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Genital Jousting – Cheats in Story Mode

There are cheats in this game.


The devs added cheats to this game, how retro! They only work in the Story Mode. I think they’re mostly intended for development, but they can help you out by skipping stuff if you’re hunting achievements for example.

(Note: as of 2018-9-21, the collectible achievements Early Bird and Sleep No More are broken)

The Cheats

To perform one of the cheats, type the text “cheat” during gameplay (there is no feedback if you did it correctly), and then one of these keys:

  • F1 – Slow motion (press F1 again to revert)
  • F2 – Fast speed (press F2 again to revert)
  • F3 – Double speed (press F3 again to revert)
  • F4 – Super speed (press F4 again to revert)
  • P – Toggle protagonist appearance
  • 1, 2, 3 – Go to act 1, 2 or 3.
  • PageUp, PageDown – Previous or next scene in act respectively (wraps around)
  • M, N – Transistion to previous or next montage respectively
  • Delete – Clear all achievements (!)
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