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GNOSIA Definite Human Enemy Logic Puzzles

A bunch of logic puzzles I’ve run into while playing that were so obtuse I broke my brain solving them. Try some out yourself and perhaps pick up a few tricks to give yourself an edge in future loops.

GNOSIA Definite Human Enemy Logic Puzzles

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This is a collection of obtuse logic puzzles surrounding the Definite Human/Enemy mechanic I’ve ran into while playing. I left solutions for all of them, and I hope they might give you insight in the weird situations this game can throw you into.

These puzzles are played with the game’s default settings (15 players, 3 Gnosia, all roles).

Puzzle 1

Definite Human/Enemy Logic Puzzles

It’s the fifth day. All roles come out on the first day. In the first night there was a double death, which killed both Otome and Remnan. Sha-Ming checked out Remnan, which proofed Sha-Ming to be the real Engineer and exposed Raqio as a liar. Currently I have the option to call out someone as a Definite Enemy. Who is the Definite Enemy in this situation?

The situation seems weird at a glance, because there’s nobody that can be determined as Gnosia. The options for Gnosia are Chipie, Shigemichi and Yuriko and there might still be two Gnosia alive. The logical mistake I feel that is easy to make is thinking the Definite Enemy is among those three. It’s however not the case.

The problem lies with the Doctors and Sha-Ming’s observations. Sha-Ming has eliminated the Bug, which means that the only liars left in the game are the Gnosia and the AC Follower. Sha-Ming has also determined both Comet and Jonas to be Human. These observations proof Raqio’s identity. The Bug is dead, and the AC Follower must be among the Doctors, as Sha-Ming has found no Gnosia among them. This must mean that the Engineer who was lying must have been Gnosia. Comet reported Raqio as Gnosia, whereas Jonas did not. Therefore, Jonas is the AC Follower and a Definite Enemy. It also proofs Comet is the real Doctor.

Puzzle 2

Definite Human/Enemy Logic Puzzles

It’s the third day, above is the current status of the crew, as well as the Doctor and Engineer reports. All roles came forward on the first day. Otome has just declared me as the real Engineer. How did she get to that conclusion?

The logic error arises between Kukrushka’s and Shigemichi’s report. Kukrushka says Jonas is Gnosia, which means that Shigemichi has to be the real Doctor. This is only true because Doctor came forward on the first day. Next day Shigemichi gives his report and says Jonas is Human. It invalidates Kukrushka’s claim of Jonas is Gnosia and therefore makes her a guaranteed enemy. And because only two Engineers came forward, it makes me the real Engineer. But that’s technically not enough to be 100% cleared, because what if Jonas was the real Doctor? Jonas could be Doctor and Shigemichi a Bug or AC Follower. However, the real Doctor HAS to be present because they all came forward on the first day. If Shigemichi is lying, Jonas still has to be Human and the real Doctor, therefore invalidating Kukrushka’s claims. Only if Shigemichi had falsely claimed Jonas to be Gnosia, there would have been no problem for Kukrushka.

So if Kukrushka was right, Shigemichi would be a real Doctor and by contradicting her, it makes her a guaranteed Enemy and therefore by my investigation Gnosia.
If Shigemichi was lying, it doesn’t matter still, because if he is, Jonas must be the real Doctor, again invalidating Kukrushka’s claim and making her a guaranteed Enemy.

Puzzle 3

Definite Human/Enemy Logic Puzzles

It’s the fourth day. Guard Duty and Engineer came out on the first day, Doctor on the second. Raqio gets frozen on the first day. In the first night Yuriko and Remnan died, which meant that Chipie was identified as the real Engineer and Yuriko as the Bug. We’ve frozen Shigemichi and Kukrushka, and last night Stella died. On this fourth day I can call someone out as a Definite Enemy. Who is it?

The truth shows when you look at how the roles are spread, how Doctor getting out on the second day affects things, and the status of the Bug.

The Bug (Yuriko) died alongside Remnan, and Raqio got frozen the day before. The Doctors come forward and both identify Raqio as Human. Normally at this point you can’t determine whether the real Doctor is even among them, but this case is different. The Bug has died during the night and did not come forward as an Engineer. This leaves 4 liars total in the game, 3 Gnosia and possibly an AC Follower. But it’s already been determined the AC Follower is still in the game. In this game, no two Gnosia ever claim the same role. Because three people claimed Engineer on the first day, one is the real Engineer (Chipie in this case), one is a Gnosia and one must be the AC Follower. That leaves us two Gnosia who have not yet claimed a role and could possibly lie. Two people come forward as Doctor. These can’t both be Gnosia, and because there’s no other liars available, one of them must be the real Doctor. This also proofs that Remnan wouldn’t have had a role. (To the rest this could have been Guardian Angel still, but that’s us, so that’s ruled out.)

So where does that leave us on the fourth day? Stella, one of the Doctors, has died. We’ve just determined that one of the Doctors must have been real and the other Gnosia. Stella dying proofs that the other Doctor (Comet) must be Gnosia. Therefore, the Definite Enemy in this situation is Comet.

This also proofs Shigemichi was the AC Follower and Kukrushka as Gnosia, based on the real Doctor’s (Stella’s) observations.

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