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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to Upgrade Weapons

Weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink are the characters’ main Equipment and serve to deal damage to Enemies as well as contribute to the characters’ Stats. Each Weapon provides a different set of stats and effects that improve a character’s overall prowess. Each character can wield only a specific set of Weapons, but each one can be under any of the five Weapon types, each of which contributes a different spread of Stat points and different Traits.

Granblue Fantasy Relink - How to Upgrade Weapons
Granblue Fantasy Relink – How to Upgrade Weapons

Weapons have their own levels which are what get increased when players Upgrade them at the Blacksmith. When their levels increase, the Weapon’s base stats increase as well, which affects the character’s overall Stats.

Players can see their Weapons’ current levels just by selecting them from the Inventory or Gear section of the Main Menu. When players access the Blacksmith to Upgrade their Weapons, either in towns or through Hallowed Grounds, they’ll be able to see the Weapon’s current level, the maximum level it can attain, or its Capped Max Level. Players can then choose to spend Fortitude materials to increase the Weapon EXP as much as they desire.

How to Upgrade Weapons in GBF Relink
How to Upgrade Weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink

A Fortitude Shard increases the EXP by 10, while the Fortitude Crystal (S) and Fortitude Crystal (M) increase the Weapon EXP by 60 and 200 respectively, and so on. Players will also already be able to see how much it costs to go on with the upgrade. They can also click on the Auto Level button to distribute the Fortitude materials automatically to attain the highest level that the Weapon can get to, considering its current Max Level Cap, and the materials you have on hand.

Once Weapons are Upgraded to reach their current Max Level Cap, they won’t be able to be Upgraded any longer. Instead, the option to Uncap their Max Level will now be able to be selected. When viewing their Weapons, players can see six hollow stars beside the weapon level. These stars get filled out each time the Weapon’s level gets uncapped. At one star, the maximum level of the Weapon is increased to 30, then 50 for two stars, 75 for three stars, and so on.

How to Uncap Max Level of Weapons in GBF Relink
How to Uncap Max Level of Weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Weapons can be uncapped and be leveled up to a maximum level of 120. Uncapping and filling up stars will entail using up various iterations of Refinium materials, depending on what rank they are being increased to. Standard Refinium is used to Uncap Weapons at zero stars to two stars, while Quality Refinium is used to Uncap Weapons above two stars. Starting at three stars, Champion Merit, along with other materials will be needed to continue Uncapping Max Levels. It’s important to note that uncapping a Weapon’s Max Level will also increase the level of the Trait that it comes with each time.

Traits are the bonuses granted by Sigils when they are equipped. However, each Weapon also grants a specific Trait in line with its Weapon Type. Stronger Weapons might also grant more than one Trait when equipped. The bonuses that Traits grant can range from additional Stats to specialized passives useful for certain playstyles. For example, the Tyranny Trait cuts down the character’s health for a proportional increase in ATK damage. This Trait fits playstyles of characters that can either be played as glass cannons or who already have high HP or defenses, to begin with, and so can take the HP cut for a more offensive tank playstyle.

Traits are essentially what players will use and juggle to fully customize the game’s characters however they would want to play them. Characters can equip a certain number of Sigils which gives these Traits, and will unlock more slots of them as they get stronger and unlock Masteries.

Imbue Weapons

After clearing the last Main Quest, Final Chapter: ID, players will unlock higher difficulties of Side Quests at the Quest Counter, as well as the new Transmute Sigils feature at Siero’s Knickknack Shop. Some of these new Side Quests will reward them with a Wrightstone, which is a new Upgrade material of sorts available to the player. They can also acquire one by a slim chance using the Transmute Sigils feature. Once players receive one, they will be alerted that they can make new Upgrades to their Weapons at the Blacksmith.

Imbue Weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Imbue Weapons In Granblue Fantasy Relink

To Imbue their Weapons, players will need to consume a Wrightstone. Each Wrightstone will have a set of Traits attached to it, which will be transferred to the Weapon through this process. Each Wrightstone can have different Traits, even if they have similar names. This makes it possible for Weapons to have additional Traits apart from their innate initial ones. These Traits will have varying levels as well.

Mirage Munitions

Mirage Munitions are special materials that players can get through Trophy rewards from Lyria’s Journal or by completing high difficulty Side Quests. When players visit the Blacksmith with these materials, they are given the option to add or remove these munitions from their selected Weapon. Each added munition grants the Weapon a slight boost to both its HP and ATK Stats, as well as increases the count of its Plus Marks, which determine how many Mirage Munitions are applied to the Weapon.

Mirage Munitions in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Mirage Munitions In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Mirage Munitions make it so that Weapons’ Stats can still be improved even after they reach their maximum level of 120.

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