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Ghost Recon Breakpoint A Soul in Rest – Fen Bog Guide

These little missions scattered across the map are as engaging as they are rewarding; playing through them will give you the little boost you need to keep yourself going through the game as smoothly as possible.

The difficulty of these side quests in Ghost Recon is more dependent on the number of AI. You’ll find most of the objectives quite clearly illustrated with clear instructions.

To get a side quest find the relevant NPC, and go on your merry way killing what you’re told to kill, level up, equip fancy gear, and you’re all set. Let’s talk about all the side-quests spread throughout the various regions of the game.

Breakpoint has the following regional side missions which can either be played through alone or with a trusty team-mate.

A Soul in Rest – Fen Bog Guide

Head below Summers Swamp, and enter Summers Homestead in Fen to find the side-quest. Once the quest is started, go towards the Ancient Cemetery to find Yuma and talk to her. Make your way to the market and ask Sentinel Soldiers or civilians regarding the plane crash location.

Once said intel is known, make your way to the crash location and gather intel from the soldiers there. Follow the marker again to reach Bunker Edgehod South and interrogate a soldier to learn about Commander’s Office. Once you find the office, search the shelves to retrieve Yuma’s items. Head back to the Ancient Cemetery and speak with Yuma to end the side-mission.


  • Bradley Bowie Weapon
  • 1600 XP
  • 1500 Skell Credits

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