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Ghostrunner 2 Achievement Guide 100%

Ghostrunner 2 Achievement Guide 100%

Are you looking to unlock 100% of the achievements in Ghostrunner 2? Have a particular achievement you’re struggling to get? Then this guide is for you! This guide provides detailed explanations for the unlock conditions and easiest strategies for every achievement in Ghostrunner 2.

Almost all of these achievements can be unlocked in levels early on in the game, aside from a few story-related ones and the collectibles, so you can work on grinding achievements before even finishing the game’s main storyline if you want to!

Story/Unmissable Achievements

The Quarterback
Defeat Ahriman the Destroyer

This achievement will unlock after completing Will Bushido Allow It?

Connection Lost
Defeat Rahu the Avatar

This achievement will unlock after completing You Shouldn’t Have Peeked.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
Leave the Dharma Tower

This achievement will unlock during the cutscene partway through I Won’t Be Back Today.

Digestive Issues
Defeat Naga the Sandworm

This achievement will unlock after completing Something Lurks in the Sand.

Funeral Of The Death
Defeat Madhu the Dismantler

This achievement will unlock after completing Danse Macabre.

Defeat Mitra the Resurrected

This achievement will unlock after completing The Monolith of Inhumanity.

Basic Achievements

First Time?
Die for the first time


Baby Steps
Buy your first Upgrade Chip

You should be able to buy your first upgrade chip at the hub area after completing the second level.

The Old-School Way
Finish any level without blocking

For this one, you just have to complete a level without blocking. If you played GR1, this will probably just be habitual since blocking is new in GR2. It’s really not much of a necessary feature if you aren’t playing levels with Shinobi that have to be Perfect Blocked, since you can block bullets just by swinging your sword normally. Might as well do it on the first level, Uninvited Guests, since it’s short. You can die as many times as you need in the run.

Half Man, Half Machine
Buy 10 Upgrade Chips

You should be able to do this after playing through a few levels at the beginning of the game. You collect data by getting combos in levels, and it builds up pretty fast, so most of the time you return to the hub you’ll likely be able to buy all the currently available upgrade chips.

He Just Wanted To Help
Defeat Ahriman without using Bakunin’s Taser

Clearing the Ahriman bossfight in Will Bushido Allow It? without using Bakunin’s taser may seem a little difficult, but it’s really not too bad. You can still grapple to Bakunin to avoid attacks from the boss, you just can’t use his taser to stun Ahriman. Just take care to avoid the boss’ attacks and go in for sword damage whenever possible, and you should be able to get this achievement without too much difficulty.

All Jacked Up
Buy all the Upgrade Chips

This should end up happening before finishing the game, as long as you continue buying upgrade chips whenever you have an opportunity to and can afford it. If you find yourself needing to grind data to buy more upgrade chips, put some Flow upgrades in your motherboard, and replay a level like A Price To Be Paid that has a lot of enemies in one room. This way you’ll be able to build up high combos easily, which will earn you a lot of data, as well as the You’ve Reached The Right Number achievement if you don’t already have it.

Not Like The Others
Complete a level without using the Basic Attack

Completing a level without using the basic attack seems like a challenging task, but it isn’t that difficult on some of the early levels, considering that almost every enemy type can be killed by a Perfect Block either directly on melee enemies or by deflecting bullets from ranged enemies. The first level, Uninvited Guests, is probably the simplest one to do it on. You can die as many times as you want, so take your time. I recommend trying to Perfect Block all the melee enemies and throw shurikens at most of the ranged ones, but you can also deflect bullets back or use other abilities as long as you don’t swing your sword.

Kills/Abilities Achievements

Kill 6 Shinobi with a perfect-parry

Shinobi first appear in Setting The Stage, which is the third level in the game. In order to kill them, you’ll have to press the block button right when they’re about to attack you. There are more than six Shinobi in the level, so you should unlock the achievement pretty early on.

Time For Your Ninja Rope To Shine
Use the gap-jammer on stunned enemies 25 times

Throwing shurikens at larger enemy types, especially mechs, in order to stun them and then grapple for the kill is a pretty useful strategy in general. If you employ this mechanic in your gameplay, you should get the achievement pretty quickly. Personally, I really like the Gap-Blinker upgrade that lets you Blink (teleport) directly to a stunned enemy instead of grappling, although I don’t know whether that still counts for the achievement.

Explosive Personality
Kill 5 enemies with one explosive barrel

There are a number of opportunities to kill five or more enemies by blowing up a single barrel with a shuriken. One of the easiest opportunities is near the end of Licking The Wounds, where you will enter a room with five enemies all standing right around a barrel, and you can basically get the achievement for free.

