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Gord 100% Achievement Guide

Gord 100% Achievement Guide

Here I’ll list all the achievements and some tips, basing on my experience with the game.

Those are campaing related so you will get those automatically (with some expceptions) as you follow the main story. Not much to explain here.

100% achievements guideMy First Gord

100% achievements guidePathfinder

100% achievements guideDefender

100% achievements guideStrategist

100% achievements guideMidas

100% achievements guideDiplomat

100% achievements guideSurvivor

100% achievements guideIronwill

100% achievements guidePaladin

100% achievements guideHero

100% achievements guideReal Estate Crisis
This one requires completeing scenarion without building gord. Automaticall obtainable after finishing chapter VIII of campaing, where you have to pass labirinth and no gord can be built.

100% achievements guideWonder Years
This one is annoying. It requires you NOT to assign ANY work to childres during entire campaing. To do this ir requires advanced planning.

First of all DO not manually assing kids to any available proffesions. And for combat make sure kids do not attack anybody.

Second of all make absolutely sure that you have NO kids when you place new building. I learned the hard waya that if kid is participating in building, which happens AUTOMATICALLY, it will be treated as work, thus you will be locked out from obtaining this achievement.

My advise is to avoind getting trinket that boosts child… production speed… I mean how fast they are born :I as for this achievement getting newborn is is not welcome.

In early chapters try to build in advance any structures that are necessary to finish the story mission, prior to having first newborn in gord. Later, when you obtain possibility to build outpost. You can place new building there.

DO NOT order kids to move anywhere and do anything. Even simple order as to move is considered order and work. I guess childs are burden sometimes.

So when you have option to build outpost, place new buildings there and never, ever touch kids. Don’t even press on them. Stear clear.

100% achievements guideThat Special Someone
Simple. Should happen automatically as you progress campaing. Since your older villagers will usually have better lvl on shills you will pick them anyway. My advise is to change the names of the ones you want to move throughout scenarios for something easily recognizable. I prefer numbers.

100% achievements guideKingsbane
This one requires finishing all scenarions of campaing on permadeath. Permadeth mode is same difficulty as Brutal, but one save that gets overwritten.

Since game has serious AI issues, your viligers will keep dying, bu going into group of enemies for resource.

Bare in mind that forr me hardest chapter was chapter VII, where you have to survive harsh winter for 65 min in-game time. Food is scarce. No mushrooms. My advise is to postpone fast progress in previous chapters and scout the maps. Obtain “Fresh bread” accessory that reduces food consumption by 25% for all viligers, or preferably obtain “Loaf of Regrowht”, which reduces food consumption by 100% by viliger. Second one is way better and preferable. You can scout maps and find them as treasures or sometimes are offered at traders for purchasing. There seem to be trader in chapter 2;4;6 and also found one in chapter 7. Make sure to frequently visit as they frequently restock so you might get lucky and find one or more to pyrchase. Remember that you can visit multiple times and there is always chance you will find one. If super lucky you could even fine one for all your viligers in single scenario.

Also beware of new enemy type that shows in chapter VII. Gargoyle. Tough with strong AoE attack that knocks back. Approach with group.

100% achievements guideLord of the Flies
This one is a refference to polish cartoon of the same name. Can be obtained only during campaing. In a single chapter you can only get max two kids as newborns (since first will already grow up, before third is born). To do this one I advise to finish first scenario second after new child in gord is born. this way you can transfer new kid to second chapter. Be advised. The child grow progress transferes between chapters so make sure to open a prison in chapter I right after child is born. This will give you extra time. In chapter II you will not be raided so do not worry. Repair the gord and leave only 3 adult for food gathering. Rest of the folks send out to die. When you will have
2nd kid, by that moment you should have max food storage, send out 2 adults to die. When half way to 3rd kid or even less than that send one last adult to die. There is high chance that random event will occur that will offer you +1 child, but if not with this tactics ultimately you should be able to get 3 kids with no adults.

Custom Scenarios

Those can be obtained only in custom scenario mode.
Horror kills:
100% achievements guideArdawen Cleanser

100% achievements guideCalmer of Aitvar

100% achievements guideButcher of Rusalka

100% achievements guideFoehn Slayer

100% achievements guideExpeller of Libera

100% achievements guidePurger of Morkul

100% achievements guideLeyin Hunter

100% achievements guideLauma Executioner

Keep in mind that those are the hardes fights in entire game. All of them have summons and AoE attacks. Also special abilities like more dmg during specific weather conditions (rain/wind) or healing. Before approaching read and make sure what it is to avoind having unnecessary buffs on them. Also they are immune to any offensive spells, but their summons are not. So ALWAYS approach with fully updated temple with all spells available and full faith.

On Casual difficylty it pretty much takes 11 folks to take down. I go with 10 adults and by that time have 1 child. All adults are in combat mode, meaning they visited Axe pit, archery range ans spear hall that are fully updated. Usually no additional equipment is needed, but if you manage to find something for dmg/survivability bost, then by all means use it.

100% achievements guideGreat start
Finish custom scenario. Self explanatory

100% achievements guidePrime Leadership
This one is way easier than it sounds. It requires finishing scenarion on permadeath… but, you can simply pick easy main objective like gather resources and setup NO enemies and NO raids, and on top of that some objectives allows you to pick NO horror. You will be only limited by time, but permadeath gives you something like 88 minuts IRL. Plenty of time. Easy as pie.

