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God Of Weapons 100% Achievement Guide

God Of Weapons 100% Achievement Guide

This guide contains explanations, directions and advice for collecting all present achievements in God of Weapons.

I should preface this by saying that Steam achievements are tied to unlocks on the Monolith of Wishes in the hub area. This means that some achievements cannot be acquired until one or more unlocks before it are completed, even if you’ve met the requirements. Achievements will not be credited until you unlock them.

Another thing is that currently the text for some in-game achievements and the ones on Steam do not match, so I’ll be using the in-game ones as the most credible.


These achievements do not require you to play a specific character and can be completed by just playing the game normally.

Starting FundDie for the first time.
Slayer I-IIIEliminate 500/2500/15000 enemies across all your runs.
Unstoppable RampageDeal 300000 points of melee damage in a single run.Overkill damage does count as damage dealt. I recommend buying Great Axe at the Armory, since its spin attack can deal a lot of damage and clear in a very short amount of time.
Stacking enemy amount on higher difficulties is also a good choice.
The Bolt’s MasteryDeal a total of 500000 points of damage with ranged weapons.
Voodoo and HoodooInflict Status Effects 1000 times in a single run.Status effects are inflicted by elemental weapons, which are usually marked as Enchanted, mainly wands and staffs, and trigger on hit. There are 3 elements in the game and one status effect for each: Lightning (Shocks and stops the enemy for a short time), Ice (Slows down enemies) and Fire (Burning deals damage over time). Doing a run with Mage and picking wand for each element should make this achievement easy enough.
Also, enemies don’t seem to have any build ups or resistances, so you can literally stunlock enemies with shock if you have high attack speed.
Things I didn’t even tryKill 5000 enemies with Status Effects.I think Burning is the only Status Effect that actually deals damage, so investing into Fire weapons should be a priority.
Royal PrivilegeUse Lifesteal 1000 times.
DemonslayerDefeat 1 Succubus EliteThere’re 2 versions of the Succubus, one with a charge attack and one with a delayed ranged attack. Any should do.
Exorcism I/DreadEliminate 3/20 Elite enemies.Besides Succubus pair there is also a Beholder, which shoots multiple projectiles in a fan pattern, some of which become tracking. One Elite enemy always spawns on floor 10 with more showing up on later difficulties. You can spawn Elite on the upcoming floor by using or carrying certain items.
More Powder!/Barrel BasherBreak 60/100 Barrels.
Divine ProtectionClear a Floor without taking damage 50 times.Should be easy to do passively along the runs, especially on the early Floors.
AutoplayClear a Floor without moving.Just don’t touch controls. Taking damage during this does not count as moving.
Glacial AdvancedClear 25 Floors without dashing.Most of the time you don’t even need to dash to avoid damage, unless you are tanking Movement Speed. With a strong build you may not even need to move at all.
CupidKill 5 enemies with one ranged weapon shot.Some of the ranged weapons, like Crossvolver or Magic Staff, pierce enemies by default, so you don’t need to play a certain class or invest much into getting it.
IronskinReceive 1000 damage in 1 run.
I’ll be backHeal 100 HP on the same Floor.Basically any build with lifesteal and high attack speed can do that.
One good strategy through recovery is by using Priestesses with Cross Wands, which give a stacking bonus to adjacent recovery items. Her Commandment of Swords can also turn armor into recovery items, adding to the bonus.
Much to LearnClear 5 floors without leveling up.One way it can be done is to sell your weapons and focus purely on survival on early Floors. They are short, you don’t take that much damage, and there shouldn’t be too many enemies to overwhelm you.
Another is to tank your Exp Gain and Damage on later Floors and focus on weapons with strong Knockback or Shock to keep enemies away.
Eternal StudentLevel up 5 times in one floor.It is best done on lower floors as you get much more XP down there than later ones. Pick a fast clear weapon, like Throwing Daggers or Automatic Crossbow, stack up on scrolls and maybe try to get as close to a level up by the end of the round. One thing to note is that, apparently, Level Up Emblems found in barrels DO NOT count as a level up.
I’ll be backHeal 100 HP on the same Floor.Basically any build with lifesteal and high attack speed can do that.
One good strategy through recovery is by using Priestesses with Cross Wands, which give a stacking bonus to adjacent recovery items. Her Commandment of Swords can also turn armor into recovery items, adding to the bonus.
Pain is Power/Recoverless/HolierWin a run with 0 or less Armor/Recovery/Lifesteal.As previously stated, only the 20th Floor counts, so you can do the run as normal and then tank the stat before the boss. It is unnecessary though, as investing into one of them is enough to survive and you’ll most likely have at least one of the others tanked anyway.


These achievements require you to perform certain actions involving your inventory or weapons in it.

