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Ghost Recon Breakpoint The Siren’s Call – New Argyll Guide

These little missions scattered across the map are as engaging as they are rewarding; playing through them will give you the little boost you need to keep yourself going through the game as smoothly as possible.

The difficulty of these side quests in Ghost Recon is more dependent on the number of AI. You’ll find most of the objectives quite clearly illustrated with clear instructions.

To get a side quest find the relevant NPC, and go on your merry way killing what you’re told to kill, level up, equip fancy gear, and you’re all set. Let’s talk about all the side-quests spread throughout the various regions of the game.

Breakpoint has the following regional side missions which can either be played through alone or with a trusty team-mate.

The Siren’s Call – New Argyll Guide

From Saddle Ridge, head north of Gordon Guffy. Talk to Sheafe to begin. Track down your marker to find a small cave near Fortune Stream where you’ll find drones guarding the cave (which you need to destroy, just saying). Descend deeper into the cave to find a folder with intel about the antenna. Keep going until you reach the antenna, hack it and then go back to Sheafe to complete the side-mission.


  • 1600 XP
  • 1500 Skell Credits

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