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GemCraft Frostborn Wrath Achievement Gem Code Explained

This guide describes how to use the gem codes found in the achievements to unlock different mods within the game.

Achievement Gem Code Explained

This guide describes how to use the gem codes in the descriptions of certain achievements and unlock the mods within the game. Such mods are similar to the four-corner code in GC2:CS and have various effects to the battles. If you want to find out the secret of achievement gem codes by yourself do not continue into this guide!

The guide is divided into the following sections:

  • The achievement gem codes and mods are explained.
  • All achievements with gem codes are listed.
  • “How to use the codes” explains how to use the code after finding them.
  • If you want to know which achievements unlock which mods, see “Achievements grouped by mods” section.
  • Finally, if you just want the mods, the codes themselves are listed in the last section.

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Achievement gem codes

Inside the game, there are some achievements with mysterious gem codes attached to them:

Each achievement carries a code of 5 gems, and the shape of each gem represents the grade of that gem. For reference, the shape of grade 1-9 gems are shown in the title icon; grade 10 gem is a hexagon, grade 11 gem is C-shaped, and grade 12 gem is round. The above code would be translated as 9-4-6-9-1 using the gem grades.


There are 12 mods available in GC:FW, each of which appears as a button on the top edge of the world map. After unlocking a mod, clicking the respective button will toggle the mod on and off. The effects of the mods are:

Cosmetic effects

  • (1) Horizontally flipped fields: Flip the entire field horizontally.
  • (2) Vertically flipped fields: Flip the entire field vertically.
  • (6) Green blood: Spill green blood on the ground and kill counter.
  • (10) Grey trees: All trees turn grey.
  • (11) Heavy weather: Makes rain and snow look more intense (actual damage increasing and slowing effects are not affected).

Detrimental effects

  • (3) Monster egg hunt: Around 30 monster eggs appear on the battlefield (eggs will not appear in the path tiles within 30 tiles distance from the orb).
  • (5) Omnibeacons: Healing, shield, cleansing, and haste beacons are changed to omnibeacons, each beacon carrying all four properties. Does not affect static beacons, discharging beacons, beacon protectors and their effects.

Beneficial effects

  • (4) Wealthy monsters: Monsters occasionally drop mp, xp or extra shadow cores.
  • (7) Explosive orblets: When monsters carrying orblets are killed, the orblet will explode and instantly kills other monsters within a certain range. Exploded orblets will be lost forever.
  • (8) Spell preparation: All spell charges start at 200% at the beginning of the battle.
  • (9) Wasp filled shells: Exploded barrage shells generates a gem wasp at the impact point.
  • (12) Deep learning gems: Greatly reduces the hit count required to increase the gem damage.

List of achievements (part 1)

Below is a list of achievements carrying gem codes sorted by their position in the achievement panel, as well as brief comments on how to obtain them. Note that, different from GC2:CS, we do not need to actually win the level to get the achievement. This makes many of the achievement simpler in endurance mode (meet the criteria and then flee from the battle by ending endurance).

Row: 1 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 1
Armored Orb
Strengthen your orb by dropping a gem on it.
Simply drop a gem bomb on the orb.

Row: 2 Column: 6 Recommended WL: 1
Decrease the range of a gem.
Use the mouse wheel to decrease the range of a gem in towers.

Row: 3 Column: 2 Recommended WL: 25
Dry Puddle
Harvest all mana from a mana shard.
There is a mana shard with 900 mp in field U3.

Row: 3 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 25
Double Strike
Activate the same shrine 2 times.
There is a shrine in field U3. Survive until wave 20 and the two charges will be ready. It’s also possible to call the first 20 waves at once, fire the shrine, and run.

Row: 4 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 1
A Shrubbery!
Place a shrub wall.
Click on the “Build Wall” spell icon multiple times to cycle through the available wall types.