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Bootstrap came offEnter a Floor with less than 10 gold 10 times.The very first Floor still counts, so all you need to do is keep starting gold at 0 until you get this Achievement.
Generational WealthHave 3000 unspent gold.
The Grand ArsenalEquip 10 different weapons.
Concerto of ArmsEquip 12 weapons of the same kind at once.Equipping 12 identical weapons would need a lot of space, so investing into Exp Gain and focusing on smaller arms like Daggers is recommended. Doing it with Throwing Daggers or Ebony Daggers on Rogue should be easy.
Bountiful HarvestHave at least 6 Crimson Scythes.Buy and keep 6 big red scythes, small ones don’t count. Do it with Fieldkeeper as she gets one for free and has bonuses for Polearms.
EdgyWin a run with only Daggers.This means that by the end of the run all of your weapons need to have a “Dagger” tag on them. Armor and movement items do not count, but shields do. You don’t need to do a whole run with Daggers, even though it is quite easy to do.
Rod of Lordly MightWin a run with only staves.“Staff” is not a set tag, so the only thing you can go for are weapons with “Staff” in the title. I don’t think that Wands count.
Less is MoreWin a run with 6 or less weapons.As stated before, you only need to have 6 weapons when you beat the boss. Shields do count as weapons.
Two MoreHave 3 Tier 4 Flails.To reliably get this you first need to buy Arcane Anvil at the Armory, which will allow you to upgrade weapons on your runs. A number of classes and aspects can get Flail as their starting weapon, and you can increase the rarity of your starting weapon to Tier 3 at the Statue with Titanite. Luck stat also increases the likelihood of higher Tier items appearing in the shop.
There is also a King unique item that makes all adjacent weapons a Tier higher, but I don’t know if you can trick the game into actually thinking them to be higher Tier.
Spoils of ConquestWin a run with only tier 4 weapons.Invest into Luck and Resource Gain to get a higher chance for Tier 4 weapons and money to re-roll or buy Anvils. Shields do count as weapons and cannot be upgraded with Anvils.


These achievements require you to do something during a run while playing a particular character or aspect. Most of them can be done in a single run, often without even trying too hard.

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Power ManifestReach 25 Vitality and 25 Magic Power as the Vile.The Steam achievement does not mention the last part.
Sword and SorceryReach 25 Magic Power and 25 Melee Power as the Eldritch Knight.
Fire and ArmsReach 25 Projectile Power and 25 Melee Power as the Ranger.
Sorcery and SwordHave 5 Melee and 5 Enchanted weapons as the SpellBlade.Enchanted Melee weapons like Prismblade and Fire Mace count towards both, so you can just focus on those.
LoyaltyDo not buy weapons for 5 Floors as the Singularist.Singularist is an aspect focused on playing with a single weapon, so if you have a good weapon from the start you won’t need a new one at all. Using the Statue, you can increase the Tier of your starting weapon up to 3, and keep it until the end.
HaulHave 20 items as the Thief.
MoreOverheal 200 times as the Soul Drinker.When you heal on full health as Soul Drinker, you get a stacking bonus that is partially reset at the start of the new Floor. You just need to avoid damage and let it build up.
Late Night CrunchLevel up 20 times in 1 run as the Adept.
PreparedHave an inventory of 80 as the Scholar.Just a repeat of Bulging Backpack, but even easier.
Stand FirmKill 1000 enemies while not moving as the Sentinel.Fairly easy to do with Halberds, can get Autoplay while you’re at it.
Fresh MeatReach 100 Vitality as the Butcher.
Can’t be BargainedReach 100 Armor as the Golem.You might die of boredom on this one.
RotHave the first Boss be inflicted with Fire, Shock and Slow at the same time.Wands are the most reliable for inflicting status, so pick up 3 or more wands of 3 elements and attack the boss with them. Make sure you don’t kill him too fast.
Kingly LuxuryReach 50 Resource Gain as the King.
RichesSpend 3000 fold in 1 Floor as the Merchant.Just save up some money and spend them in one go. Re-rolls do count as spending.
RagsBuy 10 Items in 1 Floor as the Beggar.Same as the previous one, but you pay with your life.
I’m a healer, but…Kill 1000 enemies with Blessed Mace as the Priestess
ImmaculateTake no damage for 5 consecutive Floors as the Inquisitor.Easy to do with Cross Wand. Fully blocking damage with a shield does not count as getting hit, so you can pick up a couple just to be safe from stray projectiles. Might also be bugged, since I got it after 7 Floors.
Harvest SeasonReach 100 Range as the Fieldkeeper.
All Foes Must DieKill 10 Elites in one run as the Assassin.You can spawn Elites using the items below:
  • Dragonblood Elixir – Increases one of your stats by 5 and spawns one Elite on the next floor.
  • Dust of Enlarging – Increases the size of your inventory by 3 and spawns 2 Elites on the next floor.
  • Bloody Teeth – spawns 1 Elite every Floor as long as it remains in the inventory. Killing an Elite gives you a stacking bonus of +5% Damage and +2 Armor, even after Bloody Teeth are removed from your inventory.
  • Malevolent Observer – Increases your Range by 40, but spawns 1 Elite every Floor.

