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Gears 5 How to Beat Swarmak

How to Beat Swarmak

You will face this variation of Brumak in the chapter The Tide Turns (Act 1) at the exit from the theater. Unlike the episode in Gears of War 4, you will not have to bother with transformers here – the battle will be much easier.

The first things that catch your eye when you look at the Swarmak are his size and weapons (two huge machine guns and a rocket launcher). The second important feature is luminous blisters scattered throughout his monstrous body.

An accurate shot from the Longshot can burst Swarmak’s blister with one hit.

To defeat the monster, you should destroy the blisters. As you will not come close to the boss anyway, take something besides shotgun to the battle.

The most difficult points to hit are the chin and the left thigh. The first one is a challenging point because the monster constantly shakes his head. The second one could be difficult to hit because Swarmak’s paw serves as a constant obstacle.

To stun Swarmak for a moment, use the skill Flash.

If you cannot shoot all vulnerable places from the front side, turn to the back – the boss has several blisters there. Wait until one of your comrades distracts the monster and then attack.

As for the tactics, you can hide behind a cover when Swarmak uses his machine gun, but nothing will help in case the rocket is used – you’ll have to move.

However, do not fall into despair even if you are shot – there are at least four allies in the nearby, and each of them can raise the protagonist back to the feet.

Since blisters burst rather quickly, you may not even pay attention to the renegade robots arriving at the middle of the fight – the battle will end sooner than they can interfere.

In this position – with a motorcycle in the mouth – the boss won’t be able to do anything.

Having lost approximately 5/6 of the health, Swarmak will become Cole’s victim – he will drive a motorcycle with a grenade tied to it right into the monster’s mouth. Shoot the explosive device to end the battle.

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