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Row: 5 Column: 2 Recommended WL: 1
Fully Lit
Have a field beaten in all three battle modes.
Endurance battles can’t really be beaten, and a nonzero xp is all we need to get the endurance mode lit. Also, trial modes are not always hard – give it a try!

Row: 6 Column: 5 Recommended WL: 50
Hit the same monster with traps 100 times.
This can be done while completing P5J, where only traps can be built. Freeze a giant on top of a trap and select the giant to have the trap keep firing at it. Have a gem follow up with the giant by building traps along the way. If the giant is killed too early switch to lower grade gems.

Row: 7 Column: 5 Recommended WL: 60
Use demolition 7 times.
Since demolition is given every 20 waves, it is necessary to get in a field with more than 41 waves, such as X1J or L1J. This can also be done by sending 41 waves at once in endurance mode (assuming the endurance length is enough), increasing the demolition skill to 10+ (assuming it has been obtained), or a combination of both.

Row: 9 Column: 1 Recommended WL: 20
Enhance a gem in a trap.
The first enhancement spell (bolt) can be obtained from field Q1J.

Row: 9 Column: 6 Recommended WL: 1
Call every wave early in a battle.
Simply call every wave early in W1J. Click on each wavestone when it’s about to crash. Remember to call the first wave early as well.

Row: 9 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 100
Double Sharded
Cast 2 ice shards on the same monster.
Ice shards can be obtained from H4. After that, actually casting 2 ice shards should not be a problem.

Prior to v. 1.0.15, the actual requirement is to cast 2 freeze on the same monster. It is not known if the bug has since been fixed.

Row: 9 Column: 11 Recommended WL: 40
Glitter Cloud
Kill an apparition with a gem bomb.
An apparition is scripted to appear in Q1J, where it is first introduced. Killing it directly with gem bombs requires lots of mp at low WL, so shred some hp using tower first before the final blow.

Row: 9 Column: 15 Recommended WL: 30
Crack a monster egg open while time is frozen.
Monster eggs can be found in R3J.

Row: 10 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 100
Bye Bye Hideous
Kill a spire.
A spire is scripted to appear in E2J, where it is first introduced.

Row: 11 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 30
Not So Fast
Freeze a specter.
A specter is scripted to appear in Y4J, where it is first introduced. Freeze can be obtained from Y3.

Row: 12 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 50
Have at least 5 different talisman properties.
Upgrade the fragments if there’s not enough unique properties for the raw fragments. The game has a higher change dropping inner fragments at low WLs so don’t bother unlocking the edge slots for this achievement.

Row: 13 Column: 4 Recommended WL: 50
Come Again
Kill 190 banished monsters.
This can be done while completing P5J, where the swarmlings are likely to run over the traps unharmed. If there are not enough monsters banished, temporarily remove the gems and make some swarmlings go through, but always keep an eye on the mp.

Row: 13 Column: 8 Recommended WL: 20
Vantage Point Down
Demolish a pylon.
Pylons can be found in Q3J if the pylon skill is not yet obtained.

Row: 13 Column: 15 Recommended WL: 40
Have 10 fields lit in Trial mode.
Different trial modes are very different in difficulty; the first few trial modes are not necessarily the easiest ones.

Row: 14 Column: 15 Recommended WL: 90
Ages Old Memories
Unlock a wizard tower.
The only wizard tower is located in L5J. Acquire all the necessary spells before entering.

Row: 15 Column: 14 Recommended WL: 100
What Are You Waiting For?
Have all spells charged to 200%.
The last strike spell (ice shards) can be obtained from H4. After that, actually charging to 200% should not be a problem.

Row: 16 Column: 5 Recommended WL: 100
Blue Wand
Reach wizard level 100.
Endurance modes can be used to boost WLs, as well as some trial modes with special mechanisms (try sending all waves at once in X2T).