Note that these items stack with each other and on repeated uses, as well as with Elites guaranteed to spawn due to Difficulty.

Moon in the PoolDodge 100 times as the Scout.Refers to the Dodge stat, not the Dash ability. Make sure you have good healing in case RNG doesn’t work.
Divine InterventionBlock 1000 damage with a shield as the Crusader.This refers to the actual shields and not Crusader’s aura. Buy a bunch of shields and walk into enemies.
Stick ‘em with the pointy endWin a run as the Blade Master with only BladesRequires you to finish a run with weapons that have a “Blade” tag. Note that Rapier and Great Sword from Blademaster’s starting weapons do not have this tag. I did this achievement with Short Swords only to be safe.
SkewerReach 3 Pierces as the SharpshooterTo get this achievement, you first need to buy Masterwork Arrowhead at the Armory. Besides Arrow Shaft (which you only unlock AFTER completing this achievement), this is the only item in the game that gives Pierce. None of the stats and special effects on weapons matter.
Second, upgrade Gold Start, Free Reroll and Selling Items stats at the Statue as much as possible.
During the run, try to save up as much money as possible, as you’ll be rerolling a lot. Masterwork Arrowhead is a Tier 3 item, so it will be rare and expensive, and there is a good chance that its place will be taken up by other loot. When I did this achievement, I’ve got all 3 of my Arrowheads right on the last 2-3 Floors, but you might not get that lucky.
Master at ArmMax out 2 weapon sets as the Weapon Master.Each weapon has tags that indicate what set they belong to. Having multiple weapons with the same tag will give a bonus from that set. Each set maxes out at 9. Just buy the same weapon with 2 set tags 9 times until you get it.
This is also one of those achievements that have different descriptions on Steam and in the game.
Thrill of the FightClear 10 Floors with less than 50% HP left as the Berserker.The description doesn’t state this (or it is a bug), but you have to finish 10 floors on 50% HP left in a SINGLE run. Possibly consecutive floors too, which I’m not sure about.
I would not recommend doing it on lower difficulty, since there is a chance monsters won’t beat you up fast enough.
Do not take Wolf’s Fang or any other healing items. Refund your levels in “Health Gains per Floor” stat at the statue. “Pickup Range” too, so you don’t accidentally pick up a healing item or invulnerability.
Walk into enemies, explosions or stand on spikes until you get to a comfortable 30-40% HP. Projectiles are both your friends and enemies as they tend to deal far more damage than regular attacks or touch damage.
You can try to stack up on Luck and fish for a Vampire Heart in the Store.

Completing Runs

These achievements require you to reach a certain milestone or complete a run with certain conditions. Note that for character specific achievements you first need to unlock them before you can start making progress, meaning that none of your previous runs count. However, if you reach the unlocking criteria during the run and then complete it, then it will be credited towards the achievement.

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AscentReach Floor 16.
First Step/Ascent. Again/Last Stretch/Monarch/Fun and GameWin a Run in difficulty 1/2/3/4/5.Note that completing a run does not require you to kill a boss on Floor 20. If your DPS is low or you are afraid of getting too close to the boss, you only need to wait for the timer to run out.
The Weapon MasterWin a run using the Weapon Master aspect of the Knight.
Secret of SwordsWin a run with all Knight aspects.
The RangerWin a run using the Ranger aspect of the Hunter.
The SpellbladeWin a run using the Spellblade aspect of The Wizard.
Prometheus’ SecretWin a run with all Wizard aspects.
The AssassinWin a run using the Assassin aspect of The Raven.
Blade in the DarkWin a run with all Rogue aspects.Rogue is “The Raven”, which for some reason is the only named character.
Built to LastWin a run with all Juggernaut aspects.
Old FriendWin a run with all Lancer aspects.
Divine ProvidenceWin a run with all Priestess aspects.


These achievements require you to kill a boss on the last Floor of the run.

The Ascent

Defeat the First Boss on Difficulty 1. Poor guy doesn’t even gave a name.

This Boss has 3 attacks, 1 melee and 2 ranged:

  1. The Boss begins to spin in place and charges forward, walk away or dash if necessary.
  2. The Boss begins to spin and shoot projectiles in a spiral pattern. Maneuver or dash through if necessary.
  3. The Boss shoots forward tracking projectiles in a zigzag pattern. Gather them together and walk to the side.


Defeat Zhor, the Overlord at Difficulty 2.

At the moment, Zhor is the only boss for Difficulty 2 and above, so you will become quite familiar with him. He has 4 attacks:

  1. A charge attack with a large hitbox, dashing is recommended.
  2. A series of ranged wave projectiles.
  3. Zhor stops and starts chasing the player, while his swords spin in a wide circle around him. Walk away or dash if necessary.
  4. Zhor sends his swords in the air and throws them at you, marking the landing spots with red circles.

This section may be updated, if more bosses are added in the future.


At the time of this guide’s posting the game is officially released, but is obviously unfinished. The guide may be updated upon release of new content or patches.

Written by Silavire

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