100% achievements guideLast Man Standing
Very easy if you happen to pick for example resource gathering, after you manage to get required amount, there will be timer telling you to mainain amount equal or above that level. It usually is around 15-20 minutes. During that time you can go and eliminate your population by fighting for example horror, leaving only one survivor. Do note that knocked out viligers still count as alive, until they ultimately die. Also keep your eye on newborn counter.

100% achievements guideEager Beaver

There are 6 main objectives to pick from:

  • Highest parameters (reach max lvl of faith, gord growht or sanity. Easiest is growht)
  • Gathering resources (one of wood, reed, food, clay, iron, gold)
  • Construction challenge
  • Horror symbiosis, where yo have to fulfill horror’s demands
  • Hunter – kill horror
  • Treasure hunt – find random item hidden on the map

Subobjective does not matter. Simply pick one of main and any of submain that you feel best with.

Campaing and custom scenario obtainable

Those achievements can be obtained either during campaing or custom scenario.

100% achievements guideA Legend is Born
The killing blow will have to be delt by child. Kids have atc power of 3. Why so weak? So weak?
Best to obtain it in campaing chapter II, where you can either sacrifice cild or kill horrot. Since it is weakend and HP is down it is easies to achieve here. Make sure to kite atacks with your viligers and keep kid alive with support spells. When sinking horrors HP with viligers stop at around 100, then withdraw majority of them, leaving 2 or 3 warriors and when HP is super low, like 20 kite with every one untill it is dead.

100% achievements guideBlessed
Obtainable with Temple lvl III update (for upgrade you need both clay and iron)

100% achievements guideBubbles?!
Have 6 viligers bathing. Either build 3 Balias or 2 and update to lvl II.

100% achievements guideParty Time!
Just like previous one, but instead build 3 Meaderies or 2 and update to lvl II

100% achievements guideDaboh’s Wrath
This requires killing at least 5 enemies at once with one usage of “God Ray” spell. This is strongest offensive spell. Delas lotsa dmg and have nice AoE. Best targets are Bloodworm, after emerginf from ground there is usually way more that 5. But other groups of 5+ enemies are alo good targets.

100% achievements guideHowling Winds
Default button on keyboard for turning on/off senses is “N”. JUST PRESS IT!

100% achievements guideIf it Bleeds
During campaing you will find plenty of legendary enemies. Every enemy type have a legendery type with more HP and DMG. Spider, board, wolf… If I recall first legendary you can find in chapter III of campaing. Always remeber to scour through the map.

100% achievements guideJack of all trades
This can be quite time consuming in custom scenario but rather easy in campaing. During campaing in every scenario (except I and I think VIII) you can meet skill teachers. One skill per chapter. Just keep visiting and learning untill every skill is max lvl. Does not work for viligers that have one skill unobtainable.

100% achievements guideLast Rites
Easy. Build “Burial Grounds”, have one viliger killed, pick dead body (not unconscious). VViliger should automatically place dead in cemetery.

100% achievements guideProsperity
Have max lvl of growht (lvl V.Fort- starts at 4000 points), faith ( lvl V.Devoted- starts at 4000 faith) and sanity (lvl v.Hopefull – starts at 4000 points). Easy if you happen to finish side quest that boosts faight and sanity. Also if you build “Grain Field in gord, you wont have to go out for food. then just put everyone else in gord and have their sanity grow.

100% achievements guideThe More, the Merrier max anount of viligers you can have is 16. Either get them by child growth or obtain in world by freeing prisoners or enlisting travelers. Also some random events may result in obtaining new viliger.

100% achievements guideTime for and Adventure Side quests will appear randomly as you explore or just atfer some time spent in scenario. If you switch of random events, when setting up custom game, there won’t be any of those. Horrors requests are also considered as side quests.

100% achievements guideWorks like a Charm
You will need max lvl of temple for this. “Control” spell is what you looking for. During campaing you actually must use it at some point of chapter VIII: Control bear and order it to kill one of spiders that are close by.

The last two are by fat the hardest, most idiotic, worst type of achievements that anybody could have ever think of so. They do no require skill, they require time wasted. Lots of time.
100% achievements guideFighter
Have a subject die of old age under the influence of two afflictions. You can have one physical and one mental at a time. Some will make this impossible. For example one will make your viliger lose 1 MAX HP per day, meaning will die after max hp reaches 0. Every time whe trying to obtain the affliction, right before HP or sanity drops to 0 o quic save. If the sickes will cause death in short time relod. Good one can be one that makes viliger blind for any light (constant lost of sanity due to no sunlight). This can be countered by simply keeping viliger in meadery and will counter the constant loss. physicall can be cleptomania, making viliger steal others equipment or plague, that makes surrounding viligers poisoned (but not the plague barrer). You can isolate such individual in outpost.
After getting two afflictions, it is just matter if wasting time. Lots of time.

100% achievements guideWonderful life
Have a child born in the gord die from old age. This is even worse then previous one, as it need evem more time. You have to get child that is born in gord and die out of old age. You can try to combine this one with Fighter. It took me literally around 10 IRL hours to have child die. Reaching seniority take way too long.

Fortunately, unlike many games, this one allows it to be lunched in side monitor (if you happen to have two) so you can watch sometging or even play other game if you PC allows. You still need to keep minimum amout of management. You somebody dies in gord and you wont pick body in time, the body will remain unpickable and will spread disease killing your viligers sonner than you would want. Also “Blood Moon” event occurs regulary. A Punk-ass notification pops up on screen that you have to acknowledge, otherwise it wont go off and you will waste time.

The end

100% achievements guideHand of the King
Obtain all other achievements. Congrats.

You made it. It should take approx 40-60 hours max, depending how good you compress getting achievements in as low playthroughs as possible.

Written by astobat

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