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Row: 16 Column: 11 Recommended WL: 50
Connecting the Dots
Have 50 fields lit in Journey mode.
Try to beat journey mode fields with fewer total waves first as the number of total waves is a good indication of how hard the field is. Also look for fields with crit hit gems as they make life much easier.

Row: 17 Column: 2 Recommended WL: 120
Black Blood
Deal 5.000 poison damage to a shadow.
A shadow is scripted to appear in G3J, where it is first introduced. Put some skill points into the poison skill before entering. Build a tower next to the shadow, freeze the shadow and use beam on a poison gem (grade 5 or 6) to quickly stack poison damage. If one charge of beam is not enough use the next charge immediately. Be sure to remove other gems in the vicinity and avoid killing the shadow too early.

Row: 18 Column: 6 Recommended WL: 200
Round Cut
Create a grade 12 gem.
The problem for this achievement is how to survive long enough to gather the required mana for a grade 12 gem. One way is to survive long enough in endurance mode (around wave 100-120). Another way would be beat all waves in A4J then kill the swarmlings before killing the gatekeeper.

Mana stream and Fusion skills are important in lowering gem costs.

Row: 18 Column: 12 Recommended WL: 60
By Three They Go
Have 3 of your gems destroyed or stolen.
A wizard hunter is scripted to appear in L4J, where it is first introduced. Keep inserting grade 1 gems into the buildings the wizard hunter is going to destroy (a mark will appear on top of the building indicating it is under fire). Specters are not good for this achievement as they only come infrequently. Shadows and watchtowers are not good either as they do other things most of the time rather than aiming at the buildings.

Row: 18 Column: 14 Recommended WL: 60
Mana Trader
Salvage 8.000 mana from gems.
Simply destroy the gems after the last monsters are killed and before the outcome panel is up. Also, K3T is a good place offering high-grade gems that can be salvaged.

List of achievements (part 2)

Row: 19 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 40
Come Out, Come Out
Lure 100 swarmlings out of a sleeping hive.
A sleeping hive can be found in Y1. In endurance mode, kill as many swarmlings as the gems can handle. After that, keep firing at the hive until there are 100 swarmlings lured, then run. A more efficient method would be to get the beam spell first and beam the hive.

Row: 20 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 70
Century Egg
Reach 100 monster eggs cracked through all the battles.
Monster eggs can be found in large quantities in K4J. Use gem bombs to crack them open. Naturally hatched eggs do not count toward the achievement.

Row: 20 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 150
Forged in Battle
Reach 200 battles won.
This can be earned naturally during the journey. However, W1J is a good choice to boost the victory count if need be.

Row: 21 Column: 10 Recommended WL: 120
Your Mana is Mine
Leech 10.000 mana with gems.
Mana leeching gems with tower beams generate a ridiculously large amount of mana. Use beam often.

Row: 23 Column: 3 Recommended WL: 100
Early Bird
Reach 500 waves started early through all the battles.
This can be earned naturally during the journey. However, X2T as well as all endurance fields can boost the early wave count if need be.

Row: 23 Column: 9 Recommended WL: 80
Is Anyone in There?
Break a tomb open.
Tombs can be found as early as J3J. This tomb has only 2000 hp and is not hard to destroy.

Row: 25 Column: 11 Recommended WL: 150
Can’t Stop
Reach a kill chain of 900.
Make sure that the gems have something to fire at all the time so the kill chain keeps increasing. Towers can be moved towards the entrance so that giants take less time to walk into the gem’s range. Overcrowd and swarmling parasite traits can also keep the tower busy. There’s also a talisman fragment property that slows the kill chain cooldown.

Row: 32 Column: 12 Recommended WL: 200
Feels Like Endurance
Beat 120 waves.
Wave 120 can only be seen in endurance modes. Use critical gems to keep up with the dps requirements and set up the skill point distributions accordingly. Set overcrowd trait to max and swarmling parasite to 1 as they help you gain extra mp from monsters without increasing the difficulty of the monsters. Then pray that tougher creatures (specter, wraith or shadow) does not come and interfere above wave 100.

