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Gothic 3 Items you should keep for quests

Which “ordinary” items you should keep for quests.

Items you should keep for quests

Have you ever been face to face with the questions like: “Should I keep that item for later use?”, “May I sell this trash for gold without bitter regrets?”?

Questions no more! The author spend some time playing this game and corresponding googling to present the information below:

QuantityItem english nameItem codeItem rus name
40Gold nuggetIt_GoldNuggetЗолотой самородок
30Lump of sulphurIt_SulfurNuggetКусок серы
5Iron oreIt_IronOreЖелезная руда
5Iron ore lumpIt_IronOreNuggetСлиток железной руды
10Magic ore blankIt_Sword_RawOreБолванка маг. руды
50Raw meatIt_Meat_RawСырое мясо
55Roast meatIt_Meat_FriedЖареное мясо
someeach kind of alcoholвсякий алкоголь
8Endurance potionIt_Potion_StaminaЗелье выносливости
5Mana potionIt_Potion_ManaЗелье маны
4King’s SorrelIt_Plant_Perm_01Царский щавель
12Healing plantsIt_Plant_HealthЦелебная трава
50Mana plantIt_Plant_ManaРастение маны
10Cactus flowerIt_Plant_CactusЦветок кактуса
10BoozeberryIt_Plant_BoozeПьяная ягода
5Herbaceous lobeliaIt_Plant_TrelottТравяная лобелия
35Ice wolf skinIt_IceWolf_FurШкура снежного волка
10Bison skinIt_Bison_FurШкура бизона
30WolfskinIt_Wolf_FurВолчья шкура
5Lion skinIt_Lion_Bastard_FurШкура шелудивого льва
10Lurker clawIt_Lurker_ClawКоготь шныга
10Lurker skinIt_Lurker_SkinКожа шныга
10SabertoothIt_Sabertooth_ToothКлык саблезуба
3Shadowbeast hornIt_Shadowbeast_HornРог мракориса
5Dark snapper leatherIt_Dark_Snapper_LeatherКожа темного глорха/снеппера
>40Bundle of weaponsIt_WeaponPackСвязка оружия

Regarding the tools

You can:

Find tools in various houses in villages, such as Montera;

Get tools when beating up NPCs using those tools currently. Find a slave who uses one of these tools and keep beating him until you have enough. Just let him get back to work first, NPCs always invoke into their inventory the required item when they want to interact with an object.

Written by mellarius

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