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Ghost Hunters Corp Beginners Guide: Understanding the basics

If you’re thinking about wanting to hunt and exorcise the ghosts then this is the right game for you. At first, this game might seem very challenging which was also my first impression, but once you know how everything works, all (at least most) of your stress will go away. I will show you how to complete your first contract.

Selecting Contract

So you’ve looked through the tutorial and now you’re ready to dive in. I would recommend playing on the Lost House on the lowest difficulty because it is the smallest and easiest map. You will know the layout of the house after your first contract so you won’t have to stress. You would only pick the other 2 maps if you can easily exorcise the ghost in the Lost House, or you just want a challenge.

Setting up your equipment

Once you have selected your contract and have driven to your destination, you will realise that you have some starter equipment ready for you. You won’t have to care about dying and losing these items since they are permanently there each contract (unless you have selected the hardest difficulty). Items you have brought in using your money can be lost if you die with the item/s outside the truck. at the start you should bring most of your equipment to the front door for ease of use. When you have done that, you should pick up a flashlight, photo camera, and an entity scan (these are the most useful for finding the ghost).

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Type of ghost

Once you have found the ghost you want to find the evidence and the type of ghost you are facing. Currently, there are 5 types of ghosts; Shadow, Revenant, Poltergeist, Daemon, and Children. The types can only be identifiable by their actions and their appearance. The Shadow will look like a dark figure or a shadow at all times, a Revenant will always be crawling, all ghosts can crawl if they want to but a Revenant will never stand, Poltergeists are known to be very angry when you are touching items around the house (especially occult items), Daemons can be noticed by how often they attack you and if you hear a laugh. Children ghosts seem smaller and look like a girl with white clothing.


Ghosts can have 2 – 5 evidence (depending on which difficulty), EMF can go from 3/4 – 5, Entity scan can show multiple scan codes, The spirit could communicate through the EVP which is the spirit talking through the spirit box using words, it can communicate through the Radio which is just a radio through the spirit box, or it can make a noise which doesn’t come from a spirit box. Ghostwriting can either be on the book (when you ask it) or on a wall somewhere, it could appear as words or drawings. Sometimes the wall drawing or writing can only be seen through the photo camera so be aware of wall writing or drawing. Temperatures can be measured through the MEL or the Temperature Reader, you go up to the ghost and see if it’s either negative or at zero.

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Currently, there are two items in the game which protect you, there is a Marie Statue and a Crucifix. Certain ghosts get repelled by either the statue of the crucifix, Child ghosts and Revenants get repelled by the Marie Statue and the Shadow, Daemon, and Poltergeists get repelled by the crucifix. The statue only works when it is on the ground, and the crucifix can work either while holding it or on the floor. Be careful because these items can get consumed and won’t work anymore. Another way to stop getting attacked is by shutting a door on the ghost. While it is “hunting”, you can run away and shut a door on the ghost, you will have to keep holding the door so the ghost can’t get through. Doing this will stop consuming your crucifix and the ghost will start to break down the door. Ghosts can also break down your truck door so be very, very careful if that happens. The ghost will bang on the door 5 times until it fully breaks. This is a good way of regaining your stamina so you can run to the next door.

Exorcising the ghost

Once you have collected all available evidence, you are ready to start exorcising the ghost. You want to print your exorcism sheet and read what it says. Some pieces of evidence will have the same exorcism steps but that doesn’t mean you will have to do that step twice. Once you do a step and see colourful smoke, that indicated you have done the right step. If you do a step and you see white smoke, this means you either have done that step already or it wasn’t part of your exorcism sheet and you have gotten one of the evidence wrong. You will know if you have gotten rid of the ghost once you see white and blue orbs glimmering in a sphere.

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Secondary Items

I will not be covering this since these don’t fully help in completing the main objective.

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