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Row: 35 Column: 1 Recommended WL: 120
Out of Nowhere
Kill a whited out possessed monster with bolt.
Possessed monster (with three markings on the wavestone) can be found in E4J summoned by the Forgotten. Put the tower far enough from the monster so only bolt range covers the monster. Cast whiteout, cast freeze if needed, and select the monster to make it the highest priority. Shadows can also possess monsters but is less predictable.

Row: 41 Column: 11 Recommended WL: 200
Beat 120 waves and don’t use any strike or gem enhancement spells
Hardest achievement on the list. In addition to all the measures taken to see wave 120, make sure all skill points are removed from strike and enhancement skills (these are banned anyway) and put it into somewhere else. Use a tape to seal off the 1-6 buttons on the keyboard if necessary.

How to use the codes

  • Within the credits of the game we find a mysterious figure at the bottom: three overlapping rectangles, each containing five dots, and starts and ends with a grade 1 gem shape.
  • The rectangles are obviously a reference to the 5-gem-long gem codes, and the diagram indicates that three pieces of gem codes should be stitched together, where the stitched part must match in different pieces, forming a 11-gem-long sequence starting and ending with grade 1.
  • For example, suppose we obtained 3 sequences reading 5-4-3-2-1, 7-9-6-5-4, 1-3-5-7-9. Then the stitched code should read 1-3-5-7-9-6-5-4-3-2-1, according to the diagram.
  • There are 36 pieces of codes total, and can be assembled into 12 11-gem-long codes, each code corresponding to one mod.

After the codes are figured out, it can be entered at the bottom border of the world map (visible after beating E4J). If the codes are entered correctly, a message will pop up, indicating that the mod has been unlocked and can be controlled from the top border of the world map.

Achievements grouped by mods

The following list gives the achievements required for unlocking the corresponding mods. Requirements of these achievements can be found in the previous sections or by looking up the name in the achievement list in Steam.

(1) Horizontally flipped fields:
A Shrubbery!, Connecting the Dots, Century Egg

(2) Vertically flipped fields:
Juggler, Double Sharded, Disciple

(3) Monster egg hunt:
Black Blood, Round Cut, Forged in Battle

(4) Wealthy monsters:
Stumbling, Bye Bye Hideous, Is Anyone in There?

(5) Omnibeacons:
Double Strike, Come Again, Blue Wand

(6) Green blood:
What Are You Waiting For?, By Three They Go, Can’t Stop

(7) Explosive orblets:
Sharpened, “Come Out, Come Out”, Out of Nowhere

(8) Spell preparation:
Fully Lit, Not So Fast, Mana Trader

(9) Wasp filled shells:
Ages Old Memories, Your Mana is Mine, Feels Like Endurance

(10) Grey trees:
Derangement, Dry Puddle, Early Bird

(11) Heavy weather:
Armored Orb, Glitter Cloud, Vantage Point Down

(12) Deep learning gems:
Skylark, Eggnog, Purist

Note that Glitter cloud and Multiline are carrying the same gem code; it is not known if it is intentional or simply a bug.

List of codes

A list of complete codes are listed below if anyone has made up their mind to skip the puzzle-solving steps altogether.

(1) Horizontally flipped fields:

(2) Vertically flipped fields:

(3) Monster egg hunt:

(4) Wealthy monsters:

(5) Omnibeacons:

(6) Green blood:

(7) Explosive orblets:

(8) Spell preparation:

(9) Wasp filled shells:

(10) Grey trees:

(11) Heavy weather:

(12) Deep learning gems:
(This is a very powerful mod that may boost the damage of gems by 30-40% and normally can only be obtained after a demonstration of outstanding gemcrafting skills. If you truly made up your mind to obtain this mod early then the code can be found below.)

It’s end. I hope “GemCraft Frostborn Wrath – Achievement Gem Code Explained” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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