God Eater 3 How to Unlock and Use Burst Arts

Throughout the game, you will need to such various weapons, shields, items advance and special moves to fight against the powerful Aragami and Ash borns.

One of the features which you can use in the game to make your character more powerful is to unlock and level up your Burst Arts which are very useful.

So in this guide, you will learn what is BA’s, how to use them, and how you can unlock all of them.

What Are Burst Arts?
Burst Arts are special techniques that alter your techniques so long as you have Burst activated. These are reminiscent of Blood Arts from previous entries, but you can now have up to three BAs equipped — one for ground, aerial and step (dash) — at one time — instead of the previous one.

These can be applied to essentially any of your regular attacks, so all you really need to do is find which ones work for you and stick with them. If you do, they’ll eventually increase in power and you’ll unlock new ones to pummel Aragami with.

How to Use Burst Arts
As mentioned above the burst arts looks like special abilities because of advance movement and effects but it really isn’t. all it does is add bonus buffs and modifies attack which is pretty good.

To use them you do not need to use any advance or unique button inputs. all you need to do is equip your desired Burst arts and then press the same buttons as you did before. but this time you will see different moves, effects, and damage.

You should also know that there are plenty of Burst arts and some of them are unique because they deal even more damage under special conditions like when the enemy is disabled/downed, when you are in the air, and more.

So it is recommended that you check each of them out and decide which is more suited for your playstyle and gameplay.

How To Unlock More Burst Arts
The good thing unlocking new Burst Arts is that you won’t need to search around the game world for new items instead you just need to keep using the Burst Arts you already have, gain experience, and level up them to 3 and you will unlock a new Burst Art.

To level them up fast you will need to use them against Aragami. fighting against stronger enemies will increase the speed of Exp gain and fighting against weaker enemies will reduce the exp gain.

Also while fighting Aragami try getting critical hit as it too would improve the ability even faster.

How Can I Get More?

In order to unlock more Burst Arts, all you have to do is use the ones you already have. Luckily, the game tells you what Burst Art needs to be leveled up in order to gain a new one, so there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll need to raise a Burst Art to lvl 3 at the most in order to unlock another one.

Though do keep in mind that just like with Acceleration Triggers, you get less experience towards powering up your Burst Arts on lower ranked missions, so don’t think you can farm them in order to quickly level up your BA’s.

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