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Ghost Recon Breakpoint For Honor – Fen Bog Guide

These little missions scattered across the map are as engaging as they are rewarding; playing through them will give you the little boost you need to keep yourself going through the game as smoothly as possible.

The difficulty of these side quests in Ghost Recon is more dependent on the number of AI. You’ll find most of the objectives quite clearly illustrated with clear instructions.

To get a side quest find the relevant NPC, and go on your merry way killing what you’re told to kill, level up, equip fancy gear, and you’re all set. Let’s talk about all the side-quests spread throughout the various regions of the game.

Breakpoint has the following regional side missions which can either be played through alone or with a trusty team-mate.

For Honor – Fen Bog Guide

Once you’ve completed “A Soul In Rest”, you can access this side-quest by talking to Yuma Iro again in the cemetery. Go to Liberty Province, talk to the civilians or interrogate soldiers for intel. Once you have enough intel, go to the plane crash site. Investigate the site and open the box to get a puzzle box piece.

Head to Seal Islands province and repeat the process of gathering intel again. When you have the satellite map, go to the marked location to get to the foxhole. Open another box to get another puzzle box piece. Head towards Smuggler Coves to collect intel one more time.

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When you have enough clues, you will be able to find a laptop, use that to read a blog post. With that knowledge, move to the paratrooper’s location and collect the puzzle box’s lid. Trace your objective marker near Lake Mary in Argyll and locate the final puzzle box pieces.

Now, go to the Peterman Mine in the Silent Mountain province to find the Japanese Shelter. Investigate the shelter and return to Yuma to finish the side mission.


  • 3200 XP
  • 2500 Skell Credits

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