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Granblue Fantasy Relink: A Basic Sigil Guide for Proud Difficulty

You have finally reached Proud Difficulty, but you feel like you aren’t dishing out enough damage or having a hard time surviving the battles/mechanics of the quest in this difficulty.

Fear not! This guide is all you need to get you started on your journey into Proud Difficulty!

In this guide, I will provide a basic sigil setup that you can run on any of the characters that you main/play, as well as a few example of advanced setups that you can use as a primer/reference so you have an idea on how to build a sigil setup tailored to your specific playstyle.

I would like to iterate that I will only equip/showcase basic V (non +) version of the sigils, as not everyone is lucky enough to have rolled a good V+ sigils.

Basic Sigils Setup

A Basic Sigil Guide for Proud Difficulty

Pictured above is the bread-and-butter sigil setup for all of the characters in Relink. Let’s break it down so you can understand what each of the sigil does:

  1. Sigil of Awakening+ or Sigil of Character+.This is mandatory sigil as it benefits directly to your character’s skills, passive or traits. Not all characters are required to have the Awakening+ Version, some are already good with one of their Character+ Version, to which you can pair it with a better sub-trait.
  2. War Elemental. Seraphic Multiplier, this sigil will make ALL of your attacks benefits from elemental advantage. What’s more, this effect bypasses the Damage Cap, thus increasing your Final Damage even beyond your current Damage Cap.
  3. Supplementary Damage V. Extra Direct Damage, this sigil will make it so that all of your attacks have a chance to proc Bonus Damage equal to ~20% of your damage, allowing you to deal extra damage beyond your Damage Cap.
  4. 4 Set of Damage Cap V. Just like in the web version, there is an upper limit to how much damage you can deal against the enemy. This 4 sigils will raise said upper limit, but even so, once you’ve acquired Terminus Weapon, you will easily hit the soft cap again, thus the reason why you have War Elemental and Supplementary Damage sigil equipped above.

Where to acquire these sigils?

  • Sigil of Awakening+/Sigil of Character+ and Damage Cap V: Sierokarte’s Knickknack Shop Transmarvel.
  • War Elemental and Supplementary Damage: Curio Appraisal on Zathba’s Bar.

These 4 sigils are almost mandatory in the endgame of Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Should you come across any of these sigils, be it the IV, IV+ or V version, make sure to lock it down and save it so you won’t lose it!

Now that I have laid out the basic endgame sigils that you need to acquire when you reach Proud Difficulty, I will now give you general suggestion as to what sigils/traits that you can slot in to fill in the 5 flex slots that is universal for all characters in the game (as in, not specific for that characters, as that is not covered in this guide).

  • Aegis. Increase your HP proportional to your current total HP. Fights on Proud Difficulty can be extremely hard because the enemy can sometimes one-shot you if you are not prepared, having more HP is always nice to have, especially this sigil/trait increase by percentage proportional to your total current HP.
  • Autorevive. Automatically revives you when you’re knocked out without having to reduce your team’s Critical Gauge, which I think is very crucial for fight that you are not comfortable with.
  • Guts. Lets you survive a fatal hit. I cannot tell you how many times this sigil/trait have saved me while I was trying to learn the moveset and mechanics of the boss fight.
  • Improved Dodge. Increase the i-frame duration of your dodge, giving you more leeway to safely dodge the enemy’s attack.
  • Nimble Defense. Gives you extra second(s) of Invulnerability on Perfect Dodge, while also increasing your Defense temporarily and heals your HP.
  • Potion Hoarder. Gives you extra potions, including the Revive Potion when you reached a certain trait level, which can help out your survivability.
  • Quick Cooldown. Shorten your skills cooldown. On max level, this sigil/trait gives grants -20% cooldown time on all of your skills, allowing your skill to be ready up faster thus leading to increased DPS uptime.
  • Stamina. Boost your attack based on how high your current HP is. You should always be at 100% HP for most of the fight, so this sigil/trait will pretty much almost always boost your attack.
  • Stout Heart. Allowing you to not get flinched/disrupted when you are hit by the enemy, extremely useful for melee/frontliner characters so your combo don’t get broken when you are hit. Not to mention, this sigil gives you 25% Damage Cut, letting you tank a bit of damage when you are hit by the enemy.
  • Untouchable. Extends the distance of your dodge, allowing you to either gap close to your target faster, or escape easier from the incoming danger.

Those are my recommended sigils/traits that have helped me tremendously on Proud Difficulty! On the next section of the guide, I will suggest you 3 builds I made that I shared to my friends which you can use as a primer to build upon: offensive, defensive, and progressive/learning.

Offensive Build

A Basic Sigil Guide for Proud Difficulty

I recommend this build if you think you are confident in your ability to fight against the boss on Proud Difficulty. With this build, your damage should be beyond your 4 maxed out Damage Cap V sigils. I slapped on Nimble Defense at the end because I have managed to put in a few greedy DPS uptime moments after I dodge thanks to the extra seconds of Invincibility that the sigil granted.

Defensive Build

A Basic Sigil Guide for Proud Difficulty

I recommend this build if you are feeling more comfortable with the fight, but still want to play it safe and slaccc a bit. One single thing I suggest you to swap out is Improved Dodge for Tyranny once you’ve acquired the Terminus Weapon so you can meet the Catastrophe Sigil requirement.

Progressive/Learning Build

A Basic Sigil Guide for Proud Difficulty

I recommend this build If you are having trouble with completing any of the Proud Difficulty Quest due to you not being familiar with the boss moveset or understand the boss mechanics, causing you to die and wipe, over and over again. This build should provide you with ample resources to stay alive during the fight, while also giving you maximum Damage Cap to prepare you for the proper endgame build as you slowly takes off the sigils/traits that serve as your crutch to survive the enemy’s movesets/mechanics.

Closing Word

One thing I want to emphasize is that the builds I suggested is not the be-all-end-all build, especially since my guide only use the basic non + version of the sigil, instead use these builds as a primer so you can build a better one with V+ sigils that has sub-traits that I recommended prior or ones that better suits your playstyle/character gameplay.

Written by Animus120

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