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Gears 5 How to Beat Warden

How to Beat Warden

Kait and her companions will confront Wardens throughout most of the storyline campaign, but the first meeting will take place in the chapter Forest for the Trees.

The good news is that the enemies of this type use only melee weapons. The bad news is that they are very good at it and can knock out the hero in just two blows.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Warden’s body does not have weak points – you should aim exclusively at the head.

Before you can deal any damage to the enemy, you will have to remove his helmet. To do this, you should make a few accurate shots or throw a frag grenade under his feet.

Having removed his only defense, stay as far away from the enemy as you can to avoid three potential attacks: a swoop, a rush, and an explosive wave from hitting two maces at the ground.

Potentially, all three attacks can send the protagonist to the other world especially if you are in the wounded state – the mini-boss will simply finish you off.

Escape is the best solution in such moments.

Usually, being away from Kait, Warden simply wanders towards the target. However, if the enemy suddenly starts to run or cover his vulnerable head with maces, you should not take the risk and avoid staying at one place for any material period of time.

As for the equipment, you should use Longshot, Boomshot or any other powerful weapon like a machine gun. Among Jack’s abilities, the most useful is Flash which immobilizes the mini-boss for several seconds.

In general, the battle against any Warden (unless you can eliminate him in a fast fashion) turns into a catch-up. Shoot at the head – run – repeat until victory.

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