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Grand Theft Auto III – How to get 125 HP

In this game you can probably need more health than the standart, let’s see how to.

Get a nice car, or maybe not.

You probably need a nice car or maybe not for this, do whatever you like, but a Banshee, Cheetah etc. etc. from the Import/Export garage could be better if you unlock them.

If you don’t have unlock the complete Import/Export mission, you can get a Banshee on Portland Island near the 8-Ball’s garage.

PS: I told to take a nice car ’cause a truck won’t help you in all of this!!

After taking a “car” drive near a girl with “costumes” and wait for her walking to you and then let her enter in your vehicle.

These are all the girls with “costumes” on GTA III.

In the end you have to drive in an alley near by, to make the health growing up. (a secluded place is fine anyway)

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