This… Is… Dharma!
Kill an enemy after launching him in the air with the Tempest ability

This one is really easy once you’ve unlocked Tempest. Unlike in GR1, Tempest doesn’t actually kill enemies directly, but it sends them flying, so just use it on an enemy and then dash towards it for the kill.

You’ve Reached The Right Number
Get a x15 combo

This can be a little tough to get naturally because of how quickly you have to chain kills to keep a combo going. All of the Flow upgrade chips will help you with building up a big combo, but I found Flow Extension to be the most useful for this particular achievement. I’d recommend going for it on A Price To Be Paid, since this level has a large room with a lot of enemies in it which is perfect for getting a high combo.

No More Totems
Destroy 3 Dismantler totems in less than 45 seconds

In Danse Macabre, there are green totems that you have to destroy as part of the bossfight. Simply destroy three of them within 45 seconds for the achievement to unlock.

Ran over 5 enemies with the motorcycle

Running over enemies with the motorbike is pretty easy, but note that you can’t run over the enemies in the first motorbike level, I Won’t Be Back Today, as these enemies just explode and kill you when you hit them. However, the next level, Winds Of The Desolate, has some easy opportunities to run over a few enemies, die, and repeat until you reach five.

The Floor Is Lava
Kill 20 enemies while grinding the Grindline

You’ll likely unlock this one naturally, but if not, you can just go to the very beginning of Uninvited Guests and throw a shuriken at the first enemy while you are on the grindline. Restart level and repeat.

Be Like Water
Deflect 10 bullets in a row

In order to get a “deflection” for this achievement, you have to use a Perfect Block on a bullet 10 times in a row—you can’t just block by swinging your sword. Find a room where you can kill all the enemies except for one that shoots single red bullets, and deflect 10 in a row using Perfect Block. The Smooth Moves upgrade chip will make this easier. However, note that if you have the Smart Deflect upgrade chip equipped, this achievement will be virtually impossible, since the first bullet you deflect will usually kill the enemy. Make sure to unequip this upgrade chip, and aim away from the enemy so your deflected bullets don’t end up killing it.

One-Star Man
Kill 3 enemies with a single shuriken without using the environment

For this one, you’ll want to use the Distributed Energy upgrade chip so you can throw three shurikens at once. If you have the Rooting upgrade chip, I would also recommend putting Distributed Energy in a motherboard column with two or fewer upgrades, so that your other shuriken upgrades such as Tracking System will apply to all three shurikens. There are a lot of places this can be done, but it’s easiest in one of the first rooms of Uninvited Guests, where there are three enemies that only have melee attacks. Note that shurikens still won’t pierce through enemies, so you’ll want to make sure to get all three of them side-by-side.

Scorch Squaaad!
Kill 8 enemies with a single use of the Flux ability

For this one you’ll definitely want to use the Ultimate Booster I and II upgrade chips so that your Flux ability lasts longer and doesn’t take time to charge up. It’s still pretty tricky, and it seems that killing enemies with explosive barrels doesn’t count—the Flux laser has to actually hit eight enemies. A decent spot to do this is inside the hidden terminal challenge on Behind The Curtain, where there are a couple groups of 4-5 enemies standing together. See the video on Faster Than Light for how to find this challenge, but it’s in the very last room of the level, with the terminal in the back-left corner of the room. Do note that since you’re in a terminal challenge, you won’t regain your Flux ability if you die/respawn inside the challenge, so make sure you line up a clear shot and get eight enemies on the first go. It’s not ideal, especially since it’s at the very end of the level, but it works. I’ll update the guide if I find a better spot for this achievement.

Master Manipulator
Kill 4 enemies with a single use of the Overlord ability

This one doesn’t seem that tough, but it can be a little finicky. Although having the Ultimate Booster I and II upgrade chips allows you to manipulate two enemies and blow them up after a few seconds, those don’t appear to count for the achievement—the enemies you’ve used Overlord on will have to actually kill four other enemies. A good spot for this is near the beginning of Licking The Wounds, where you can use Overlord on the two enemies with electrified clubs. When they attack, the electricity in the floor will kill all the other enemies in the room, earning you the achievement.

Deathless Achievements

You’re Starting To Get It
Complete a level without dying

Although the Godrunner achievement doesn’t count boss levels, this one DOES. If you’re going for the 100%, scroll down to read the guide for that achievement and you’ll get this one too, but if you’re only looking to unlock this one, the easiest level to get it on is actually Will Bushido Allow It?, the second level and first bossfight in the game. This level only has two checkpoints near the beginning anyway, so you’ll be doing most of the work for the deathless clear just by beating the level, and it can easily be done in under 90 seconds.

