shoulders, it’s time to fix the Car Wash. You get a pet named Gustave, you feed em, you make em happy and the wash is fixed! Everything seems fine then…the car wash begins to lag your game and eventually crash, and if you’re unlucky it crashes your entire pc (Like me).

Yep, welcome to the Car Wash, a REQUIRED thing to do manually if you want to get your Gas Station to its full potential. However, I’m here to tell you that hope isn’t lost. I’ve discovered a few ways to lessen the chance of it crashing so you can keep playing.

Disclaimer! This guide isn’t confirmed 100% to work. This is how I stop the game from crashing myself and even sometimes I slip up but hey, why not do it.

So? How Do You Do it?

It’s easy, let me put it into a checklist sorta thing.

  • Stay away from the car.
    Getting close to the car while having the washer running will cause the water to begin splashing around, which it isn’t optimized for. While you need to be somewhat close to get the water to go on, it’s better if you don’t press your face into the walls.
  • Clean in short spurts.
    This one is a preference of mine, to stop the water from building up I prefer to clean in short spurts to allow the game to deload all the water. About 5-10 or so seconds of running before a 2 second stop is a good estimate.
  • When all else fails, lower your graphics.
    I personally already have to lower my graphics for this game, however my pc still crashes if I don’t do the two things above. It seems medium is a good balancing point.

In Closing

While not guaranteed to help, I hope this will allow you to properly clean your car while waiting to get the automation unlocked. Keep enjoying your game and i hope you have a good day!

P.S. Oh and for the love of god, do NOT jump into the back of this car and use the washer, that guarantees a crash.

How To Lessen The Chance Of Crashes With Car Wash

My personal tip for that car is just to clean the sides and front as much as you can before you touch the back.

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