Finish any 5 levels without dying

As of my writing this guide on 11/01/2023, boss levels do NOT count toward this achievement. It is unknown whether this is a bug or intended by the developers, so it may or may not change. You DON’T have to clear five levels consecutively, but you do have to complete five non-boss levels without dying. I recommend completing the following levels deathless:

  • Uninvited Guests – The first and easiest level of the game. This one should probably just take a few attempts, especially if you played GR1 and are already familiar with the mechanics. You can expect a deathless run to be about 5 minutes long.
  • Setting The Stage – This one’s a bit longer and tougher than the first one, but it’s still pretty manageable since there are a lot of platforming sections with few enemies. That being said, some of the platforming is a little janky, so take your time and be careful not to fall to your death. For this level I strongly recommend using the Sharpened Blade upgrade chip if you have it unlocked, since it will allow you to kill the Shinobi (enemies with swords) with your sword like any other enemy type instead of having to Perfect Block their attacks. If you can position this upgrade in your motherboard with no chip on the left or right of it, you won’t have to use up any stamina for this ability to work. Be aware that the Cybervoid section at the end of this level will make you fall off the stage at the end when a platform disappears—this is the only thing you can do at that part, and it won’t count as a death. You can expect a deathless run to be about 8 minutes long.
  • The Hacker’s Den – This is one of the least stressful levels to clear deathless, since it actually has very few enemies. You have to go to three different terminals and complete a brief Cybervoid section at each one. I’d encourage starting with the terminal on your left when you enter the main area, since that path is the only one where you’ll have to deal with a large room of enemies. I’d also recommend using Sharpened Blade for this one if possible, since this level has some Shinobi in it too. You can expect a deathless run to be about 10 minutes long.
  • A Price To Be Paid – This isn’t a very challenging level to complete deathless, since almost the entire level takes place in one room, where most enemies won’t even be targeting you unless you get close to them. Just be cautious, make your way around the room, and try to take out all the enemies in each section together so they don’t start attacking you when you kill the first one. Also, once you get far enough through clearing the enemies, there will be blue boxes on the sides of the platforms that you can hit with shurikens to electrocute all enemies on that platform. On this level I did have a bug where the game said there was still an enemy left alive, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found in the room. It turned out that it was behind one of the red laser walls in the side of the room, and I was able to kill it using the Flux overdrive ability despite not being able to reach it physically. You can expect a deathless run to be about 7 minutes long.
  • I Won’t Be Back Today – This was the most frustrating one that I did deathless, but it’s still not too bad. It’s the first motorbike level and it can unfortunately be pretty difficult to sight-read the gameplay when you’re moving so fast, so you’ll have to memorize a lot of it. It’s not super long, so this is manageable, but it’ll likely take some time. I recommend playing it all the way to the end a few times, even if you die, so you can get practice with the later portions of the level. You’ll die to some dumb things, but keep at it and you’ll eventually get there. If you find yourself getting really frustrated, try turning off the game sound and listening to music instead—it’ll make the attempts less monotonous, and there isn’t really anything you need to be able to hear in this level anyway. This advice honestly could work for any level, and I did it for most of my deathless runs, but sometimes it can be helpful to hear enemies—that’s not applicable here though. You can expect a deathless run to be about 6 minutes long.

This is definitely the toughest achievement for GR2, but none of these pretty early levels are really that bad once you get the hang of them. You realize the levels are a lot shorter than they seem once you start being able to get through the entire thing without dying! Just keep at it, and you’ll get there eventually. They’ll also get easier as you’ve progressed further into the game and unlocked more powerful upgrade chips with a higher level motherboard.

Collection Achievements

01101110 01101001 01100011 01100101
Fully upgrade the Motherboard

Collect all the audiologs

Garbage Man
Collect all the artifacts

Live By The Sword
Complete your sword collection

Chewing The Scenery
Find all the collectible items

I’m not going to do a full write-up for every collectible because there are already plenty of great YouTube videos out there that show all of them. This is the one I used for memory shards, audiologs, artifacts, and swords.

Faster Than Light

  • Earn a gold medal in every challenge

Here is another great video showing the locations of all of the hidden challenges and how to get gold medals on all of them. They aren’t that tricky, some of them may take a few attempts to get familiar with the routing but none of the gold medal times are unreasonably difficult.

“All Other Achievements” Achievement

Jack Of All Trades
All achievements obtained

This achievement will unlock once you’ve completed all 33 other achievements. Congrats, you’ve 100%ed Ghostrunner 2!

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